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Sleep Central called me to order my supplies. I received them and half were wrong.
I can't use my CPAP machine, I have instructed my lawyer, if I die to go after them.
I called the number 10 different times, and stayed on line waiting for them to answer, each time 20 minutes.
I got so mad I went to the supply office here, and they tell me he has trouble too getting through too.
They no longer have what I need Sleep Central does not ship to him every thing he needs.
I have tried to send an email, but can't get on line with them.
Now they are sending me a bill. Ha do they really think I will pay with their incompetence.
I received this in early part of March.
I hope you can shake their tree for me, before I die in my sleep.
Thank you for all your help.

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May 20, 2022 12:07 pm

I am returning my cpap. I was never able to fall asleep wearing the full mask or nasal mask. The machine also breaths with a different rhythm than I do. Now the compliance team is threatening to bill me $1400 for under use. Its going back.

Dec 08, 2021 1:40 pm
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I ordered supplies from Sleep Central in September 2021 and the supplies were shipped. Within a week Medicare notified me of the recall of the Dream station. The supplies were never opened and they no longer fit the new Dream Station 2. The refused to exchange the supplies. They are rude and a company I will no longer do business with.

Dec 23, 2020 4:47 pm
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I received my 3rd water reservoir and since I am VIP member I could not return it. Not sure what VIP is supposed to mean. But whatever it means, you cannot return unwanted products that they sent to you.

Jun 20, 2019 2:04 pm

This company is a nightmare and I'm certain what they are doing is insurance fraud. Why? Because they send items they are repeatedly told are not needed just because our insurance says my husband is covered for them. Does he need them? No. Does he want them? No. I don't have a problem with the auto shipment for items he tells them he needs...but to ship items they are told repeatedly are not needed nor wanted just because our insurance says he is covered for them is insurance fraud. Our insurance company pays their share of these items...then we are expected to pay the remainder for things we don't want and don't need. When we try to send them back they say we can't...even though the package the items are shipped in says we have 3 days to send the items back!

Seriously, how is this company still in business? Oh yeah...billing insurance companies for items not needed by the customers, that's how.

Apr 10, 2019 12:27 pm

Just stay away from this company. They have 219 complaints with the Better Business Bureau - look it up.

They have a three (3) day return policy on supplies. Even in the world today, who can get something returned in three days?

You can never get hold of them by phone, "call volume is heavier than expected." After two emails, the second of which I had to threaten billing fraud is when I received a response.

I have discontinued my service with them. Advised my health insurer to remove them from the PPO.

If you have a complaint, in addition to the BBB, you can file a complaint with medicare:

Jul 13, 2018 2:34 pm
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Rather than Sleep Central in Murray, KY...use any other Rotech firm. My experience is basically the same as other postings. When I went on Medicare 18-months ago...the number of items in my auto-shipping increased substantially...mostly with never requested sizes. Could they possibly be over-billing Medicare for these extras? Hmmmmm. Recently, I've been shorted items that I'd always received within prior re-orders (tubing, chin-strap, etc.) When I called, I was treated as if the errors were mine. "How do you know those items are missing." "Did you change your order?" "We wouldn't have shorted your order unless you changed your supplies." "Did you stop needing a CPAP tube/" "Did you change your chin-strap size to an extra small?" "How do you know the chin strap isn't an XL?" And now rather than receiving one re-order shipment...I receive three (3). One shipment with most of the re-supplies. A second shipment 10-days later with the tubing. Now a third shipment...7-additional days later with the chin-strap. These people have neither service hearts...nor do they care about us. It's just the income and whatever it takes to generate profits; including sending incorrect sizes in quantities that never get used. How sad.

Oct 31, 2017 5:25 am

Same problem as everyone else with this company. Auto shipping of items that they claimed I agreed to, plus constantly getting the wrong replacement tubing along with items that I did not order. This is the worst company ever. I have a 20% copay, they refused to except return of said items. Extremely rude to deal with, after 3 months of arguing via phone calls and letters I called UHC and got them involved. A month later they called stating I could return my order.

Sep 22, 2017 5:16 pm
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Worst company I have ever done business with. Cannot get in touch with them and when you finally do their staff is like they just walked in he door and answered the phone. I had a busted hose and when I requested another, I was told I cannot get another one for another 3 weeks. When I told her that I needed air to breath she advised me to get duct tape and tape the hose together. I should be on air 24/7 and they gave me a concentrator to be used both at night and to carry around during the day. It weighed 12 pounds and came with a cart to pull around with. You can certainly tell that these people are out of touch in what it means to be a senior citizen in need.

