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In reference to Account #[protected] - Catherine Hobson

On July 26th, 2019, I went into the Sprint store at 7342 Cortez Rd W., Bradenton, Florida 34210, to look into changing carriers. The sales rep named ‘Charles' (who now doesn't work there anymore), enticed myself and my family into signing up for this 5 lines for $100. Our old phones were not able to be used with Sprint because they were GSM technology only, so we needed new phones. Charles was very aggressive in trying to get us all on expensive leased phones and I didn't want that. We wanted three of the Samsung J7 Refine phones, one CAT phone and a Hot Spot device. The 4 phones weren't in stock but Charles insisted that he could get them in for us within 5 business days. Within 3 days I received a bill for $177 from Sprint showing 2 LG leased phones. We had no phones or service yet so wondered why I got a bill already and why there were 2 leased phones we didn't possess or sign on for. I was told that Sprint did this only to hold the account open while we waited for our phones, so just ignore this bill.

The CAT phone came in within 10 business days (not 5 or less), and the Samsungs were on back order. Sprint waited 10 days to inform us of this back order, why not sooner? So, I went back to the Sprint store to get the CAT phone and get it activated, and also bought the Hot Spot device for $150 to be part of the 5 lines. Sprint offered us 2 LG phones for FREE as we were waiting for our Samsungs. Since no one knew when the phones would be available, I cancelled the Samsung phone orders and decided to buy my own Samsung phones on the internet. Charles told me that the phones would still be able to be unlocked and useable because we paid for them in full, we owned them outright.

After receiving 2 of the phones within 4 business days, I went back to Sprint to activate them. I ported one T-Mobile number over to the new Samsung, the rest were new numbers. I was told to keep the one LG phone as it was FREE so we would have 5 phone lines. We weren't happy with the LG, so returned it at the same time we received our 3rd Samsung (4-5 days later). When activating the 3rd Samsung, (which we also ordered and paid for in full from the internet), the clerk looked at the box and proceeded to call in to activate the phone. I told him that this new phone would need a SIM card like the other ones we bought. The clerk replied "NO, as the box says there is already a SIM card inside it, so you are all finished". I insisted many times that he just open the box and get a SIM card from the store to install, he instead activated the number on the box assuming the SIM card was in the phone. He guaranteed the phone was already active and didn't even check to make sure; the clerk was also very rude. I then left and spent $15 to mail this ACTIVE phone to my sister who doesn't reside in the area. When my sister went to use the phone, it stated "NO SIM CARD". My sister had to spend ANOTHER $15 to mail it back to me so I could take it back to this Sprint store to get a REAL SIM CARD LIKE I ORIGINALLY REQUESTED. When I went to obtain this SIM card from the Sprint store, I was told they had none in stock. In the meantime, I'm paying for a line I can't use for 2 weeks now. The clerk said customer service could send me a SIM card as well. After talking to 3 customer service reps, they couldn't send me a SIM card…SURPRISE. Finally, September 13, the Sprint store received new SIM cards. When I got my new sim card, the clerk had many problems getting the phone active, pathetic service, but the phone finally worked as it should.

A day after activating this last phone, I received another bill for $460! The bill NEVER showed the 5 lines for $100. I was also billed an extra $150 for a separate line just for the Hot Spot; the Hot Spot was to be included in the $100 for 5 lines. The bill also showed those 2 leased LG phones which we cancelled and didn't sign up for. The LG Charles told us to keep was on a lease, NOT FREE, blatant lie! Sprint also told me that my account wasn't approved for this $100 for 5 lines promotion; this is BS, we waited 3 HOURS the first day at the Sprint store as Charles got the account approved. After many phone calls and trips to this store, they agreed to drop the bill to $240. I also requested that the first 2 Samsung phones be unlocked as promised and I cancelled the Hot Spot device and line with it; now we had 4 lines. Sprint said they could unlock the Samsungs within 48hrs. Two days later, I got an email that stated the phones were ineligible for unlocking. I phoned customer service and they said the phones needed to be on the Sprint network for a minimum of 50 days and would be eligible on Sept. 15th. On Sept. 16th, I phoned and made ANOTHER REQUEST to get the 2 Samsungs unlocked as promised. Two days later, I received another email stating the phones were ineligible to be unlocked. I called again and spoke with 2 customer reps, and 2 supervisors. Their NEW STORY was that the devices needed to be active for 50 days, not the line. Over the next two days, I made several calls and Chat messages to cancel my whole Sprint service.
When we activated the CAT phone, we activated a lease. So, in order to cancel my account, they wanted $497 and the CAT phone returned. Are you serious? Why would I pay for something AND RETURN IT? My other option was to buy the phone for $597, even though the month before the original price was only $499; I also made 2 payments already on the lease, and no credit for that either! They also told me that even though the 3 Samsung phones had nothing to do with the lease and although I had already cancelled the Hot Spot device and returned it, that they wouldn't be able to cancel my account. I threatened to hire a lawyer to help me cancel this service. Finally, after talking with 8 people Sprint confirmed that the lines were cancelled.

EVERY COMMITMENT SPRINT MADE THEY NEVER HONORED. Sprint also initiated charges that weren't authorized, such as gaming, extra insurance, 2 leased phones that were supposedly FREE, etc. As a result of this fiasco, I don't want to have anything to do with Sprint and if I don't have a phone I don't care. At this time, I no longer have an active cell phone. I want Sprint to know that I have it in writing that you promised to deactivate my service on or before September 25th, 2019 (the end of the billing cycle), and that if you don't comply I will NOT owe you another dime after Sept. 25th. So, if you are inclined to keep my service active in order to keep charging me money I don't owe you, (as you have a pattern of doing after reading thousands of complaints about you), you will be out of luck as I won't be extorted or held hostage by your disgraceful scam operation. Sending me to collections won't intimidate me either as I KNOW I have a good documented case against you. I have posted this review to multiple internet sites and reported this scam to the appropriate authorities. I sincerely hope that your company goes bankrupt and that your merger with T-Mobile fails miserably as you are nothing but greedy crooks and criminals. I ended up losing well over $400 with Sprint and now have 4 bricks for phones. I will gladly add my name to the next CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against Sprint.

Sep 27, 2019

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