Sprintcustomer service experience

M Aug 06, 2018

Good Evening,

Let's see how much Sprint cares about their customers.

I am becoming absolutely livid again as I relive some of the most abhorrent customer service I have ever encountered.
I called this morning at approximately 10am CST, 06AUG, and spoke with an agent named Irish or something like that regarding my account. I advised that my wallet was stolen, my credit cards compromised and my bank account overdrawn and needed some assistance for a payment arrangement or anything that would keep my account active. Instead of any type of empathy, feigned or genuine, this girl yawned and sighed ever so loudly before asking for my PIN. She did a great job of reading the scripts as has always been my experience speaking with any Sprint agent. Service is absolutely atrocious because your agents aren't trained for thinking outside the box, shame on the training provided. She proceeds to tell me what I already know, I owe $73.85 or my phone will be shut off. Thanks Genius, the phone is shut off and the reason why I'm speaking to a person who doesn't give a crap! She proceeds to tell me there's nothing she can do and says she will check with a supervisor and places me on hold. She comes back on the line and states the supervisor told her nothing could be done and service would remain suspended until payment was made! Are you effing kidding me, I asked her and stated if she heard anything I had told her about my situation and that I have no funds available and needed assistance as a loyal customer. I, then, asked for a supervisor and she refused to get one stating what was advised and the decision wasn't going to change. At this time, I am beside myself and beyond more pissed off than I ever have been! I told her I was not getting off the phone until I spoke with someone else. She proceeded to sit a few moments in complete silence and would not acknowledge me. I told her to ignore all she wanted but I was beyond belief of the worst encounter I've ever had. She then responded with the attempt to review the situation with another supervisor and placed me on hold again. She comes on in a few minutes and advises the supervisor was going to make an exception and do me a favor of giving me a week to come up with a payment! Are you kidding?? After telling you my account is empty, I have no cards and don't get paid until 03SEP this is the resolution of doing me a favor?! A total slap in the face! I have never asked for any assistance in 8 years or so that I've been a loyal customer defending Sprint regardless of the less than stellar customer service that has been accepted as a standard. To be told, the company is doing me a favor just makes me sick.
I am certain that I will get a canned response and a half assed apology which is not acceptable.
I deplore ever having to speak with someone over the phone regarding my account because the agents you hire are absolutely pathetic.
I am actively looking for another wireless company and am sharing this experience with friends who are current customers and on social media to advise that should seek out services elsewhere.

I have attempted to send this complaint to anyone at that company who may care and every email address I've found on Google has come back undeliverable!

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