SkinMedica Complaints & Reviews

SkinMedica / the miracle didn't happen

Dec 14, 2017

I wonder how this company is still in business after so many negative reviews about skin reaction. I won't be the first person who's gonna say that their products didn't work for me as well. I got an allergic reaction the next day after using their anti-age cream and my face was red. I wa...

SkinMedica / vaniqa cream

Dec 09, 2017

I have been using the Vaniqa cream for years now. Did you change this formula? Now the area that I put the cream is so dry and flaking. Always looks red and the hair continues to grow. It does not seem to work any longer and my skin looks terrible. What happened?? It no longer works and is completely drying. I have not changed how I used the product. / Bad product

Aug 16, 2016

I found many positive reviews about SkinMedica online and decided to try their products. Ordered a skin protection from them and it arrived in a timely manner, I was very impressed with the delivery. Used the cream for about three days and noticed that there was something wrong with my... / Avoid this place at all costs

Jan 02, 2012

Horrible customer service. I have purchased a few of the creams and i liked them all except for the one for Redness which was recommended for my rosacea and it cost 75 dollars. My rosacea is so much worst, it really flared up and my face burned. When i sent the cream to skin Medica in NY...