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Complaints & Reviews

bad customer service

We have owned a timeshare for 22 years, and have not been able to use it for 9 years, after believing and falling for an upgrade PITCH.

We finally thought we were getting resolution, and met with two polite employees who agreed with our issues, and even reviewed all of the documentation and came up with n agreeable resolution. But in wale a TEXAN n the Berkshires, from corporate, and his attitude was bigger was nasty. He began the conversation by stating he hey wanted their money. Michael Morrell should be fired, his "customer service" attitude defies logic, his threatening to ll security on me for stating the facts, deplorable.

  • Uk
    U Know who I am Nov 17, 2009

    Michael Morrell is a morally bankrupt piece of ###. He is a spoonfed little ### who has never come to know any level of humility, because he has never been punched in his face. He is going to pull his bullying antics on the wrong person, and wind up on the wrong end of a [censor]slap in short order.


    Hey Morrell, how do you look at your family at night when you mislead and steal from people all day?? Oak N Spruce is yours to fix, or drive into the ground!!

    I know, I work for you :-)

    You ###.

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horrible scam!

My husband and I just stopped paying. They kept calling us and saying they had assistance available. Nevermind the fact that I told several of the representatives that I could afford it, I just wasn't going to throw my money away on something where the units were disgusting and there was never even availability. After 6 months of threats, they finally stopped calling. We had bad credit when we purchased, and our credit is still bad. Oh well! Maybe if everyone stopped paying them, they would go bankrupt and it could be removed from the credit. This has yet to hit our credit, but we're still waiting. These timeshares are impossible to sell. I think there is a place you can donate them, but all the money you've spent is gone. We initially got this property so that we could use the RCI that came with it to go to Maine in the summer. There was not a unit large enough to accommodate us, and at $3000.00 a year for the membership, we don't need them. My advice if you feel trapped is to let it go and stop paying, it's just a timeshare and will not be looked at as badly as a normal foreclosure. With the economy being what it is right now, it seems logical that these types of things would be the first to go. If you decide to keep yours, pack plenty of disinfectants, sheets, towels, etc and be prepared to clean your own damn unit, cause they sure as hell aren't going to do it!

  • Sf
    sfpurebred Sep 23, 2009

    These units are dumps. We stayed at the Piney shores location a month ago. There were two guys drunk with no shirts on standing at our front porch at 4 am in the morning. They asked for beer. This is the environment I want my kids in!!! We called security they did not come out to the cabin. We packed the kids up at 4 am in the morning and left. While we were packing the car we found the two guys’s peeking in the cabin right beside ours. I called the security guy again. But by the time he came out the guy's were gone. How safe are these dumps. I as found out that on 4/28/09 at this same resort there was a man shot and killed by the pool. It was even in the local paper. The cabin we stayed in was so... dirty and smelled horrible. I would not even let my kids take their shoes off inside. We are presidential members and they stuck in a crappy cabin. I am seriously thinking about not paying this and taking them to court.

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  • Kb
    KB2132 Oct 16, 2009

    I agree with all parties. The last time I went to Fox River my unit was disgusting. I'm used to taking cleaning products with me and going over the whole unit. By why should I have to do that? What are assessments for? Also, I also am tired of paying. They harass the heck out of you. Even dug thru old phone numbers and started calling my om who is sick. I told guy my home was forclosed and in process of moving, but he still thought timeshare more important!! He lied and said he hadn't been calling my Mom's house. I hate this timeshare, not worth it. I can never go on my assigned week! I think I will stop paying also, just don't want them calling my Mom or my job. I already gone thru foreclosure so don't care about my credit!! I guess no one can do identiy theft on my now!!

