Sprint PCStotally incapable of fixing their own billing process

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This story now is 3 months and running. I paid my Sprint Bill in July and August directly from my bank and Sprint couldn't find my payments. After 5+ hours and a half dozen calls they said my bank had to fax them proof so they could find it. Mean time cutting my service. The Bank fax did twice since they told them the wrong procedure. Service was restored. A month later I get billing statement saying they found the money and I had a credit. Of course they didn't change my PCS balance on my September still shows me will a balance due. And you guest it they have again cut my service. So much for the successful merger of Sprint and Nextel.

Customer service has been useless, finance has been useless (useless= can solve the problem).

Any one know how to fill an FCC complaint?

Can Sprint be sued for breach of contract. I sure have held up?

Maybe just a long letter to the editors of a half a dozen business publications?


  • Al
    alfrye21 Jan 19, 2011

    they shut my phone off after i paid it

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  • If
    IF Nov 27, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I run an I.T. Dept. I have over 40 lines with Sprint. I have the same issues with Sprint as every complaint on this list. People: please fill out your complaints with fcc/ ftc and also the California Utilities Commission. All cell phone companies are also under the Utilities commission. A lot of these complaints are in regards to Bill Cramming. Its a serious offense and very illegal.

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  • To
    Todd Nov 19, 2007
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    I purchased a sprint phone from a third party of sprints... this jerk and I got into the biggest argument because I wanted to open a second line in the corp office, this was done and now they at sprint told me I could return the phone I purchased and get my money back, joke joke joke...

    The third party dude refuses to return the phone, sprint is telling me that there is nothing they can do after they told me they can return the phone and credit me the amount.. sprint should be helping the customer me, and barking at the third party vendor thats screwing us both...

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  • Ke
    Ken MySelf Oct 14, 2007
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    www.FTC.gov is where you can complain! AND HOW also the www.fcc.gov for certain issues.

    My Mom is 82 and I have her on my plan (she does not want to change to a new phone) - I want to CANCEL the stupid thing, and use someone that CAN ACTUALLY do the billing correctly - I have been at with them FOR about 2 YEARS NOW!!! and you cant find out if it is corrected until at least 2 months go by.

    They were taxing me the wrong tax codes , they were charging me after 7 phone calls (even though the plan I had payed $5 extra per month for that). They have been charging other phone calls and fees and for the life of me I have to READ EACH PHONE CALL - look at one at a time, I can NO LONGER sort the bill to catch their freaking errors - I liked the OLD HTML form - because I could save that to a database and sort by time , date and easily find the OVERCHARGES. Guess others were doing the same, A call to their customer service is like asking a dead cat to explain Einsteins theory of relativity. Sometimes they fix one thing, screw up another - it has not been right for a long time..

    It would be best if SPRINT company went belly up!

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  • He
    Henry Lee Apr 14, 2007
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    I finally got them to drop the $200 early termination fee (that was wrongful to begin with), but it took about 6 phone calls, many hours, and letters to BBA and such to get them to finally do the right thing.

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  • Valerie Feb 15, 2007

    This is a letter that I wrote to Sprint to address 6 months worth of headaches I dealt with:

    On July 22nd, 2006 I decided to change our plan to the Fair and Flexible plan.

    I spoke with a representative who was very helpful. She advised that because it was the day after the billing cycle we were changing plans at the perfect time. This did not turn out to be true.

    I received my bill in the month of August. It was for two months worth of service. I called into customer service and was informed by the representative that this is how the Fair and Flexible plan works. I am being billed for the current month and a month in advance. The representative then informed me that I would not receive a bill in September.

    September 28th I received a bill. I called customer service. He advised that I should not have received the bill being that the month prior I paid for two months worth of service. He adjusted the bill and informed me it would be due on October 18th, 2006.

    October 22nd my wife and I upgraded our phones at one of your kiosk’s stationed in Costco. The service was poor and confirmed that in the future we would deal directly with a Sprint store.

    October 24th I reviewed my bill online. I called into customer service to see why it was so high. The representative advised that he is sending the account for review to find out why we are being charged $ .40 a minute.

    October 25th I called to inquire about text messaging. I was advised that text messaging was promotional for the first 30 days. Thereafter, it would be $15.00 a month for unlimited texts or $ .10 per text.

