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Complaints & Reviews

benidorm shop to avoid

Please avoid a electrical shop trading in camera, computers, and similar items
the shop is called ” Sony dreams” in benidorm these people at the shop will try to con anyone they tried to sell me a 1gb memory card priced at 294 euro, s which came down to 30 euro please take care

  • Ma
    Maderchot May 02, 2012

    They r the best dealers in BENIDORM :) I got the camera from them which costed me nly 85 euros whic wud be not less than 150 euros anywere in EUROPE :) So i can say they are the cheapest shop ever

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loss my mobile

my name is Thirupathi Raja .D loss my mobile phone sony eriecson model: k530i silver 28 jan 2009. please trace my mobile phone find out information send me.
Company & Model: Sony Eriecson & K530i Silver
IMEI: [protected]
Invoice Number: TN/01910/00001/6035
Name: Thirupathi Raja .D
Father Name: Dhanabala Krishnan .A
Mobile Number: [protected]
Address: No. 20/19, Gandhi Nagar Main Rd, Sathumanagar, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai-600 019. Tamil Nadu

loss my mobile

  • Pw
    pwrpradeep Jun 22, 2011

    my name is Pradeep Pawar.D loss my mobile phone sony eriecson model: k530i Silver 20 June 2011. please trace my mobile phone find out information send me.
    Company & Model: Sony Eriecson & K530i Silver
    IMEI: 35602702-154541-6
    Invoice Number: 1203
    Name: Pradeep Pawar
    Father Name:T.S. Pawar
    Mobile Number: 9892937973
    Address: Sector 15, Astabhuja Apartment, Near Sabri Hotel,
    Vasi, Navi Mumbai-400 703

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My receiver that is under warranty needed repair Sony had me bring it to a repair shop in my area ... Well it...

bad service

I’m writing to you to say how very disappointed that I am with the Sony customer
Service that I have received; I have been long time Sony supporter for years
Now, I have purchased over 8 Sony high end TV sets and other Sony products. My
Last purchase was the Sony KDS-70Q006 Qualia SXRD unit that cost nearly
$11.000.00 as you know this was one of your flagship models, I purchased the
Qualia unit on 11/03/05

This unit carries a 3yr standard factory warranty, which is still coved. I have
Been trying to buy the extended warranty for this unit for over a 2week now, I have two friends that bought the same unit
About 4 months before I did and just recently purchased the extended warranty
Without any problems, they only had about 2 weeks left on the factory 3yr
Warranty, I have called the same phone numbers they called which is
And I have talked with Kelly at ext #### and David at ##### and a John, I can’t
Get any customer service rep to call me back, my last call was with Kelly whitch
She was told by buy somebody in the office that they could sale me the warranty,
They just have to figure
Out have to enter it into the system. This is very disappointing, not only
That, but not to return any of my calls, that's not good business for Sony and
Customers liked me.

The only decent service rep that I have spoken with is the team at the Qualia
Support center, at [protected] they have be very understanding, and they are
The ones that gave me the number to call, it’s the same number my friends called
Also and was able to
Buy the warranty.
My last conversation was on 7/24/08 3pm with John and Daniel still no call back.

international promotion claims

my dad received a msg on his mobile saying that by random selection his number has won 618, 000 pounds. the msg continued to say that he had to send a scanned copy of his passport and ID to 202 hammersmith road, london, uk. it also said that he had two options as to how to receive the won money, either by electronic banking or by courier service ans they even gave the option of three courier services. I mailed my dad's number and the code they sent in the msg to his phone and i receive an email giving me three forms to full out and return by the deadline date MArch 30, 2011. I was keeping in contact with a company rep. by email and he assured me that my dad's indentity will not be disclosed to anyone or use by con artists as i had asked how will his indentity be protected from such preys. i asked will i be getting the full amount of money since i would have to borrow money to pay the courier and i got a reply saying to full out the attached disclaimer form at any time convenient to me. i responded to the representative and said i never sent any info to you so why you send me a disclaimer form i also told him i will try but i am very skeptical about this whole scenario and my dad and i need help plz.

  • Cy
    cynicaleden Mar 17, 2011

    seriously? you think this is not a scam? no one gives money away via text message...

