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Just received a bill from Singtel charging us a crazy amount of 5k plus and additional 1k plus based on a DAY of usage for "pay as you roam surcharge" and DATA Roaming Usage.

2 points to being up.
1) This number does not travel overseas.
2) if we were to use roaming, Singtel as a unlimited data roaming service that charges as low as $15 a day.

It's ridiculous how data usage are being charged by Singtel. I dun think we need to explain more.


  • Me
    Meenuaarvee Nov 13, 2013

    Yes ita money grabbing technique singtel use..Is there any way we can get rid of this useless policy

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  • Ch
    chrishye Feb 24, 2014

    I have been traveling in the region for more than 8 yrs. Some places i use singtel roaming pckg but most of the countries i switch off roaming. This trip in vietnam i choose to switch off roaming bcoz i am using local sim on another phone TO provide the internet. Just got Shock just now when receiving a msg frm singtel that i Have incurred $50 on pay per data... BUT my phone's data roaming s OFF!!! How did data being consumed???

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  • An
    Annn1 Jul 17, 2014

    I would to know the reason why Singtel guy is coming to my house? He was ringing our door bell and banging HARD on my door repeatedly like a debtor that causes my dog to bark.
    My neighbours even came out to see what's happening.Regardless of what purpose, he shouldn't bang and press the door bell repeatedly causing nuisance to my neighbours.


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  • Ke
    Ke Li Aug 08, 2014

    My sister had enough of Singtel and wanted to change service provider to StarHub after her contract ended.
    She wanted to retain her number for it was a lot of hassle to get a new number. You will have to update banks, friends, etc.
    After days it was still not transferred. We called StarHub and they said they sent requests to Singtel to release the line but was rejected. They did not know the details. It might be better for us to call Singtel to find out.
    Singtel said my sister's line is under my father's name. That was history. Money was paid for the transfer of name and they had been billing my sister under her name for years. We were not even able to see their record and they were not even trying. Only trained to say sorry.
    Now It is their internal fault and they are causing pain and inconvenience to consumer. "It is not the customer service department's fault, out of our scope so we cannot do anything about it. You are a small customer and we don't value you. You are at our mercy. Try leaving us and we will sabotage you." This is the impression I got. They were trained to follow the books. I am not asking them to think out of the box. Just be more flexible and less rigid. Try having all the small customers leaving you at one goal.
    100% their issue but because they are too big an organization and they don't communicate between departments and they have lousy system so we had to bear the consequences. There were no protection for us and we had to be subjected to their terms and conditions.
    We need to compensate them for early termination etc. Why weren't they compensating us when it was their fault?

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