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[Resolved] uvw1800 and uvw1600

Purchased new for home use never operated for more than a few hours without error codes. Delivered them to a Sony authorized repair service center at lest four time within two years. The 1600 series has 12 hours of use. I can't tell what the 1800 has since the front display is inoperative, but it can't have more than 50 hours of us. They have sat idle for a few years since I am now using digital format. I wanted to convert my tapes to digital formate but when I turned on the 1600 it played only in black and white, now it won't play at all since I get an error code. The 1800 front panel display and buttons are inoperative. In my opinion the units are not merchantable products.

Frank J. Morelli, Esq.

uvw1800 and uvw1600

Sony Corporation


65in xbr tv

In Feb 2017 I purchased a 65in Sony XBR Bravia TV that came with a 1 year warranty, in addition, I also purchased a 2 year extended warranty from Best Buy. I got the TV home and within 15 minutes of turning it on, a green horizontal line appeared at the bottom of the screen. After about 10 more minutes, the thin green line became several inches wide. I called Sony and they helped troubleshoot, but with no success. I returned the TV to Best Buy and reluctantly exchanged it for the same model.
About a week ago, a horizontal line suddenly appeared across the screen. Again, I contacted Sony and attempted to resolve the issue with no luck. I wasn't overly worried since I had purchased a 2 year extended warranty. It was my understanding that the extended warranty started after the manufacturers warranty. To my surprise and dismay, that was not the case. The 2 year extended warranty began the day of purchase and ran concurrent to the manufacturers.
I have contacted both Sony and Best Buy, neither are willing to do anything to make this right.
Please research the Sony TVs before purchasing one, especially the XBR Bravia models. There are numerous complaints about these specific TVs regarding power issues and horizontal lines in the screen.

my complaint is with the sony headphones mdr-ex155ap these headphones are not compatible with the new model phones and it does not specify

Sony headphones mdrex155ap I just bought in 2019 and it does not work with my Iphone 8. I called cusotomer service and told me these were made in 2014 which is not my problem and it was not specified on pkg. that it was for older models. I am very disappointed in Sony that they did not correct the problems for me. This Large company does not try to satsify consumer. Please do not trick anyone else anmd take these off the market or specify which model they work for. Now I am out of money because I cannot use these with my Iphone. I feel you should send me a adapter or some earphones wired that will work with my phone. Toni Mitchell [protected].

cell phone xperia z5

I bought all series of Xperia Z Family and every time an update came it literary destroyed the whole phone.especially the battery. I charged my phone full and leave it over night and this is what it showed me. I dont trust sony any more, these crooks are big time frauds and will eat your money while they make you go round and round in a circle, for all my sony issues with the mobile, sony not once helped in any ways.

cell phone xperia z5

Sony Corporation

not good for business

On friday I saw one of employees outside selling drugs I have recorded it this is not how you do business at...

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sony smart tivi 4k screen broken right after warranty expired

Hi Sony Global service and customer care,

Because of the belief of High End Brand of SONY and being convinced by images like real life, sharp and colorful Our family bought Android Tivi Sony 4K 43 inch KD-43X8000E (serial 5500861) 2 years ago. The expired date 9-Sep-2019. (Price 16 million VND)
The enjoy time is not long as we are expecting. Just only right after 7 days of expired date of warranty, the Screen of Tivi was broken and BLACK color forever. We called Customer Care center in Vietnam sev.[protected] (Hotline: [protected]). They came my home and found display screen of Tivi broken, then they talked the Quotation for replacement is 9.5 million Vietnam Dong.

We shocked and tried to send many mails to Sony Vietnam to complaint for new display monitor without paying money with all of enthusiastic explanation. They seem not understand our expectation-and only co-paid 20% of 9.5 million quotation. We DONOT agree.
On behalf of Niche consumers of SONY high end Brand. We purchased Tivi and using in family environment (just some time turn It ON for children watching film-and I update news). We DONOT agree with any explanation for the shortage time life of main component (SCREEN) broken near around the warranty time. It is only by critical trouble of technical design.
WE searching on internet forums and heard this is the big issue of SONY brand Tivi comparing with Samsung, LG…
- Screen of smart SONY Tivi have time life very short and broken around time of warranty expired. Why we have to buy a SONY Tivi that its time life about 2 years (near around warranty circle) when paying near double money comparing with Samsung, LG ?
We suggest SONY Global:
- Check KPI of Smart Tivi to find the error coming under control or abnormal?
- Is your business strategy by keep the product series with big trouble for long time affecting to Niches consumers?
- You sale HIGH PRICE Tivi and FEED Sony care by selling Tivi's SCREEN when warranty date expired?
- How long you believe this way you can sale Tivi Product in Vietnam Market, why don't you think you are cheating us - The Niches consumers of HIGH END BRAND about SONY?