    0 Votes
  • Th
    The Misdemeanour Mar 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't hand out your personal info! The end result will be 'identity theft'. I've received the SAME sms!
    Please do yourself/your dad a favour and stop any further communication. Tip about the so-called use of courier companies. They say you will get the money, but you have to pay a certain amount to receive it.
    Hope it's not too late!

    0 Votes
  • Th
    The Misdemeanour Mar 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    44-70... phone numbers are called "follow me" numbers. They can be redirected to another phone anywhere in the world. As there is no way to know where these are answered, there are used by 419 scammers.
    Do not reply to any e-mail you receive which gives one of these numbers as a contact

    Got this off a forum
    Furthermore, it doesn't match the phone number of the address given.

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  • Li
    Lizzy Carobe Sep 29, 2011

    I got a sms from Sony Ericsson and they said that I was chosen from the random numbers to be a winner and have 150, 000 british pounds. I kind of believed them and kind of don't.It's confusing whether to give them I info or not. I'm going to search more info about that.

    0 Votes
  • Co
    COURTOKET Oct 04, 2011

    I recieved this today... IT IS DEFINATELY A SCAM SCAM SCAM BY SOME ### ### ###!!! IF U RECIEVE IT DONT REPLY!!!

    Sony Ericsson House
    202 Hammersmith Road
    London, W6 7DN
    United Kingdom


    Dear winner,

    In line with the commemorating event marking our 43rd anniversary we rolled out over £16, 000, 000, 00 (Sixteen Million Great Britain Pounds) for our 43rd Anniversary Draws. All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25, 000 company mobile, cell numbers, and 30, 000, 000 individual mobile numbers from the 45 mobile networks from Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa as part of International Promotions Program, which is conducted annually in Britain, London. Your cell number has won for you £1, 500, 000.00 Great Britain Pounds (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds). To start the verification process, the below details are needed.

    All fields are required
    1. FULL NAMES:
    3. GENDER:
    9. AMOUNT WON:
    11. Ref No (Code in the sms message):12. Passport Number:

    I wish to on behalf of all members and staff of Sony Ericsson congratulate you on your winning and wish you the best of luck as you spend your good fortune.

    Thank you for being part of our commemorative 43rd Anniversary Draws.

    Yours faithfully,
    Dr. Thomas Walter
    Tell:+44-704 578 8594
    +44-704 578 8595
    Fax :+44 704 308 2569‏‏‏

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  • Ca
    caroline got Oct 07, 2011

    what to do if someone has already sent info?

    0 Votes
  • Ms
    mslee Oct 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi i have also recieved the above message i was unaware and sent through my information that they required but not my passport number as i dont have one i sent my birthcert reqistration number they required thru email i have not sent copies thru what do i do ? is it a scam person above?

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    rossiQ Oct 11, 2011

    OMG... do not send anything!!! this is 100% SCAM!!!

    I know that it may sound so exciting to win something, but cant you see how dodgy the email is??

    I got one today, and the logo is all pixilated, Sony are rich they can afford to get better graphic designers and send out a better email if this was true! also, that its signed by a DOCTOR, what for more credibility?? wouldn't you think it would be signed by a CEO or at least a Manager?? a doctor...pls...


    ITS A SCAM!!!

    I'm from Australia, someone from Cayman Islands got one, and its based in the UK??


    Dont you think they would have published this competition somewhere on there site??


    0 Votes
  • Dv
    Dvsingh Oct 11, 2011

    i have received the same email, i send all my details. after seeing all this above complaints i am so worried. any one help me plz

    0 Votes

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memory card faultt

4 months ago, my went to holidays in Shanghai with my family. We took alot of photos along the 8 days 7 nights tours. My wife using a Sony digital camera bewly bought on 2010. I used a camera Casio which more than 5 years old. When I returning from the trip, I have no problem to download the photo from my old camera, but my wife have big problem. She is not able to up load a single photo from the Sony Sim card. 300+ photos completely unable to up load ! My brother in law brought the sim card ask for repair in the Penang factory. After 1 months the sim card was sent to Singpore for repair. After 1 months again they send my wife a new sim card for replacement without a single words of apologise ! How about the photos ? I cannot believe the world branded Sony company handle consumer problem like that ! I wish the " complains Board" brought up this issue to the top management of Sony in Japan ! We cannot tolerate world branded company have this kind of quality product and customer service attitude ! Please thank you !

