R Oct 20, 2019

Ordered online - paid with interac online - their page glitched - my money was gone - order not completed - customer support chat offered no help - my bank gave a confirmation of payment code - customer support chat still offered no help - refused to give me phone number - found phone number 1 (855) 200-7547 - mwahahahaha (thank you Popeyes management) - got my $ back 2 hrs after initial problem!

Will never ever ever in a million years put myself through that hassle again. They deliver make it almost impossible to reach them in the event of a problem. They seem to do this intentionally so you give up on getting reimbursed. If a food place uses skip the dishes I suggest you skip on over to another food place. They are an absolute disgrace in customer support/service & their payment platform failed on their end of things and they couldn't fix the problem. They told me in chat that my $ was ‘lost in a cyberspace phantom zone'.

My bank advisor laughed at that one, glad someone got a laugh out of it!

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