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W Aug 10, 2018 Review updated:

Absolutely disgusted with your coverage of Man U v Leicester, you may as well called it Man U v some other team!!! Totally biased views from Neville and the rest of them so called pundits, from start to finish it was Man U Man U Man U as if there was only one team playing! How you dong get investigated I don't know, your football page online is all Man U too. You need to take a real good look at yourselves as ordinary people pay hard earned money to watch your tv and don't need biased commentary!!!


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    Nigel007 Aug 12, 2018

    Why has that disgusting individual, Jamie Carragher, be aloud to creep back on to Sky Sports again. The spitting incident showed a total lack of judgement as well as a total lack of respect for other people.
    Why do you think anyone would want to listen to anything has to say?

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