Singles50harassment to pay - unauthorized charges

C Jul 05, 2019

My sister was a member of this website.. for a brief. Of about 2 months did not like the site and did not meet anybody there so discontinued her membership.

She did not sign up for auto-pay and did not sign up to further her membership.
She is a registered disabled person on a low income.

She has been harassed to pay additional fees for a membership that she did not even want.

I have never seen such a thing in my life.
The emails are scaring her and she's not even on this site which is easily checkable if they would have logged on to see

harassment to pay - unauthorized charges

  • Updated by Be2 · Jul 09, 2019

    Dear CailinAillinn.1977, we're sorry to hear about your complaint. Please contact us at cs @ singles50 . com, put in the subject header. On behalf of the be2 Customer service Team.

  • Updated by CailinAillinn.1977 · Jul 09, 2019

    I already DID THAT . . That was my first thing to do.
    The most bizarre thing is my sister has not been on this site in a year and yet you continue to assess charges to her even though she had discontinued her membership and even though you had no credit card on file and even though there was no payment and now you're trying to tell her that she owes nearly four hundred euros... she has not been on this site and so long.
    Why would you keep a membership open for somebody that did not pay on a quarterly basis which is how she said you charged...

    So if someone doesn't pay you just keep their membership open and then you hit them with these huge fees threatening to get a lawyer on them???
    She was sent a letter threatening that she was going to be taken to court and she is scared to death such INTIMIDATION
    tactics are disgusting

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