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I am a new customer of 6 days and it has been very frustrating. I was a customer of Verizon for 20 plus years but I was looking to cut cost so I decided to give sprint a try. I wish I hadn't. To begin I called and spoke to a nice gentleman (with an accent) about purchasing an iPhone for myself and my daughter would be using her iPhone she already owns. I explained to him that I would be keeping my old phone numbers. He explained my phone would be sent overnight and when it came in he would call me to set it up. When I opened the package there was my phone and a tracker which I did not need or want. When the gentleman talked about a tracker I thought he meant there would be a tracker number for my phone in case it got lost being shipped. It was already past 8pm and I hadn't heard from him so I thought he may have forgotten to call so I called Sprint to activate my phones.
The agent who took my call asked me for the phone number my acct was under. When I gave it to her she kept telling me I did not have an acct with Sprint. I told her I did and Sprint found my checking acct and took out money for my new phone. I attempted to give her acct number several times but she kept asking for my phone number. After about 40 minutes and her putting me on hold several times she typed in my acct number I had been trying to provide her and found my info under 2 totally (new) different phone numbers. I explained I didn't want new numbers and had been told by the gentleman who took my order that I would be keeping my old numbers. Many times during my talking she talked over me when I tried to explain my order and then would put me on hold. I finally hung up after getting no where with her and attempted a live chat with Sprint on the website. They had another gentleman return my call and actually listened and understood what I was trying to explain to him. I also explained to him the misunderstanding about the tracker and I was told to return it to the nearest Sprint store. He advised me that he would relay all the information to the DEPT that would be helping me set up my phone so I wouldn't have to explain the situation again. When the next agent got on the phone she had all the information and helped me activate my phones and again she told me that I could return the tracker to the nearest Sprint store since I never intended on ordering that device. My phone was running fine but after hanging up with agent who helped me activate the phones my daughters phone stopped working. We had to call Sprint gain, the lady tried hard to help us but after 30 to 40 minutes of attempting to fix my daughters phone she decided to transfer us to another dept. At this point we had been dealing with Sprint for over 4 hours. The last agent finally got her phone working. Yeah!!
Sunday afternoon I attempted to return the tracking device that Sprint had told me to return. The young lady who was waited on me was helpful and trying to answer all my questions. She was removing the charges for the tracker service I didn't order or need and was accepting the return. I was just about to leave when the other lady walked up to me and rudely said if I was returning the tracker she would be charging me $45. I told her that the Sprint agent ordered that in error and that Sprint advised me to return it to the nearest store. She said that she would be charging me I said no she wouldn't. I told her she could call Sprint customer care and she could talk to them and she said she was not going to call them. I asked to speak to the manager so I could explain the situation and she said she was the manager. She was very rude about the whole situation and did not care about me as a customer. I'm also in customer service so I know it can be frustrating but not once did she attempt to be professional in the way she spoke with me, listen to me or ask any questions, try to understand my situation or explain any type of return policy. The other employee seemed very uncomfortable with how she handled the whole situation and seemed very intimidated by her attitude and demeanor. She seemed very much like a bully and I will be posting this review on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and any other social media site. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as reaching out to Sprint Corporate office as well.

Sep 29, 2019

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