[Resolved] Sony Corporationuvw1800 and uvw1600

M Jan 02, 2020

Purchased new for home use never operated for more than a few hours without error codes. Delivered them to a Sony authorized repair service center at lest four time within two years. The 1600 series has 12 hours of use. I can't tell what the 1800 has since the front display is inoperative, but it can't have more than 50 hours of us. They have sat idle for a few years since I am now using digital format. I wanted to convert my tapes to digital formate but when I turned on the 1600 it played only in black and white, now it won't play at all since I get an error code. The 1800 front panel display and buttons are inoperative. In my opinion the units are not merchantable products.

Frank J. Morelli, Esq.

Sony Corporation

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