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T Apr 29, 2019

Good morning,

I have been a Skipthedishes cust for a long time. There are a lot of orders under my account and I have never had one single complaint made about the service or the food. I order butter chicken and rice to be delivered to my work. when I received the order, they didn't send rice with it. Unfortunately, I can't drink Butter chicken and I need rice in order to eat it. I contacted the local office immediately to let them but they didn't get back to me until later on. Given the fact that I am at work and my time is very limited, I couldn't wait a long time so I had to go and buy food and sent them all the information needed and requested that they pick up the food and refund me as I won't be able to eat it. The person that I have talked to told me she can only refund 5$ for the rice and that I will have to pay for food that I can't even eat. I find it very unreasonable and very unprofessional. I have been a customer for a long time and I have never had any issue and I don't really feel appreciated. IT is such a huge inconvenience that I have to pay for food that I didn't even eat or will eat. If you look at my history I have always ordered through you and never had an issue but this one time things go sideways nobody was there to show us a slim reason as we should keep using SKip the dishes. I am sincelry disappointed in the customer service skills implement handling this case. If there is a mistake where I can even eat the food that I have, I would expect to be compensated and at least get my money back.

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