    October 27th I spoke with a gentleman who informed me he was a supervisor. He advised that the previous representatives update to my plan moved one of our phones to a $.40 per minute plan.

    My bill was adjusted and due on 11/17/06.

    November 21st we dropped the vision pack from our service and was informed that text messages were $.15 per text. This is different from what we were told back on October 25th.

    November 21st we returned one of the cell phones to the kiosk in Costco (model 3784). We were still within our 30 day grace period and realized what we were sold was not what it was made out to be. If the representatives gave detailed information about the products at the time of purchase we would never had gotten this phone. The phone we purchased in place was the Katana. Once at home, the phone was not working properly. I called customer service and was on the line with for 11 minutes and then we were disconnected. I called back and spoke with a supervisor, who corrected the profile.

    November 27th I received another incorrect bill due on 12/18/06. I was still being charged $.40 a minute on one of my phone lines. Spoke with a representative at 4:15 p.m. in customer service. He advised that the incorrect code was attached to my line and that it was now changed. I then requested to speak with a manager and was transferred. He advised that he will make a special note to watch my account for the month. He confirmed that my bill would now be $102.45.

    November 27th my phone was suspended. This was discovered while I was at the airport and was in need of my phone. November 28th I was advised by customer service at 6:15 a.m. that there was no plan code on my phone. She walked me through the prompts to add it back on. I requested to speak with a manager and this one was the WORST of all. I explained to him my anger at this point. His response to me and I quote, “What do you want from me?” You have been compensated $93.40” I advised that Sprint did not give me $93.40 for all the time, effort, and frustration that I have had to deal with month after month. The $93.40 was compensation for the error your company made on my account. I highly suggest if your company works like any other call center and has any type of diffusing anger protocols in place, he needs to take some time out and read it. I had to call back into customer service at 6:45 a.m. She had to reprogram my phone because it was now going straight to voicemail.

    I guess the supervisor who was to watch my plan when I called in November forgot because it still wasn't right in December.

    December 30th I spoke with customer service. She had to reverse $10.40 because one of the phones was still on the $.40 a minute plan from November 22nd through November 27th.

    I have since received my bill due in February. To my surprise it was correct. I have spent too many hours working with your company to correct an error on your part. I can honestly say that most of the customer service representatives that I spoke with, although did not resolve the issue, were friendly and helpful. It is those that you call managers/supervisors who were unacceptable. I will not make any changes to my plan or upgrade my phones while we are under contract. It is unfortunate that I feel this way but I do not want to deal with six months worth of problems. I will not be resigning with your company nor will I recommend it to anyone I know.

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  • He
    Henry Lee Feb 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have almost the same story as Nancy R. above.

    Months ago I sent an email to Sprint asking them when my 2-year agreement was up (since I wanted to cancel since my employer gave me a free Verizon phone). Knowing I would have to pay a $200 fee, I was willing to wait a few months to cancel to avoid it.

    So today I called Sprint and told them I wanted to cancel my account. They didn't really even try to stop me (which was nice), but then let me know I was going to have to pay a $200 early termination fee.

    I responded that this was incorrect and that my contract expired and even told her that I had an email from a rep saying such.

    She then told me that I had called (on Nov 19th) and agreed to renew for another 2 years in exchange for a 10% monthly discount. I was shocked to hear this and new immediately it was a scam. She then asked me "don't you see the discount on your bill?".

    Sure enough, for the last two months, there is a $8.50 credit on my account. No explanation of anything, just says "Credits & Discounts". I didn't think anything of it since after taxes it only knocked a few bucks off my bill which was random each month to begin with.

    I spent a good deal of time fighting and arguing with this rep on the phone, who seemed to anticipate my reaction. She wasn't surprised in the least. I demanded to see a signature or hear a voice recording of proof, and she said she didn't have any and that they don't record all phone calls.

    She essentially blew me off in the end and told me to file a complaint with Sprint Corporation.

    I plan on writing a letter to Sprint, as well as the Attorney General and a few others. If they are going to cheat me out of $200, I am going to get my money's worth. Sad to see that this same exact tactic is employed on other Spring customers. The sad thing is that I had been a loyal Sprint customer for almost 8 years, and I was only leaving because my employer was providing me with a free phone.

