Souq.comunder-trained employees

M Aug 13, 2018

Dear souq com employee,
There is a serious issue with your delivery guys and if you don't do something about it, it will lead to a major bankruptcy.
It all started with my previous account, I ordered some perfumes (10 days before Eid) Then the delivery guy called me 1 day before Eid, I sent him my location and stayed home waiting for my shipment to arrive, but it didn't. I called him and there were no respond. Two hours later, I received a message saying that my shipment will arrive after the holiday. I waited til the holiday was over then I went to my account to check on my shipment just to find "RETURNED" and the website blocked my account because I "violated" the rules, but your procrastinating employee got away with it! I was really upset cause I've been waiting forever, so I decided to buy from your website ever again. (shipment number: #[protected]
But again, last week my sister wanted to get a coffee machine from you guys, so I ordered it for her and put my phone number, two days later the delivery guy called me once and I did not pick up cause I was asleep, as soon as I woke up I called him back but NO RESPOND AS USUAL, I even texted him but still zero responds, (I can provide you with his number) then the shipment got returned as usual. (shipment number: [protected])
In conclusion, your employees are unproffessionals and they do not want to work. I will never purchase anything from your website EVER, and I advised all my friends and family to never buy from your website.

Previous account: [protected]
Sister's account: [protected]

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