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Recently, all 3 Singapore telcos fined S$10, 000 for inadequate 3G coverage. Do you think this is enough?

After watching the News, this let me recall about my dual sim card phone was loss in the bus 2 weeks ago, on 24 November 2012 at about 10pm. As I have 2 sim card concurrently running on my phone, which is Chinamobile Prepaid Card and Singtel Prepaid Hicard. Immediately rang I call Chinamobile (24hrs) hotline to report loss of my mobile sim card and was informed to get my replacement upon visiting China on my next trip (This is the 3rd time I lost my chinamobile prepaid card). Then I follow up calling Singtel Hicard customer service hotline but was regret to be informing by Singtel pre-recording system that they are only operating from 8am-8pm daily. As there is nothing I can do, so I have to wait for the next morning to come.

The next day morning, I rang and inform the Singtel Hicard Hotline, the customer officer give me an unreasonable answer and informed me that they unable and can’t allow me to get any replacement for my loss mobile sim card as they don’t allow prepaid sim card to be replace once loss! I also request them to assist me to print out all the incoming and outgoing call record for me as I am a business man and I need to keep track all my call for record purpose. But the customer office replied me that they can’t provide me any record as their system are unable to keep track any prepaid card from their system and not even any operator in the world can do so. I wonder how Singtel going to explain or solve dispute whenever all mobile customers encountered.

I told the Singtel Hicard customer officer that I also lost my China prepaid card on the same day and informed him that the China mobile operator can allow me to get my prepaid sim card replaced any time at anywhere in China mobile service counter in China. I also informed that I can even login to and with my China mobile ID and Password to view all my mobile record with detail like date of all incoming and outgoing call with number, call duration, place of call and all incoming and outgoing call individuals charge detail since 10 years ago. Since 10 years ago, Chinamobile already allow all prepaid card to view all incoming and outgoing call details and apply any value added services online anytime anywhere. The “” (ID & Password provided) provide services like Prepaid card balance with full details all call, Online top-up, Choice or Change of prepaid plan, Point rewards, Webmail, Web Messenger, Roaming activation or deactivation and more.

I am so helpless and wonder what is happen to our Singapore nowadays? Country like China is catering for 1.4billion population which is huge market with only 2 mobile operators who can offer such impressive website (online web e-operator) services for all mobile users for more than 10 years. Small country like Singapore claimed to be everything to be the first especially in Information Technology and now none of our mobile service operators can implement full e-mobile web services.

I strongly believe that will be great help and benefit to all million of mobile users in Singapore who don’t have to waste unnecessary time in long queue for long hours or long call waiting with the customer hotline or even too much unnecessary manpower and operation cost.

Anyway, when is the day that our government or IDA can assist us with full web e-operator services in Singapore? Whereby I believed many countries have already implemented e-operator many years ago. Country like China mobile has already implemented it for more than 10 years ago and when will our Singapore mobile operator will be able provide us efficiently services with modern technologies?

inadequate services
inadequate services
inadequate services


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    Oldmanjohn Dec 02, 2019

    Today I call the CS Hotline n spoken to Ms. Van(Pilipina) pertaining to my Hicard no. 93706879 main acct had been reap off 0 balance. She was kind enough to check for me. I waited for few minutes n she spoken to me that my balance is $49.10 cannot be refunded in full only 50%. I was not happy that due to whatever the reasons. Initially I had explain to her in details. But the Supervisor name Ms. Kriv said that only 50% will be refunded. As a long time user Im shock I even told her that I will be sending a feedback. I had another Hicard no. 90528815 which I had paid for the internet services per month 2 GB for $13 for long time. I even told Ms. Van that if I recieved 50% which I had already in my main acct. I will used till whatever balance n will stop using Singtel Hicard no. 93706879 n 90528815.
    Sorry for me to send this feedback.
    John Koh

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