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terrible company

I used to work for Silverleaf Resorts.
Never have I worked in such a poisonous environment full of favoritism and greed accompanied by incompetence and cowardice.
Every complaint I have read on this site is completely validated by what I have witnessed while working for Silverleaf.
I have seen yelling matches between sales managers and owner's who wished to cancel. Even to the point where the police were called, showed up, which FINALLY led to the owner being allowed to cancel.
Guests are constantly called by Silverleaf's vast army of telemarketers even AFTER they have already arrived and registered at the resort for their "sales pitch/presentation". This is because most people for Silverleaf work on commission.
Which means the phone harassment is self-motivated. (Or the telemarketing managers don't think they're making enough calls so they'll make EVERYONE STAND UP to make their calls.)
The people who sign you up at their various kiosks are commission too.
So the lies told their are self-motivated as well.
This company does not deserve your money.
Guests are told over the phone they have an appointment. This is not true. Most are lucky to get there and wait just a few minutes, then are seen by a salesman. But show up on the weekend, then I hope you like sitting in air conditioning while watching TV for about an hour, eating stale popcorn, and funneling soda down your throat, because that is what's going to happen.
Choose to ask why it's taking so long, then you'll either get: A.) We're short on sales representatives. (Which COULD be true, but they never have enough for the weekend. Because that's when the most people show up. B.) We had a bigger turnout than excepted (Meaning it's YOUR and EVERYONE else's fault for showing up. Thus blaming you for the wait.) Or the worst lie of all C.) We're running a "SPECIAL" promotion which is why, for some reason, it is taking so long. Truth is there is no promotion. Their prices are always the same meaning whatever "deal" they cut with you with the person from the "corporate office" (Which is also bogus. Those people always work. Just call back. They'll always be there.)
They just want your money.
All the executives up and down the chain of command get a cut of the sales. Everyone of them. Only if you make money for Silverleaf (and are successful at it) do they care about you.
Don't fall for SilverScam's tricks.
Sure they mostly operate within the law. But the law isn't always on your side. It's your fault for signing a contract without reading the fine print.
Just ignore them. Ignore their calls. Ask to be placed on their "Do Not Call" list. Then sue them when they keep calling you.
Spread the word.
Down with timeshares.
Find your own vacation.

  • Fo
    Fool No More Nov 17, 2009

    I too worked for these vulchers! People are lied to just to get them to keep their appointment, driving sometimes up to 3 hours to get their, only to be told they didn't 'qualify'! $40.00 Visa or Mastercard gift were supposed to be given, 1 man drove from Chicago to Sheridan, Il. in the winter, was told just to 'keep going' to make the 'show' (appointment, even though he was running late) "your representative will be waiting for you with your gifts!" When he stated he REALLY would need the gift card for gas to be able to get back home (an 1 1/2 drive), arrived 5 minutes late, was locked out of tour, no one would even at least give the man the $40.00 gift card to get home, as any decent human being or company would do.! As far as employees getting compensated for 'shows or buys', numerous operators and confirmers would get cheated out of their bonuses because, the company would mark the record as 'NQ' (not qualified) after supposedly not showing for their appointment only to find out they were NQ'd for ATR (already toured)! Try telling the managers they owe you money for that, you won't get it! Maybe there needs to be an investigation into their business practices toward owners, former & current employees! Anyone out there still owed overtime pay since confirming was FORCED to work but, was hushed up by selecting the 1 or 2 confirmers they could count on to keep their mouth shut when the labor board came to investigate?! Bunch of crooks trying to perpetrate upstanding, honest professionals!

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do not use them

Ifyou purchased thinking you could use the "Bonus Time" think again. The resorts are over booked and when you call to reserve, there is nothing available. This is the biggest waste of our retirement funds I have ever seen. Oh and don't try to sell it - you can't. We hqave tried to use our bonus times for 2 years and have yet to get in. We had to actually rent an RV just to stay there. Over booked again!!! Who gives that back? No one. Who cares at the resort? No One!!! If you are thinking about it- DON'T DO IT!!! I will tell everyone I know not to do it.

  • Out of This World Realtor Apr 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you 100% I too have one myslef. I have tried two times to sale and no luck. If you dont want it you will have to give it back to them and lose all the money spent on it. I am still trying to sale it one last time. If no luck then I will have to give it back myself. I just wanted to make something off it, and well looks like I may not be able to. You take care

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scam and cheating

I filled out a paper at the mall for a free vegas trip and that was a couple months i recieved a call saying i had won and needed to go to irving to claim my prize..a scratch card that could win me a grand prize and even if i dont win the grand prize im supposed to get a trip, 500 dollars, or a luxwey vacation or something liket hat..also a 90 min seminar in order to recieve another gaurenteed vacation trip to orlando, vegas or a cruise..anyone know if im being scammed out of my time..i have no interest in buying a timeshare.