sending or receiving text messages errors

dear sir/ madam,
i have purchased sony ericsson w205 mobile hand set six months back
in that mobile i cannot sent or receive text messages there is erron on it, so please kindly sent the problem solution to my email ID : b.[protected] .
thanking you sir

  • Su
    suhaanjum Mar 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    text messages sending or receiving errors

    0 Votes

customer service/return policy

In short, I ordered a camera for my boyfriend's birthday only to realize that it was the wrong make and model. Customer, error, I know but generally it's customary for stores to allow you a 30 day return period, especially on the purchase of expensive electronics. I immediately went online to the and filled out a form requesting information on how to proceed with returning the camera. The automatic message assured me that someone would get back to me within 48 hours. When no call came and no email was sent I called the customer service number and spoke with a representative.

He was a polite chap but wasn't really informed on the proceedings. Every time I would ask a question he'd put me on hold only to come back with some ridiculous reason as to why I cannot return the unused, unopened camera. After spending several minutes maintaining my position it became clear to him that I wasn't happy and wasn't going to go away. He then told me I could email sonystyle.[protected] as the service department does not take phone calls—bad sign right away. He told me service would be prompt, not so. I still haven't received the results I'm looking for and the email exchanges are below. I'm still waiting from a response.

Sent at 4:22 PM (GMT+11:00). Current time there: 12:22 PM. ✆
to sonystyle.[protected]
date Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 4:22 PM
subject H200124691
hide details Feb 16 (2 days ago)
Good afternoon,

I have just spoken with you customer service representative, J,
regarding a return of a camera I purchased through your online site He said you be better able to assist me with this
The camera remains unused, untampered with and unopened. I will not be
using this camera as it is an incorrect model. I would like a full
refund for the camera in the amount of $279.

Per your Terms of Sale:
"Unless you notify Sony to the contrary by telephone, facsimile
transmission or telex within seven (7) days of delivery and such
notification is confirmed in writing within seven (7) days of its
receipt by Sony, the Products shall be deemed to have been accepted by
you as being in good condition and in accordance with the Sale Terms."
I received your product last Thursday (10/2/11). I had written to your
customer service department through your website over the weekend
requesting assistance. After receiving no response I called your
customer service line, where I spoke to J. He has informed me
that you will not accept the return based on the fact that the seal is
broken. I informed him that there is no seal, the package remains
unopened and I simply want to return it. He again liaised with your
department to then be able to tell me you would offer me an exchange
for the correct model. I do not want an exchange, especially with a
company who's return policies are as poor as yours—not to mention your
customer service. I can't even speak with a representative of your
department over the phone? I have to, again, write you an email to let
you know of my dissatisfaction?

I'm sorry, but I find this to be a poor business model. Please refund
me the full amount in exchange for a perfectly brand new, untampered
camera or direct me to someone who would be of better assistance.

Sent at 9:12 AM (GMT+08:00). Current time there: 9:24 AM. ✆
to Customer
date Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 9:12 AM
subject RE: H200124691

Hi *****

Thank you for your recent enquiry.
We would be happy to arrange a return on your product for exchange only. Unfortunately we cannot refund for incorrect choice.

Please advise if you would like us to proceed.


sender-time Sent at 11:01 AM (GMT+11:00). Current time there: 12:26 PM. ✆
to "Sony Style (AP - Australia)" <SonyStyle.[protected]>
date Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 11:01 AM
subject Re: H200124691
hide details Feb 17 (1 day ago)
Hi *****,

Thank you for getting back to me. I do not understand why you cannot
refund me based on incorrect choice. Customers make errors all the
time when purchasing products—it's part of the business. You have to
be the only company I've ever heard of that does not refund a customer
for notifying you of the error immediately. Is there someone else I
could speak with? Please advise.

sender-time Sent at 12:08 PM (GMT+11:00). Current time there: 12:26 PM. ✆
to "Sony Style (AP - Australia)" <SonyStyle.[protected]>
date Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 12:08 PM
subject Re: H200124691
hide details 12:08 PM (18 minutes ago)
Hi ****,

I haven't received a response to my email from yesterday so I am just following up. I appreciate that you're busy but I'd really like to speak to your supervisor, so please just give me the contact information and I'll leave you alone.