Claim compensation:

For the trouble our family experiencing, I and my family still believe in the policy of developing high-end products in this potential Vietnamese market. I am waiting and appreciate the best solution that you have for my family.

Comments way of overcome:
You should do a survey on forums to get rate of Sony TV comparing to similar products of other manufacturers and fix unexpected technical problems such as:
1- Increasing the screen warranty period for this TV series.
2- Upgrade Android OS to adjust the brightness to match the acceptable screen life.
3- Find way of public the information to reassure the consumers
4- Make policy with local SONY CENTER to provide KPI periodically to have investigation with risk potential.

Any more information you required. Please send to [protected] or call me: 84-[protected]

60 in sony bravia

I bought the t v back in December of 2017 from best buy in Augusta Maine .About two weeks ago I noticed a blue spot on the screen it will not go away.. I told best buy about it and was told basically too bad. I have always bought Sony Batavia thinking it was the best t v. I guess I am wrong.I paid $900 dollars for the tv thinking it would last more than 2 years.not I am so stupid thinking that. I will never buy another Sony product. It's a shame that companies will not stand by their product.I cannot afford to go out and spend that kind of money again...Phil poulin

your selfish use of spider-man.

As a fan of the marvel character I'm appalled that you refuse to come to terms with Disney and work out another deal. I won't be buying any more of your products in the future, and my family and friends refuse to watch any more of your spider-man films or buy any more of your games or spider-man properties unless you're once again backed by marvel. News flash to you executives, you really shouldn't anger fans if you want to keep the money coming in...


How dare you greedy [censored] take Spider-Man out of the MCU! Screw you!! Sony is a total disgrace and each and every one of your mentally challenged executives should be flogged! You can take your God damned company and shove it right up your ass! As for my PS4, I'm packing it up and putting into storage. I never use the bloody thing anyway, on account of the fact you a-holes can't manage to put out a decent game to save yourselves. (Nintendo has more hits on the Switch than you've ever had on any of your ridiculous systems.) Seeiously, [censored] RIGHT OFF! Stop thinking with your [censored]ing dicks and make the right decision. You really think you're being smart about this?

tv (model - kd-55x8577f - 55”)

I purchased a TV (model - KD-55x8577F - 55") from Qatar on 7 April 2019 and used in Sri Lanka on 6 July 2019. After a few days, on 10 July night, I found that half of the screen covering with white lines.
I cannot claim warranty since I don't have an international warranty. Qatar Service crew does not ready to support me in any way. I'm helpless now, and I need your support. I trusted Sony and still confidence in the Brand.
Now, I'm in Qatar and my TV in Galle Sri Lanka.
Please advise.

tv (model - kd-55x8577f - 55”)
tv (model - kd-55x8577f - 55”)
tv (model - kd-55x8577f - 55”)
tv (model - kd-55x8577f - 55”)
tv (model - kd-55x8577f - 55”)


sony blu ray streaming device

I have had a Sony streaming device for awhile that I have used to watch Hulu programs and now from what I understand Sony has quit working with Hulu so now I cannot watch Hulu programs. I wasted my money on this and I have two of them. I won't be buying Sony products anymore. I am a very unsatisfied customer. How do you run a business like this? Mad!

sony wireless speaker srs-xb21

Hello: I purchased the item above on 4-5-2019 from a Target store in my area. Today, 7-8-19, I went to use the speaker and it does not work. I have no idea why! I tried connecting to several other cell phones and it did not work on any of them. I have my receipt for this item for $69.99. The remedy should be either a full refund or a new product. I have the box it came in as well. Please reply ASAP.