  • Gi
    GINNIE Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • To
    Tony's care taker May 27, 2010

    Silverleaf Resorts
    1221 River Bend Drive, Suite 120
    Dallas, Te 75247

    My wife and I are Silverleaf timeshare owners since 2006, and I regret the day I signed the note.I would like to express how Silverleaf has managed to basically strip my family of thousands of dollars. I have to admit that it was partly my fault for letting this people "suck me in" into buying one of their properties. I should've taken the time to think things thru, but that's just it, once you're in the closing booth, you don't have a chance against their very well put together sales pitch that they use to confuse even the smartest buyer.At first I was really reluctant to sign, but i was reassured by smiling faces and sound explanations that there was nothing to worry about. I thought I asked all the right questions [or so I thought]. So, It all started when we received a letter in the mail saying

    that we won won a free vacation of 1 of three presents including a brand new car. They say all you need to do is come for a free 1.5 hour presentation on their resort. They also promise a $40 gas card from Spirit Incentives. These guys are a total scam. The presentation is a high pressure sales job preying on what appeared to be uninformed and unprepared families. Our sales rep was so eager to close the deal that he offered to drive back with us ( a 2 hour drive) just to pick up a check for our down payment. Feeling pressured by this "army" of sales people that kept coming to the desk, we finally cave in. Just 24 hours after we signed the documents we drove back to the office, and asked to talk to the sales rep that sold us the package, after waiting for 3 hours this person finally showed up. After we told him that we wanted to cancel the whole thing, he told us that that wasn't an option, and the only thing we could do for us was to downgrade the initial package he had offer us, so of course we accepted ( $200 for 7 years, how stupid was I ).

    We bought the "deluxe package" with access to over 13 diffetent resorts, but everytime single time we wanted to use the resorts, everything was taken. Its been almost three years and I was only able to use the resort three times, both times for only a couple of nights. On top of my $ 200 a month I had to pay an extra $ 50 / night to stay there, a small detail that wasn't disclose at the time we signed the contract. Not to mention, that the resort where we stay in Galveston, TX was dirty, the customer service people extremely rude, the room was dirty, the bath tub nasty, there was hair all over the bathroom sink and bath tub.

    Their customer service people are plain rude and sometimes they get belligerent on the phone when they we try to get some explanations regarding our membership, and we always get the same answer.. " read your contract".

    In order to use some of the amenities inside the resorts we are asked to pay extra. another thing they forgot to mention during the sales presentation.

    To recap, we got so fed up with this company, their poor and rude customer service, their lies, etc, that we decided to pay them off. We called twice to let them know that we were planning to pay off the account and we need it to know the exact pay off amount, instead of just giving me the pay off amount they transfered me to another sales rep. who tried to sell me an upgrade instead of paying them off. After i said no, they simply hung up. I specifically told them not to take any more money from my account as I was planning to pay them off. They told me "no problem". But, right after the check for $ 6400.00 cleared to took the monthly membership of $ 200 from my account, which I had to close afraid that they would try to take more money out. I was right, and they cost me an extra $ 70 in NSF charges. It took me 2 weeks and several phone calls to get my money back. Just today i got a call from the billing department saying that i still owed them $ 77 to pay off the account, this is 2 weeks later after I received a letter from them telling me that the account was paid off and the lien released. They tried telling me that that letter was mailed by mistake and that if i wanted the lien released i had to pay the remaining balance. So, after 45 minutes on the phone with them they finally agreed to credit my account the $ 77

    I just want to warn other people about Silverleaf resorts, and to do their "homework" before they rush into buying any properties from this company. I recently researched this company and across thousands of complaints.There are hundreds of complaints posted on the BBB website alone, and lots more all over the internet. Let this be a warning to everybody not to buy from this company, unless of course you don't mind throwing your money

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scam — incorrect info, poor customer service

