SmartPay Leasingmetro pcs

B Jul 10, 2019

Recently purchased a new phone from metro pcs, first time customer as well. Due to lack of acknowledgement given by the sales representative at metro pcs I looked into my account to see why my payments of a 786.11 phone would turn into a payment of 1, 500 dollars, after calling smartpay leasing customer service the manager basically explains it to be my fault that the sales person at metro pcs was doing her job very poorly by not giving my the term and conditions for the phone that I purchased. Stating that I should have asked for it. This is absurd customer service on both ends of both companies and should have better training priori to giving outrageous prices. One has to pay not only 20 percent every month but also taxes on the phone twice!!! I refer no one I mean no one to go neither to metro pcs nor smartpay leasing due to lack of acknowledgement their own employees have!

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