    Henry Lee

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  • Valerie Feb 01, 2007

    I had a similar experience to another reviewer who wrote "The representative looks at my account and informs me I had called in March inquiring about a “5% discount offer” and had agreed to an additional two-year contract in exchange for this discount.

    I told the representative that this was completely false." Later, the reviewer also said that customer service rep accused the reviewer of lying.

    I have had Sprint for many years. My most recent 2-year contract with them ended this month, and I did call two weeks ago to ask exactly when the contract ended, so I could consider my options. I knew that I could continue from month to month now without a contract. However, I just received a notice in the mail from Sprint thanking me for renewing my contract, which I did NOT do. I called customer service, and the rep. told me that they had a record that I had called, and been told about the 5% discount to renew my service, and I had requested them to renew. I said that wasn't true. Rep did agree to cancel the contract renewal, and the 5% discount, which was fine. However, I said I had a complaint that the contract had been renewed without my request or permission. She kept saying: what's wrong, we've solved your problem, but I felt that Sprint should know that this kind of mistaken or fraudulent renewal was going on, and it was only lucky that I carefully read the Sprint letter, which I might have discarded as an ad. I asked to speak to a supervisor. A supervisor came on the line, and he was more rude, hostile and aggressive than the first rep. He also kept saying 'what was the problem, because they had canceled the renewal.' He also said that he had been in customer service for many years, and there were 3 stories: the customer's, the company's and the real story, and suggested several times that I might be lying about renewing the contract. He said I probably just renewed the contract, and then changed my mind, and so now I was making up this story.

    I was really amazed and offended that a supervisor, who I would think would try to be conciliatory, and perhaps just say there was a misunderstanding, would choose to accuse me of lying. I tried to put my complaint in an e-mail, using the sprint.com website, but twice, after I had typed my comment and tried to proceed to the next step, my computer screen listed "site not found." so I don't know how to complain in writing to higher-ups at Sprint. However, I'm afraid that they know about these fraudulent practices and the rude, hostile customer service people, and approve these actions. No wonder Sprint is losing business, and laying off thousands of people.

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  • Valerie Jan 19, 2007

    An OLD long time customer with long time complaints. After getting rid of Sprint PCS after roughly 4 years, the smoking has stopped and the family is once again back together...ok so maybe not that bad, but close.

    The first couple years went OK, with a few minor billing errors and a few customer service complaints, but the final 2 years were an absolutle NIGHTMARE. With a phone broken every week and the refurbished phones being sent with screens falling off and in terrible shape, I was starting to give up. Then it happened...I was on a family vacation in the middle of a large lake with engine troubles, went to make a call for help and all I got was the CSR from Sprint saying my cell service was shut off because I exceeded my account balance, BUT the bill wasn't due for another 19 days (Pretty cool they punish you for spending money with their company, not a good business moto.) I paid the bill in frustration to the policy, and was towed back to safety. After getting back from my vacation I made the decision to switch to Verizon Wireless and knew about the early termination fees from Sprint. (TRUST ME it's worth leaving the most complained about carrier according the FCC for cell service you can enjoy) I received my final bill from sprint with over 200+ in billing errors that sprint did admit to and said they fixed, but being a smart bill payer I requested a new "correct" DETAILED statement before they would receive my money. 3 bills later the fix never saw the bill. The next call I received was the collection agency that took my bill over...I chuckled and advised them to send me the bill and I would send them the check, but never received another call for 2 years. I started complaining to the BBB on 12/14/2006 and received responses back from sprint stating that my bill was sent to collections prior to the correct bill was sent...my problem? how? About a week ago I received a call from a new collection agency stating they would cut my bill in half and show paid in full if I wanted to end this now...I laughed as this now indicated to me something must be wrong with my statement if they are willing to do this.

    I told the agency to bill me, and the agency stated they did not have access to the bill...HUH, wheres the bill? I have snowballed this so high to the news, attorney general, BBB, FCC, and Sprint; and the fun is just beginning. I have had Verizon and haven't had 1 billing error, 1 equipment problem, or one customer service problem, thats gotta tell ya something!!! Trust me I would know about billing problems I run up a 400+ dollar a month bill as I own several businesses, and verizon gets it right every time. I also coded 11,000+ dollar bills from verizon for my previous employer, perfect every time!!!

