Resolved Sprint PCSfraud & cheating!

Sprint fraudulently stole money from my checking account! After they received a payment check, they copied my banking information and accessed checking account, and withdrew more money without my knowledge. I only authorized a one time payment through a check. That's all. I mailed Sprint a $400 check . The following month I saw the charge was duplicated on my bank statement. Thinking it was a bank error, I called the bank. Fortunately, the bank recognized the charge had the same check number and suggested I call Sprint.

Although Sprint saw the duplicated charge, Sprint denied knowing how it got there (sure). They would not refund my money and they would not forward the money to the following month. The rep said once any payment was in their system they couldn't do anything to change it. It wasn't even my account! I called my bank's fraud department. I was told due to customers complaint about Sprint fraudulently accessing their accounts, the bank has an agreement with Sprint to reverse any unauthorized Sprint charges. Knowing this, Sprint still does it preying on customers and hoping they won't notice.

Accessing and taking money from my bank account without my knowledge is fraud. I wonder who else this has happened to? They think they're above the law. This isn't right. Who's willing to stand up to Sprint? I am!


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    Cindy Sokheang Heng Jan 26, 2008
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    I have a big problem with Sprint for the last 3 months already. I have been a sprint customer for many years now and I didn't have problems with them before. Just recently they have been charging me for data services on my blackberry and claimed that I went to the internet all day for 24 hrs. Don't they think I go to sleep or something? After so many attempts trying to explain to them and asking them to look further, they refused to waive the charges. I don't know what else to do but I know that this is not right. There's something wrong, really wrong with Sprint almost as this is scam to get more money from me. I feel that me and my sister are the victims of Sprint and I hope that we can do something to fight against them.

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