  • Po
    pobarjenkins Feb 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They offered you an exchange. Be grateful for that as they don't have to give you anything. Companies are getting more and more strict with electronics. It was your fault anyways, why should they lose a sale?

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    matthew eden May 02, 2011

    sony are allways making mistakes even ps3 its got hacked but sony is to blame for not having good security

    0 Votes

defective set

I bought a Sony Ericsson SPIRO hand set from UniverCell on 20/11/2010.
within a few days the complain started.1.hHanging, 2. message out going service is not there due to memory full, 3. for incoming messages also the same problem.#/4 times I went to the show room (UniverCell, Nagercoil) .Every time they did some minor repairs only. No permanent solution.I am fed up of this business and told them this is a defective handset so please exchange and give me a new hand set.They are not agree and not doing that also.Is it not a cheating case ? They took 4711 rupees for the set.
If this site is really effective Please immediately take action and let me get a new handset.
Thank You
Ranjita Patnaik

thieving service center

I called up a service center in Andheri west (previously located in Sagar Tech Plaza) who claimed to be Sony authorized service centers for a complaint in my Trinitron TV. These people said they will send someone to check the complaint. They did send one guy who did not know anything, took my board and told me that he will call with the estimate for the repair. He called me up and said its 2500/-. My brother said its too much. Tell them to bring it back and keep it as is. These third class thieves took 200 rupees for keeping it back and then left. After 1 day I called my Local TV guy to take a look. Guess what? The thief's at Sony service center had given me someone else's board. I called them then and there and asked them to give me my board back. The Manager Hari Bhai (don't know why they call this fool Bhai) told me its my own board and that some transistors were misplaced. I told him I don't care and that I want my original board back. I kept on calling for three weeks, close to 250 calls, spent my money, time, showed these third class people courtesy and talked to them nicely. However, they did not even send one guy.

He kept on giving A class excuses that the technician is admitted in the hospital and is unable to come to work. Now, its been 2 months, I am at a fix. I want to file a consumer court case against these crooks (I have better words in my mind against this kind of filthy people). The TV was worth 26, 000 and now its just a piece of garbage.

What kind of service does Sony provide? I used to vouch for Sony products, no more. You guys are also bigger thieves who employ this kind of filth to do service work. I will never buy anything from Sony again ever and anyone who reads this - understand one thing. Sony employs this kind of thieves because they themselves are bigger thieves. See you in court, Sony

abysmal customer service, terrible products, rude staff. do not buy a sony product!

PLEASE READ THIS: I purchased a Sony Vaio VPCEB2Z0E laptop in October 2017. Almost immediately I noticed that...

custom officer charged for lcd

On 10th Dec 2010 I travelled from Dubai to Mangalore by AirIndia Express (IX814). I purchased a 32" Sony LCD from Dubai. In Dubai Sales man told that 32" TV is Duty free, but in Mangalore airport customs officer they ask to pay Rs. 8000/- for that. I purchased TV for Dhs. 1499/-. which is around Rs. 18000/-. More that 3 hours they argue with us. I refuse to pay Rs. 8000/- and told that I'll complaint about this . The custom officer Mr. Damodaran behave very rood with us. He used bad words and harassed a lot. I was travelling with my wife, my mother (60 +) and 40 days baby. After a long arguement he made challan - in which he mentiond LCD, used electronic(my old laptop, my mobile) and house hold items. Where as he is not suppose to charge for mobile and house holds. From Rs. 8000/- how he made challan for Rs. 1803/- ?

custom officer charged for lcd
custom officer charged for lcd

service issues

I called Sony support about my television and the representative said that it had been included in an extended warranty and that the specific problem I was having was covered. He proceeded to tell me a technician would contact me in the next day to come to my home and evaluate it for free. If the problem was verified, I would receive an advanced exchange with a refurbished model or a large discount on a new unit. When the technician called he said he would not be able to come out for free without an accommodation number and that the representative shouldn't have told me that. I then called Sony back for this number and the representative forwarded me to a customer relations representative who told me that the verbal exchange was fully documented and that I was indeed told that I would get the unit evaluated and exchanged for free or receive the discount, but that the offer was not valid. So now I would have to pay for the evaluation and the repair if I wanted my issue resolved. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with the level of dishonesty and incompetence from a company as large and successful as Sony. I will definitely be escalating the issue. If there are any other venues I can find to explain my position, I would appreciate feedback. The representative falsely stated that he didn't have a supervisor and that I have no other recourse than to speak with him and accept his solution.

