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While on a vacation trip to Australia/New Zealand, my new Skechers ‘Go Walk' sneakers caused me to stumble several times, but I was always able to catch myself. Then on April 2, 2019, shortly after we got to the Auckland, New Zealand airport to return home, I stumbled again on these same sneakers and was thrown to my face; bruising my foot, my knee, and breaking the Radius and Ulna on my left wrist -- badly crushing those bones. At the time, I was simply walking through the airport on a smooth surface. The airport medical team put a splint on my arm and, as we were only minutes from departure, we decided to wait until we got to Sidney, Australia to go to the emergency room for further treatment. When we got to Sidney, I was not willing to leave the airport to go to the hospital, and I elected to continue on to the Albuquerque NM for further care no matter how much pain I was in. This turned out to be the correct call—because they couldn't have just set my wrist, as it required a surgical procedure before it could be immobilized in a cast. The surgery left me with a plate, 6 screws, and 2 temporary pins in my wrist just to put it back together. Now (7 weeks later), I am still in a lot of pain and will likely require extensive therapy once the last brace is removed for good. I will be returning the shoes to the store and requesting the ‘Go Walk' brand of sneakers be removed from the shelf to prevent someone else from having a like experience or worse. I found a number of Internet reviews of serious tripping incidents just like mine while wearing certain types (including ‘Go Walk') of Skechers shoes.

May 23, 2019

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