Speedwayemployee harrassing customer


I am tired of being insulted at the checkout in Speedway stores by being continually asked "Do you want a cookie" or "Do you want a candy bar." As a longtime customer of these stores I am sick and tired of being harassed each and every time I purchase something. Whatever happened to "Will there be anything else." Has the management of this company stopped to realize that for an overweight person, a person with diabetes or a person with other related health problems, asking if they "want a cookie" is insulting, rude and disgusting. Do they ask recovering alcoholics if they want a beer?
One employee at the Lakewood, Ohio Speedway continually harassed me each and every time she waited on me despite my conveying to her that it was insulting. Complaints to the Customer Service 800 number resulted in further harassment from that employee. Never an apology from the manager of the Lakewood, Ohio Speedway or its District Manager. SHAME ON SPEEDWAY LAKEWOOD, OHIO.
This long term customer of that store is through shopping at Speedway. You should consider taking your business elsewhere as well.


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    superflea Jun 10, 2011

    i was in speedway on june 2 approximately 2 :30 a.m. and the emplyee on duty was talking to the local police officer about suckn a penis and swallowin. i'm a guy and i was offended. i came in to get gas and a drink. and i haven't been back since. now i drive 2 miles outta my way to another convenience store. i'd like to stop and in and become a regular customer again, but not if she is there.

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  • Cl
    cldr774 Jun 21, 2012

    thank goodness that's over with...

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  • Lo
    Logical Sense Jun 21, 2012

    Next time they ask you if you want something, ask them if they want to get paid for what is in front of them on the counter.

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    lonewitch Nov 13, 2012

    yes speedway in ohio is horrible also. I will never set foot in a speedway again

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