poor customer service

Vaio Laptop needing repair for greater than 6 weeks. To date Sony has told me I would receive a box on 3 different occasions. I have been lied to, told "that's the way it is, any other questions". Complete disrespect and the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. I would prefer to deal with an angry convenience store clerk before having to deal with Sony ever again. Technical support, teir 2 customer relations, and National Consumer Relations are the groups I have dealt with. I want to be reimbursed for my defective laptop! I have approached my attorney who has successfully represented at least 1 consumer with similar issues against Sony. I am looking for an address and phone number to have registered correspondence sent to Sony.

I have had this laptop for about 10 months. In that time there have been 2 major repairs. Motherboard (twice), fan (twice), keyboard (once), hard drive (once), and other items to numerous to list. This product overheats where the surface temperature that makes contact with my lap has gotten to great than 170-180 degrees F. It also locks up. If anyone has the info I asked about earlier please feel free to contact me.

  • Di
    Disappointed and Numb Aug 10, 2011

    I have had the same problem with my one year old VPCF115FM from the start. After dealing with horrible Sony Customer Service, they told me that I would get a box three weeks ago. Today it burned my hand with a blister as a result. This model is a fire hazard and needs to be recalled...{The BIOS update doesn't help!}

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kdl 52xbr9

For the past 25 years I have purchased only Sony products for my home (TVs, VCRs, DVD, Sound Systems, etc...

defective piece

I bought a sony digital camera 3 days back (Model DSC S-2000 from a reputed dealer. A hasty demo was given by the dealer. When I came home and took some snaps, thee was a pink colour tint on LCD which was quite diffuse. I dialled to the dealer but he told me to visit the repair centre. Despite a condition that if product is defective and returned within 7 days, it shall be replaced, the dealer refused to entertain. I was told to get it repaired. Why should I buy a defective and unusable product for a high price? This is presumably a big brand but delivers very low grade defective products. MY ADVICE TO ALL IS "NEVER BUY SONY PRODUCTS".

Telling me i have been awarded 500000 gbp

I received a text message stating that i have been awarded 500000gbp and ref no sep7102 and was ask to reply...

Gift Card

I received a $75 sony gift card for the express purpose of purchasing "ebooks" which I have done many times. I went to the website, ordered 11 ebooks, went to check out, only to be told that my gift card had not been activated. Called sony - twice - and verified online - gift card had $75 balance. Finally was told that the gift card could not be used to purchase ebooks - even though you can access the "Store" and place ebooks in your CART from the can't use the gift card. Go figure. After multiple calls to Sony, it was suggested that I purchase another reader or accessory or something I didn't need...then return it...and see if I could get a card that would work to purchase ebooks. Now, that is GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, DON'T YOU THINK? When I told them I wanted to write a letter to complain, I was informed that there really wasn't anyone to write to who could help me. They won't let me send back the sony style gift card to be replaced by a sony ereader gift card - even though they are the same people - guess that was too difficult for them to comprehend.
So, long and short...I WILL NEVER BUY SONY AGAIN. And I now understand why $5 billion in gift cards go unclaimed each year, according to a 12/9/10 article...How much do gift cards suck? GIVE CASH OR A CHECK FORGET THE GIFT CARds...


I bought a notebook from Sony Malaysia's agent on 13-02-2010 at Midvalley.In June 2010 there was a problem with the notebook's hard disk. I sent the notebook to Sony Malaysia's service centre in Midvalley somewhere in June 2010 and after leaving the notebook with them for about a week I was informed that there is nothing wrong with the notebook's hard disk.On the 03-01-2011 the hard disk refused to boot and since I am working overseas in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates I sent the notebook to Sony's Middle East Agent for repairs as I assumed it would be covered by the manufacturers warranty since the notebook is less than 12 months old.The Sony agent in Abu Dhabi informed me on the same day that the hard disk in the notebook has spoilt and needs to be replaced but they were unable to do it because I was informed by the Sony representatives both in Abu Dhabi and Malaysia ( By phone) that the manufacturers warranty for replacement of any faulty parts is only valid in the country of purchse (i.e Malaysia) but there is a free 12 months international service warranty .This information should be informed to the buyer before the product was purchesed and not when there is a fault with the product.It means that if a tourist from Europe were to purchase the same notebook that I did and if it broke down or malfunctioned in his home country then the tourist will have to fly to Malaysia to repair the notebook.Does this make any sense or not? Please advise