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  • Lu
    Lumpy Dec 13, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They don't tell you but you can't cancel your cellphone service unless it's on the last day of the cycle. If you cancel 1 day after your new monthly cycle begins they still charge you for the whole month. It is definitely a rip-off for the consumer. I would think real hard before doing any business with them. I had no problem with Verizon. They would be a better choice.

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  • Sp
    Sprint customer Nov 16, 2006
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    Verified customer

    I am writing about the practices of Sprint PCS. I do not have a Sprint PCS number. That is why this complaint is so bizarre. We have a landline. We decided to add a distinctive ring line. All went well for about a week. Then we started getting Collection calls from possibly ever business in the US asking for a person who was a stranger to us. We would politely inform them that the person whom they were trying to reach no longer owned that number; that it had assigned to our household and please remove the number from their collection list.

    Then we started getting calls from Sprint Collections! It was non-stop early weekend mornings waking us up 7:00 am, Evenings as late as 9:00 pm, during dinner, messages left on our answering machine by an automated voice from some distance auto dial computer program. We could never return the call because the cold metal voice of the computer would say," if you are Jane Doe please press 1" of course we were not that elusive person so at first we just hung up. Out of desperation, I press the response. I was then asked for a Social. Well that put me right out of the picture. Sometimes, I got a call from a real live person with a heavy accent. When I informed that person that the number had been reassigned and this was so and so's residence, I was interrogated with questions such as, " do you know this person, does this person live in your household, does this person rent from you, etc."

    Finally, I called the customer service, told them the problem, and was assured it would be taken care of. I told Sprint that I could not believe they had reassigned the number to us, and then proceeded to constantly call me about a bill from a former customer who originally had the number!

    Well, as you can guess, Sprint did not make good on their promise to end the collection calls. I called again and complained; again, much assurance that the collections flag had been changed in the computers. I made them check other deep, dark, cyberholes, to see if perhaps a collections flag was lurking hidden somewhere. Assurance again.

    The rings, the rings, the rings, continued at any and all hours almost every day, sometimes more than once a day. I finally called and made an "Executive Complaint" which is suppose to carry more weight and get things accomplished. The real live person I talked to apologized and said that obviously, the records had not been updated, but vast quantities of assurance poured over the land line to my ear of my future looking bright and not being woken at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning by the Sprint Computer Collection Gestapo telling us "Hello! We are calling for so and so and yada yada yada. I felt like strangling this person I had never heard of before the Sprint Campaign for not paying their Sprint bill!

    I had a hard night. My health and physical problems sometimes make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. I wanted to sleep in a while until I felt better. 8:00 a.m. and the phone rings. I do not answer it. The calling party must have learned how many rings they have before my answering machine kicks on, because they hang up. I am already awake. I get up and check the caller ID. Sprint...I know because I have memorized all the numbers, I did not intend to, but after looking at them so many times on my caller ID, it happens. I am angry at the computer that just dialed MY number, a number I pay for, not so and so, I OWN this number now, visions of a computer monitor with a huge smiley face on it pop into my head and the words " So.....fräulein.....you thought you were going to sleep in this morning, ya?

    Sprint said it could change my distinktive ring number. You think they would actually check to see if the new number had in the past a good standing? Nah! And besides, I have already distributed MY number to so many people; I cannot bear the thought of going through all that again. Maybe I should pay so and so's Sprint bill, but then, from all the collections calls we have gotten for this person, I would go bankrupt and wouldn't be able to pay my Sprint land line bill. Sprint should not reassign number of customers who do not pay their bills. Chances are, those people owe many more bills, and the new owners of that number will find themselves in telephone hell.

    The sad thing is, we have never defaulted on a bill, and we have never paid a bill late. We have never gotten a call from any collection office until we got a Sprint reassigned number. Now we are being harassed as if we are the defaulters. This is the opposite of Identity theft. They didn’t steal our identity, they gave us a new one, some person named so and so.


    a Sprint customer

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