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T Aug 16, 2018

Hi there,

I have a major issue. I have been getting my bank account charged monthly for the Snap Fitness membership for well over a year now.

I first signed up for my membership back in March 2017. I worked out for not even 2 months and I had hurt my foot badly that my doctor told me I was no longer to work out until my foot healed. I went into the gym and let the owner know that I would not be returning as instructed by my doctor. I have been trying to figure out for months who was debiting my account each month and it has been Snap Fitness.

I am not happy at all that I have been charge for my membership when I have not at all even stepped foot into the gym. I haven't once received any notification that my account was being debited on a monthly basis.

I have been charged a monthly fee for $30.28 for the last 13 months and 2 months I have been debited a different amount. April 2018 I was charged $64.18 and this month August I was charged $88.81. For the 13 months I was charged a total of $393.64. In total I have been charged $546.63.

I am not happy at all about this as I notified the gym I was unable to work out due to a serious injury to my left foot. Now to come to find I have been charged every month. This is outrageous.

I want the payments to stop immediately and I want all of my money returned to me ASAP. A total of $546.63. If this is an issue please let me know as I will take the matter to the BBB. I am not happy about this at all...That is a lot of money I am out and not once stepped foot into the gym at all. My white card to get into the gym was also returned the same time I couldn't work out anymore. I had my sister drop that card off for me. I remember that well.

I hope this won't be a long issue and big argument. I hope that my account will be debited the full amount and no more payments will ever come out of my account at all. If this is an issue I will make sure it is dealt with in a timely manner. I would really appreciate your full cooperation in this matter. ASAP.

Thank You

Theresa Worthington

No bills no notices nothing.

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