Sprintbilling/customer finance/executive relations

E Nov 17, 2017

I used the chat feature on 11/8/17 to set up a payment arrangement in my account for 11/33/17. Ok nooo problem. She set it up for the amount showing due at that time. I asked if we could include the amount not showing due yet, she said once it showed would be book problem to add it to the arrangement. Forward to 11/15/17. Wake up to services suspended. Called in and it was due to the other amount billing and told them what chat rep said and they said oh ok book problem, it is an exception but we will surely add that amount and set arrangement again for 11/22/17. Wake up today 11/17/17 with no service. Call and am told nothing they can do by finance department and sup. Call again. Placed on hold and discod after 25 minutes (nothing new in my 13 year experience with sprint), call back again, told nothing can be done by finance rep and sup. I asked for transfer to executive team since I have their number from prior rediculous issues with sprint. Speak with rep there who was extremely rude and says "we are not going to turn your services back on erica". Speak with her manager, tells me they will certainly coach the reps who lied to me but nothing more they can do. Will not turn service back on. I have doctors, schools, jobs I need to talk to buy oh well if our rep told you an exception was being made and now you have no service with no warning! Great service sprint. Absolutely wonderful! And I am more than sure there will be no coaching provided. Sprint doesn't care about their loyal customers. They expect loyalty and for us to keep our promises and agreements with them but as seen they do not provide the same!!!

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