Spinnaker Resortstimeshare

P Dec 06, 2019

Contract #510300 - We have been trying for nearly a year to deed this timeshare back to Spinnaker, as we cannot use it any longer and have not gotten the benefits of owning it that were promised to us when it was purchased. We offered to deed it back with no cost to Spinnaker, even though we had paid about $20, 000 to purchase it. Spinnaker refused to take the timeshare back without our having to pay an additional $3, 200 in costs. We offered to pay this year's maintenance fee and any other reasonable closing costs, but not the arbitrary $3, 200 they said they had to have. Then they just stopped responding to our emails and letters at all.

We will not continue to be forced to pay unknown fees in perpetuity, for a timeshare we cannot use and which does not offer value promised when it was sold to us.

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