Sprintcustomer service

G Aug 04, 2018

Where to start... we were informed we are able to upgrade. Started the process online. One phone on the account went through without any issues. Now started the process with the other phone. So we started the process however online wasn't stating we could return the phone and we needed to buy it. Spoke to one person and told us we needed to deleted cookies and then ended the chat. Second person we spoke to on chat said it was a known issue and they couldn't do anything to by pass but told us to call customer service. Called CS and the first person we got everything was going okay. Had everything ready to go and was paying for the shipping. After we were told we were only paying for one amount he comes back with another amount saying we still owed some money. We kept questioning it and he kept giving the same answer. Asked to speak to a manager. Was transferred to the manger and as soon as I can provide any info she just transfer me to another dept. Nee CS person had to start all over again in what is going on. She talks about a Rtn kit and how she would get that out and we would need to pay another amount then what the guy before had told us. So after going back and forth for awhile got it clarified we didn't owe anything extra other then what would have been the shipping. While on the phone with this rep got confirmation the amount for shipping from the previous person went through. Explained this to the CS rep and asked them to make sure we had everything and she couldn't answer but again had to transfer to another dept. So now we are sent to another dept and went through everything again. Everything was going fine until the system was showing we had a diff phone then what we had, so again had to transfer to another dept. now this dept we start talking to and guess what before we could get any further we had to get transferred to another dept. At this point I did have to hang up and cool off before I could speak to anyone else.

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