Thank you
Jason Munguia
or [protected]
8921 W 163rd St
Orland Park IL 60462


The 1999 commercial for the product was offensive to US military families The commercial used a Slogan that the US Government deemed controversial .Their slogan Do not underestimate the power of PlayStation Steered controversy when 2 planes crashed into the twin towers .The fact that they used a Emulator in the 1996 Crash Bandicoot commercal and the Tomb Raider 1997 commercial to make thier graphics look better than they are in reality PlayStation is 32-bit Nintendo 64 is 64-bit as Atari says "do the math"According to the AVGN the product looks like a cheap imitation of the 3DO that got discontiued since it had all of the same features nothing Revolutionary about it.The PlayStation Double Life ad was offensive to US military families because it depicted players claiming they live double lives as heroes.I am reporting this incident on behalf of the Solders that died in the Iraqi war


Sony Corporation

sony banned my daughters account

My daughters acc got hacked on 24th Jan so I called up and they said they'd put a temp ban so while I get my id the hacker couldn't access it so I was happy that my daughters account would be unbanned soon. But after a month i called up and someone said it's perma banned and no reasons on to why this is then hung up. Told me not to contact them within this case again. But nah. I'm mad about THIS and I want my daughter acc back as said. They only told me it was a temp ban not perma ban. All the other members I spoke to said it'll get unbanned. I want my daughter acc back. Bad service.

technical service of turkey; defective product of sony tv kd 55xf8577

I have bought a sony tv kd55xf8577 from media markt meydan avm istanbul/turkey on 24 december 2018. After a day they deliver it to my home and after adjusting they left. But ne next just after setup tv power is gone and we could not got it back by sony service phone helping. On 3rd day they took my tv to the service for investigating the trouble. We were dreaming to use our new tv new year night. But unfortunately neither media markt nor sony eurasia service did not solve my problem up to now and they did not deliver a new tv up to now. I am feeling myself guilty for being a sony tv buyer. Who is going make me as satisfied shoper.17 days past after my shoping. How and who isgoing to cover 17 days without tv altought I paid total invoice. I am not satisfied aftersale service of sony. And ı am warning all new sony buyers be careful, think twice before buy a sony products. Normaly I am hapy to use sony products but not hapy with sony customer care service. Pls here me sony ceo and solve my problem as soon as possible. Sony or media markt has to pay for compensation right my 17 days without tv life despite of my payment. Because non them does not care about waste time. I am complaining both media markt and sony companies. I am not advising both this two company for your shoping. They never care about costomer loyalty and satisfactions and also how they are world wide companies. They have pay to me for their fault.
Best regards for all unsatisfied customer.

technical service of turkey; defective product of sony tv kd 55xf8577
technical service of turkey; defective product of sony tv kd 55xf8577


sony tv bravia

I had purchased sony bravia tv which was on offer with spark. I received tv which had a fault in it. I spoke...

online aspect

I like your products but, with playstation 4 these people are not your friends, (the friends app), they don't talk, they never share anything (the share feature) and they are know-it-all rude, making for an awkward and very uncomfortable social the future I highly recommend avoiding social interaction, these alleged "friends" are weird people.😳

  • Updated by Michael P.Margraff · Nov 13, 2018

    Thank You, I am a consumer of Sony and prefer to be.

sony 65 xbr

Received brand new 65xbr from an authorized dealer that was bad out of the box. Picture had side to side color bars across entire panel. When we contacted sony customer lack of support we were told very nicely that we were out of luck. $4000.00 out the window. Maybe at best we get a refurbished tv (read another persons nightmare) or at worst they come to house and repair a $4000tv.
Incredibly bad service, incredibly bad policy incredibly bad treatment of sony buyers.
Horrible and disappointing.

capital one sony credit card offer false advertising

I have enrolled in the sony credit card and received an email with instructions on how to redeem my offer for...

remote control

Hi guys,
Have a nice week, greetings from turkey.
I need to complain about a product and turkey sony eurasia support. My home theather systems remote has several buttons that do not work even though it has not been used a lot nor roughly. Volume buttons and on/off is completely useless so I need to use sony app for iphone for remote because sony turkey support does not find the new remote nor fix it. Remote need to be changed to new one (serial : rm - adp074) which we cannot find anywhere and I cannot get any help at least they should send me a new remote because my system is only 4 years and works great! My bravia tvs remote also works great although its been used more than the home systems remote!? Also digital in optical output is loose and cannot instert my optical sound cable properly from the year later I bought and sony support also said its out of guarantee and did nothing
I just need a solution guys: (
Thanx so much
Burcu mrs.

remote control
remote control
remote control

Sony Corporation

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