  • Ak
    akw22 Apr 09, 2010

    Sony DCR-DVD908, with full replacement warranty on damage. Sony will not do any replacement on any parts or fix the problems because it was bought in a different country. they say they only repair sony in the country in which it bought.. so they avoid any warranty by their policy of send it back. I even paid for it to be serviced in the USA and got it back the next day with note they do not fix out of country sony. they did not even refund the $280 i paid for service.
    should have been fixed for no charge.

    sony a rip off company.. will never buy sony again in any product they make.

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  • Ke
    KevL Mar 01, 2011

    I bought KDL-55HX800 SONY 3-D TV 2 months back and now that TV is showing ghost images. SONY has denied to replace TV. After several calls some local technician of SONY distributor picked my TV set and trying to repair it. I am so frustrated with SONY. I paid $2500 for this TV and now I am frustrated since SONY deceived me by selling such a product. I am thinking to take legal action against SONY. Please check Sony Style support forums for complaint subject “Serious problem with Sony-3D TV”. I suggest all victims of SONY products to file a legal fraud case against SONY. It is a fraud against poor consumers who pays so much money and get faulty products. Economical damage worth $2500 and mental stress worth Millions of dollars.

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  • Ho
    Hollowmoose Sep 20, 2011

    I bought a Sony 330A digital camera off of ebay on May 5th of 2011. Just shortly after my purchase I noticed a malfunction on the camera. I called the seller and was told they could not find anything wrong with it after sending it back to them for review. They suggested that I call the Sony customer service department to see what they could do as it was supposed to be under warranty. I spoke directly with a SONY representative. She asked me where I purchased the camera, when and from who. I specifically asked if since I made my purchase off ebay if the camera was still under warranty and was told YES. I was also told that the warranty was good for one year after the date of my purchase. I specifically asked this question because if it weren't under warranty, I would send it back to the seller NOT to SONY for either repairs or my money back. Shortly after i sent the camera to SONY for the repairs I received an e-mail with a bill but not a single statement as to what the issue was and how it was fixed. ONLY a bill for the labor and repairs. I sent one back saying, I don't think so and who blindly pays for a repair that is not explained. You don't go to your mechanic and tell him to charge you whatever for whatever he does to your vehicle? That would be costly and outrageous. Got a call the next day from another SONY rep telling me that my purchase off of ebay was NOT under warranty and oh so sorry for your wasted shipping costs and time vested and that their representative was wrong. I asked to speak to someone of higher authority and was told "NO". Unbelieveable that SONY, as large as they are, has such poor, mistrained representatives and such poor customer service. In the real world, if you make a claim, you own up to it whether or not it cost your company money or not. I will be going to every single website I can to let everyone know what a rip off this company is as they were more than willingly to blindly accept my money and to not buy any products if you ever plan on having to fix them under their so called warranty.

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  • Pe
    penberbulusenyum Jun 07, 2012

    No Service HIH90458, SN 1844124, Model SLT A55v. Saya sangat sedih dan
    sangat terkilan kerana kamera ini yang saya beli dengan harga rm 3000
    hanya bertahan dalam 2 tahun. saya menjaga dengan baik dan tiada
    terhantuk, jatuh atau kena air tetapi tiba-tiba menjadi gelap sewaktu
    mengambil gambar dan tertulis kamera error...saya masih lagi berhutang
    dengan aeon sebanyak 2000 tetapi kamera sudah rosak. Siapa sanggup
    berbelanja lebih untuk jangkahayat 2 tahun?..Jika begini saya tidak lagi
    mempercayai jaminan dan kualiti yang dijanjikan pihak sony. Menurut
    pegawai khidmat pelanggan di sony centre Kuala Lumpur, kerosakan begini
    disebabkan jangkahayat selepas satu tahun adalah biasa berlaku maka pihak
    sony tidak akan bertanggungjawab diatas kerosakan ini. Jawapan yang
    diberikan amat mengecewakan saya dan saya rasa teraniaya.

