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M Nov 23, 2018 Review updated:

Due to poor phone service; I have decided to move to another service. I purchase my phone out right and need to have it unlocked. After giving me several customer service reps try to talk me into staying; I finally got through in leaving and want my phone unlocked. The representative specifically told me it was 24/48 hours so I rescheduled with the company in moving to. I had sprint on speaker so everyone heard the representative day 24-48 hours. I call sprint 48 hours later and customer service arches me to tech support and I was told that it wouldn't be to 6 days later. It normally takes 3 days and that's business days etc. I asked to escalate based on what I was told and made arrangements, a supervisor spoke with me and told me no. And would not forward me to his supervisor!!


  • Jd
    JDMonroe Sep 04, 2019

    The Floating manager at your hwy 92 store in Woodstock GA 30189 ARIUS ARMSTRONG MOBILE [protected] Arius.[protected]@sprint.com has committed fraud by doing a BOGUS CONTRACT to get me to switch my 5 phones to sprint and told me not to pay attention to the first bill that it wouldn't be correct just disregard it, only to send me one 20 minutes later for More than what I was paying with my previous provider THAT I DID NOT SIGN!!! This took place on 4/31/19, it is now 9/4/19. I have talked to 50 people at sprint and no one seems to give a [censored] but I am not dropping this matter! my FRAUDULENT BILL is due and I'm not paying it. I'm going back to my old provider and will hold these phones until I hear from someone at sprint corporate. I am in the middle of leaving nice reviews on her and SPRINT in general but wouldn't it be nice to see another provider doing a TV commercial on Sprint's selling tactic's? BTW I not only have the BOGUS contract as well as the one I did sign... I have 2 PAGES IN HER HANDWRITING of ALL the breakdown of the deal I made with Her/sprint ... I can be reached at [protected] any time if someone feels that this is not the way SPRINT teaches their sales reps to sell SPRINT'S service... Thanks in advance Jimmy Monroe...

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  • Do
    doandjo Jan 07, 2020

    I changed my phone service to Sprint on November 30th because Sprint provided unlimited data and Hulu. Had to go back to the store because my husband's phone was not set up correctly. On December 14th, I spoke with a Sprint store which advised me that the store I went through should have told me my area was a "challenged" area, which they did not, but that Sprint could provide me with a "magic box" to provide a signal boost. Spoke with Sprint customer service on this date and was told the magic box had been ordered and would be delivered within 7-10 business days. Waited approximately 15 days due to the holidays and it was still not received. Called Sprint customer service again and was told the box had never been ordered, but they would get it ordered and it would be delivered within 2-3 days, and they would call me to confirm receipt. Again, no box, and no phone call. Tried a third time. Spoke with a young man who ran many tests to confirm my service was slow, something nobody else had done, and was also advised my account did not show a box had ever been ordered. Was told there was a service problem and a magic box would be ordered. Shortly thereafter, received a phone all from a young lady who advised me that due to the type of account I had, I would have to call a different service number and they were only in between 8 and 5 eastern time. Spent my lunch hour on the phone with a representative at this number who advised me that my area was not compatible for a magic box, but they could send me a booster, but I had to have WiFi for the booster to work. If I had WiFi, I would not need a booster in the first place. The reason I had switched to Sprint was so I could have unlimited data and cancel my WiFi. When I asked the representative if I would be able to cancel my Sprint account, I was advised I was outside of their customer satisfaction time period. Told her if they went back to the time I was dissatisfied with my service (14 days after signing with Sprint), I would have been within my customer satisfaction time period. Unfortunately, I had mistakenly believed when you called customer service, you received customer service. As soon as I can do so without incurring an outrageous charge, I will cancel my Sprint account and change to another provider. Hopefully the next one will actually provide customer service. Sprint might be a young company, as I was told, but they need to learn to try harder to impress people and keep their business.

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