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It was july of 2018 when we got the washing machine. After couple of months, it won't fill with water then will stop. A tech came out but did not see any problem and left after testing and it did worked, fortunately. After 2 months, this time issue got worst. The washing machine will fill up with Water but won't function to wash and or even dry. After multiple attempts of calling SM rep and tech no out came out to check. Are you waiting for the warranty to expire? We only decided to get this thing to Help my mama because she has a heart issue and we won't be able manage the laundry bec we all work at grave yard shifts. If you can't fix this please ensure you provide a quality product according to what we have paid for. We are definitely not gonna promote this to any relatives and friends as your Service and product su**s! I can wait for months and Im sure no one will give a damn to response and action on this. Probably, a feedback in social media may just be our way to let you know.

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