Snap Fitnessmember of staff

M Sep 05, 2018

The office is St. Neots England. Staff member Drew Davis. Who was recently appointed. Due to illness I had to suspend my account. I informed the previous manager Vikki Morgan of this by email (i have the email) I am a Mexcican resident from the UK. I have subsequently been threatened by email as he took my account of suspend to pay 40.45 GBP. Which I did and then cancelled my account due to his rudeness. He deleted my suspend extension email and me a liar, but i have the copy. This month I got charged an extra month, presumably a cancellation fee. I have paid this also. My account balance says zero. I asked someone to call snap fitness for me in St Neots about my account status to confirm cancellation. Whoever replied told him to [censored] off and that he will do what he wants and continue to send bills to [censored] me up at tghe registered address in the UK. This is not my home, but the home of an old lady of 86. If he continues to hassle this frail lady I feel the stress will kill her. I have escalated this to the UK police and the government MP BECAUSE HE WONT RESPOND AND CONFIRM MY ACCOUNT IS CLOSED AND NOTHING FURTHER IS DUE. IS THIS WHAT SNAP FITNESS STANDS FOR? TERRORISM?

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