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I was in a domestic violence situation.

I was moved through a emergency transfer.
I was not able to be home during this ENTIRE billing cycle.
My office is aware, my property manager is aware, I have proof, our local police dept knows, I called you guys last month to tell you.

How the [censored] do you charge me $89 no one was there.
I am reporting you to the Attorney General and Office of Inspector General. All local and national media. Done with your fraud 3rd party billing scam. I want my direct submetered bills pdfs, proofs, from the city utility NOW.

simplebills bad services

Horrible service and their customer support sucks. Overcharging! Stay away!

I had month to month rent and we were forced to use this service to pay bills, as this was only option from landlord.

They set up their cycles in some strange way, so final month I got 2 bills: for partial month and for last 3 days seperate each came late and each had simple bills charge for "storing card on file" (which was by the way lost for few weeks).

My last bill for last 3 days came very late and net electrical charges were only 3.5 usd, but simple bills still kept on charging me 7.5 usd for saving my card.

Basically, stupid game to charge tenants twice. Bad service, when I tried to report this and complained - got response we dont care you have to pay full bill.

Avoid! Please investigate them for bad practices!!! They must be out of business!

Simple Billspayment and website

This is the absolute worst company ever. This place sucks. They screwed up my bill and charged me 35 more dollars than I was supposed to be charged. I tried to send an email and it said there was an error. This company is a literal complete disgrace. I have had so many issues with them. They billed me for 4 girls utilities and now they are trying to get me to pay utilities again? No?? Give me back the 38 I paid you because you wrongfully charged me first. So ridiculous! Would never use this company again if I was not forced to.

power bill

Our last bill we were issued was the highest our bill has ever been! We moved out May 3, 19 and on our July bill they billed us for almost 400.00 worth of power, water and trash!!...

student apartment complex

This company is a fraud. They actually are trying to make us place a credit card on file to pay for overages on our daughter's utilities, but not tell us the amount of the bill. I...

provided wrong account information.

Over the past couple of months, Simple Bills still has an old roommate that has not lived at this location in the last 4 months, and as the wrong billing information on file that I have requested to have updated. In addition, I have requested to have the billing updated to a correct email address. I have made multiple calls and request for this information to be updated. I was charged for a late fee, and they refused to removed it, due to them having the wrong information on file. If you have any community dealing with simple bills, please LEAVE!

utility billing service

So, I ended my lease months ago and the company keeps billing me. They have ignored my girlfriends and I request to removing me from the bills. I just messaged them again to begin what will be the third round of trying to get me off. I wouldn't mind if they didn't charge a person an 8 dallor [censored]ing fee to pay just pay your bill! I live in Suzhou China currently and it's been a nightmare working with these people. If you see a place for rent and it uses Simple bills, stay away. or included that 96$ extra not including headache fees. I lived in the Quarters, near Michigan State University, on their property in Saginaw street.

the services

Never have I had to pay for a more useless service in my life. My apartment required us to sign up for simplebills and it was terrible. All they did was split the bill for you and your roommates. I think some people think it will make each person pay their bill but they say in the agreement that if they don't you still have to pay their part. My bill would be about 20% simplebills service fees every single month. They had very little clarity in your bill, they say that they estimate your bill every month and just keep the extra. I would very much like to see how much they embellished their estimates. Overall a terrible service.

simple bills

Never have I signed up for something and regretted it more. Save yourself the time and money and just use Venmo to pay your roommate (s) bills. I've been charge over 100 dollar...

Simple Bills Corporationdividing utility bill per lease

The students at Virginia Tech have no choice but to seek off campus housing and the majority of the apartments force the students to sign up for simple bills. The service for $5 per month "simply" divides the bill among the tenants whether they are utilizing the utilities or not!!
The lease my daughter signed went through July, however she moved out mid June.
The other roommates are using the utilities however we are getting charged for their usage!! How is that equitable, what benefit am I receiving for the $5 service charge. If my daughter was not forced to sign up for this idiotic service, her and her roommates would have intelligently divided the bill based on the months/days in the apartment.

Why would Virginia Tech allow this to continue!!! Why isn't the Better Business Bureau getting involved?? What benefit is this service to the customer???

unethical behavior

My son is trying to get out of the Simple Bills service as he moved out of the shared apartment. Simple Bills will not release him until the roommate sends confirmation. Not even...

Simple Bills Corporation — final billing - simplebills

SimpleBills sent a "final" invoice for utility services provided for an apartment and charged us for "estimates" for utilities for the last month of the lease. The company refused...

Simple Bills Corporationbilling and service

see all the google reviews and you will see they have a horrible reputation! call their phone number and see if they answer the phone, call and see if you can leave a voicemail-no and no. they have a vulnerable audience and they take advantage of college kids who don't have time to fight them on incorrect bills, high transaction fees, no return calls and no customer service as well as a nightmare in trying to set up the account and get it right. it is 2016 and not rocket science to make it "simple" but they make it a huge issue due to errors and incompetence. go to their website and you see a lot of males in charge yet no emails connected to them or their titles to address any issue with any human.

BMS — scam

Same story as all of the others on here. Was slightly behind on mortgage (1 month), contacted them for a loan modification because the adjustable rate was about to make payment...