Skyscannerpurchase of tickets to travel same day

K Dec 03, 2019

Hi, I purchased tickets to travel from Manchester to Pakistan on the same day. Upon receiving my booking confirmation I noticed there was a spelling error in the name of the traveller. I contacted Skyscanner to amend this, as I had read on the FAQs that this could be sorted ‘easily'. However, I was told by the rep that I had to contact the airline directly to make sure I can change the name before travel. I did so, but was told by the airline that as I had booked via a travel agent, they could not make the amendment, as it has to be done by the travel agency. I contacted the Skyscanner again and was told that the airline was wrong and that the only option I had was to cancel the current ticket at a cost of £110 and then repurchased another ticket at a higher price than before. I find it beyond insane that a spelling error could not be rectified by either party without having to cancel the ticket. I am now out of pocket over £120 because of a simple mistake. Can you please review and advise on this.

Original purchase which was cancelled number : [protected]



  • Updated by Khurram Ashfaq · Dec 03, 2019

    Sent the above to both airline and Skyscanner. As of now, still no response

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