Specialized Loan Servicing [SLS]home equity loan

A Oct 05, 2019

SLS started billing me about a loan around 2012.
I knew I had not done business with a company by that name and question them about a bill for 30, 000they were claiming.They claim to be representing another company didn't say which one.
After that I was in bankruptcy‎.
It took them until several months ago to send me documentation where they had bought a loan form Bank Of American from 2007 that Bank of America stop billing me for after they sold my loan to another company.
SLS send me a letter 2 weeks ago saying they are going to foreclose on the loan.
There is close to 100, 000 dollars owned on that house by my mortgage company and SLS claims there is equity of 150, 000 going by book value.
They are not likely to get book value on a foreclosure and don't seem willing to work with me on the loan now that I know what the loan is about.
I think that just want me out of my house.
I am elderly with health problems and I hope SLS get pleasure out of being vindictive since that's the most that they will probably get out of this.

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