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  • Mo
    mohamad zahir May 28, 2013

    Saya telah membeli sebuah TV Projektor kira-kira 4 tahun yang lalu di Court Mammoth. Sekarang Tv berkenaan tidak boleh di buka kerana butang "buka' tidak berfungsi dengan baik kerana ia terpadam sendiri. apakah masalah tv saya tersebut

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Prices-Price Match

Went looking for a new TV and found a Sony 60" NX8 series at BestBuy, their price was $4299.00 and to add an a 2 year warranty +$400.00 for a total price of $4699.00 before taxes. I was told by the sales person that this was one of the best that Sony had to offer and it was a great deal and they would match anyones price. So I went looking and found the same item at Costco for $2, 599.00 with an included 3 year warranty in the price, so I went back BestBuy. I took a picture of the price sheet and showed it to the same sales person at BestBuy and he said Wow I cant beat that price. I confronted him on what he said prior and he said he would get in trouble if he matched the price by the corporate office, it was too big of a difference. I have personally noticed that BestBuy is very high on their prices so you need to be careful. I have sent messages to BestBuy about their pricing and they have a standard reply of "We price Match just tell our sales people and we will match the price". My reason for wanting to buy from BestBuy comes from their RewardZone program and I think they are pushing up their prices due to so many people using the program. In the long run you do not save money you end up spending more.

  • Tr
    Trvkell Feb 17, 2011

    Interesting my comment was what the employee said BestBuy would do, not a policy on the wall. Also as I stated BestBuys prices are higher on most items and not just membership clubs. I did use Costco as an example however when you see a huge difference in price which would pay for aprox. 30 plus years of membership fees you cant escape the fact BestBuy prices are too high. It would be cheaper for a customer to buy a 1 year member ship for $50.00 in order to save $1, 700.00 on a price for a single item and get 2% back on that purchase. This is about people being smart on shopping for goods in general and to look closer at the price and compare, saving money is on 90% of the populations mind right now and we need to do this. BestBuy is not competitive on pricing and people need to know and be aware so they can save money and not over pay for the same item. I have a cool app. for my Iphone that allows me to scan the bar code and it tells me the price of all the local retailers to include internet pricing. I have saved thousands of dollars using this application and it was a free download. Buyers be-ware BestBuy in not the Best-Price, that is my message.

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  • Tr
    Trvkell Feb 17, 2011

    Yes I do agree that membership stores can an do offer better pricing but you save on buying bulk items when shopping their business'. This was a single item apples for apples per-say and I went with what the employee stated to include their customer service, but none the less most retailers do have clauses that say "except" in a price matching policy to cover their rears.
    The one thing I do expect as a customer and consumer is a company to stand by their mistakes or errors when they are made and not hide behind thier rules so they do not have to be accountable. This is a basic expectation that most consumers rely on and should take into account when they have issues with a business that does not fullfill the expectation. Example A sales person says we will match anyones price (without the except), a reasonable person would talk with the same person and show them the lower price and expect them to live up to their word and promise. This sets the example of my expectation and why Bestbuy would match the price. Not once did I hear from a BestBuy employee the "except" policy as the reason for not living up to the promise of a price match all I was told was it was too big of a difference in price. Error on their part yes, that only makes it worse to the customers because of the broken promise. I would have been better if the employee simply stated you know I made a mistake by saying that too you. That would have been the end of my issue because he would have been accountable for his and the company's error.
    I may need to explain myself a little more so you understand why I think this way, I am a soldier and have been one for 17 years in the reserves. I have learned in that time that you live by your word and man up when you have made mistakes and I can honor a person or company who does just that. Companies In the U.S. have mainly screwed over the public with the TARP money they received ment to help the very customers they serve, mainly banks and auto manufactures. You would be suprised to see who is on the TARP list, none the less I am losing my point. I have also worked in the retail industry for over 20+ years from a sales person, manager, district manager and regional operations director so I have a keen understanding on how business' operate. The main principle is that the goal is to make your customers say wow from any aspect, this does not mean giving them the register and letting them set the price or dictate your operation. It means that you live by what you preach and your customers will repect the living hell out of you and shop your business even with higher prices. The housing market crashed while I was in Iraq and when I came home the retail establishments have focused so much on cutting cost to save a buck they have lost their focus on service. Well that is my rant, LOL
    By the way I did purchase the TV from Costco.

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