Jun 27, 2017 1:47 pm

It has been two years since I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and began receiving supplies on a quarterly basis from rotech. Until now, I have been very pleased with the process of being sent a list of items I was eligible to receive. The most recent contact 'list' did NOT include 'nasal pillows'. The items I was able to order arrived last Friday and did not include nasal pillows. From what I understand I am eligible to receive six nasal pillows each quarter.
I have called Hooks and was advised to contact Sleep Central. I phoned Sleep Central and was informed there was quite a wait before my call could be answered and I was given the opportunity to leave my phone number, which I did. That was Monday, June 26. No one had returned the call so last night I did an internet request using the This being June 27, no one has returned my call yet so I checked the shipping box label and find the order had been shipped by PULMO DOSE of Murray, KY. Is that something new or had I not noticed when not having had to make contact regarding previous orders?
I am expecting a response of some sort from someone regarding my not having nasal pillows. You have my email address. Sincerely, Mary Eleanor Harris

Mar 01, 2017 8:51 pm

I have had sleep central for many years. Not one time did I ever get the wrong supplies, or size, never ever had one problem with Sleep central, with billing or anything else. Received a new machine, the new company has been a nightmare. Wrong supplies, wrong size, not once but twice. Billed for wrong supplies. Sleep Central I want you to fix my sleep problems. I miss you Sleep Central. Sincerely Joyce Sweeney

May 23, 2016 4:43 pm

I have refused my shipments for over a year. I had so many supplies that I didn't need them to keep sending me more until I used what I had. Today
May 23, 2016 I called Rotech so I could get some supplies and they told me that I could no longer receive them for I owe them over $2000.00 dollars.
My account has been paid up for a long time. Now I have no supplies an cannot use my CPAP.
Who or what am I to do? I need my machine

May 09, 2016 2:44 pm

The worst company! I've been using the same supplies since November, it is now may . They refuse to send me supplies. When Rotech/sleep central/ American Oxygen back in November I was forced to use them. Every month trying to get what I need has been a nightmare. When they took over I called all involved and gave them all my information. So last month Mr drs office called them and they said I had a balance (keep in mind I have a primary and secondary insurance and there should be no balance) they did not check my records and see that I had a secondary insurance, the called me back and said was correct I did not have a balance that she would make a note and have my supplies releases and sent to me. Over a month later her I am still with NO supplies. Called them again and now there telling me my doctor hadn't sent a prescription, I got my NEW CPAP machine in November, how could I get it with no prescription? Anyways my advice use a local supply company and spare yourself a NIGHTMARE.

Feb 15, 2016 5:00 pm
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AVOID sleep central. Frustrating nightmare. Tried new dreamware c-pap equip. Frist there was no hose then discovered no straps to hold the face harness on.
Told there were sizes. Ordered small. Got large face harness and small nose piece and no straps to hold on head.
Then informed one size fits all face harness and I could not have straps because 6 months was not up. What?
I have been with out a cpap two months. This is becoming expensive nightmare that does not fit.
This company will also just keep sending you equipment if they get you on their list or else robo call you constantly to reorder and give you no chance to put in changes of equipment. NIGHT MARE COMPANY

Jun 23, 2015 3:38 pm
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I have been at odds with Rotech for over a year now. First of all I asked them to PLEASE stop automatically sending me supplies. They not only continued to send them every quarter...they would put ALL SIZES of pillows in the box. I would get 6 pillows in each shipment from XS, S, M, L, XL at $39 EACH! I can't use them. I was instructed to refuse delivery... RETURN TO SENDER... so I did. They continue to bill me. I agreed to pay for April 2014 shipment because I kept those supplies except for the ones I returned to the local Sleep Central office near my house. I did not get anything in writing for what all I returned. I did refuse delivery of the JULY 2014 shipment and I refuse to pay for it. Once that amount is cleared from my bill, I will agree to pay for the APRIL 2014 shipment shown on the bill. The people from ROTECH that have called are for the most part very friendly and they all say they will see what they can do. The last couple of representatives have been extremely RUDE. I am taking my business elsewhere. I am surprised ROTECH has not been the subject of a FRAUD investigation. I would like to have this resolved ASAP. Thank you,


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