Spur Corporationfood service


Last night (27 November 2017) we went to tomahawk spur in Goodwood. me and my family was so disappointed in the poor service its disgusting and terrible. we came there at about 7 o clock was seated then introduced to a waiter George who brought us the menu's then someone else (GM) came to take our order. we waited more that a hour for the food to eventually come one plate at a time. to top it of we received food we didn't order for exp a grilled burger we got a crimped burger that was hard and dried out. We had the rump steak for supper and we ordered the Monday burger special which is 2x burgers for take away. really now we ordered 2 specials meaning 4 burgers I paid for 2 specials but receive one. I was so pissed off with them at that time I could catch flies. then the bill came and we were billed for items we never received or ordered when queried the waiter apologized saying he don't know the menu we must bare with him he is trying his best. most of the staff is trainees and I am not a happy customer this is one of my worst night out we didn't even order desert as everything we ordered was a mess. tomahawk goodwood should brush up because this is bad service.

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