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SingTel review: leveraging on elderly person's vulnerability

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Dear Singtel,

My dad is a 76 year old man. He gets somewhat conned by Singtel time and time again by signing up the various home, mobile packages, miotv with packages, internet services, of course positioning to him there are freebies that he never ever need. Every month his bill come up to almost 150SGD. Over the months, we have managed to now rationalise for him to terminate at least the miotv since the service expired since he has signed it contractually and we have to suck up to this.
Recently in 16 July 16, Singtel comes now with phone marketing gimmick to ask my dad for extension of internet services via phone and he has no idea what he has agreed and now Singtel mentioned he has agreed verbally and he must honour his contract.

Isn't there somewhere to protect the elderly on such rouge marketing tactics to trick them on something they agree over the phone, and there is no contract binding document for reconstructing ?
When we asked for evidence, now Singtel claims that because we are his children, will be considered as third party and my dad must call in personally.

He is a illiterate 76 year old man - how on earth is he able to do so ?
we waited for one over week for Singtel to respond on this matter, and they have sat on this matter, of course again it's the customer's fault because the 76 year old customer did not complain, but their children did.
Seriously, Singtel you are a listed company. I am sure you have better ways to income or net profit/income to report to your shareholders. Using such unscrupulous methods to trick or mislead elderly is unethical.
I would like to speak to your senior manager about this matter, and I can be contacted @ +[protected]

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