We purchased a timeshare in 2002 -- we bought the lies hook line and sinker. They told us that we would be able to trade it for anything and that if we couldn't they would help us. NEVER. We can't even get a person on the phone. I have called so many times they are usually incredibly rude, telling me in a nut shell too bad for me. I have tried to give up the time share and they have told me that it would ruin my credit because they will not take them back. When we purchased it the salesman told us that we could always sell it back for pretty much the current price. They said no. We must have misunderstood him. I have had problems with my billing and they will send me to voice mail and never pick up the phone.
Everytime I call to correct a problem they tell me it's a different department. I get sent all over the place until I finally after (last time and hour!) hang up the phone and give up. I am actually physically ill from this place. I want to find a way to render the situation but everything is thousands of dollars! How can a person be locked into something that is causing hardship and bad credit. It's not even a real piece of property.

timeshare ripoff

I was lied to and the timeshare I bought was misrepresented. I purchased a red week during the summer (I thought) because that is when I am off work only to find out much later it is for week 42 in october. This was never brought to my attention during the presentation. My first payment is due in September and despite several calls to Silverleaf, there has been no reponse to my complaint.<br />
When I went in for the orientation two week later, I was told that the unit I purchased had very little or no exchange value since the area was not well known and I was stuck with the week I can't use. I was offered a much "better" deal which I foolishly signed. I have since cancelled the upgrade but I am now stuck with the original contract. I will spread the word "buyers beware " of silverleaf deceptive practices.

  • Th
    Theresa Cowart Jul 07, 2011

    I too feel like they sell you a package that is worthless... we have a timeshare with bonustime-- but you have to call 14 days in advance and I have NEVER gotten the time or place that I wanted -- NEVER-- I am thinking about sending my complaint to the Better Business Bureau

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  • Th
    Theresa Cowart Jul 07, 2011

    agree they are a total Rip=off

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rude management

we visited Piney Shores today which is a part of the Silver Leaf Resorts. It was beginning to be a nice day, we have never gone to one of these things before, usually because the gift thing also seems to good to be true, but we decided to go anyway. When we told our salesperson we were not ready to make a decision on purchasing today, of course she calls in the manager. He was very nice at first. Then we explained we have two kids starting college next week and really needed to look at our finances better he became so rude I thought he was Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. My husband explained to him that we never buy the first thing we see, and he says that he is a procastenator and will never buy anything. I felt as though he were attacking my husband. He had offered us to pay off the balance of someone elses condo which would only be 8000 instead of 15500. He stated they were moving up to one of the executive condos and we could just pay their's off. The sad thing is, I was almost ready to buy that one, until he attacked my husband. I tried calling to see just what type of trip we were getting, we chose the Las Vegas one. The recording said they were only opened Monday through Friday. How odd for a place that schedules trips to be closed on the weekend. I can only imagine what type of facility this will be at and heaven only knows what type of airline they will put us on. I think it was just a waste of 2 1/2 hours that was supposed to have been 90 minutes.

the villages


lack of leadership/customer service/mold

We recently visit the SilverLeaf Resort in Conroe for an owners meeting and we were not treated as owners but as intruders. The customer service is non-existent among their employees. We were yelled at and treated rudely by greeting staff. We spoke with the manager about it, but did not get a good feeling about it.
We later spoke with a salesrep and told her about the mold in the rooms, the old furniture, the stained carpets, and greasy coffee makers. They tried to sell us an upgrade but we denied. The manager from the "Corporate Office" came in to offer us a "better deal" but we denied the offer. We told him about the sub-par conditions and non-existent customer service skills but he was unphased. He asked us if we could make the money offer better, would we buy. We told him that this company lacked leadership and business integrity. We were ashamed to be called owners and until the company made significant changes we would not put any more money into this organization. The Corporate person was unphased and continued to offer us a "better deal". This proves that SilverLeaf is not concerned about its owners just the money it can get.

  • Ji
    Jim in Texas May 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you need help canceling your Silverleaf timeshare contract even if you are past the rescission period, please email me:

    [email protected]

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  • Fr
    Frank Kenisky Aug 13, 2009

    You said it. They are not interested in anything but getting your money. After they have that they don't care about anything.

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  • Ji
    Jim in Texas Jan 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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  • Sh
    sharon Mcbeath Dec 07, 2011

    you dont know how many times we have felt this way infact the meeting they tell you only last 90 minutes if you just agree and sign. Otherwise you spend a grueling 4 to 6 hours with them telling them no and the same complaints you have had if they cant handle it now WHY UPGRADE excuse me is that not the same thing we bought before we upgraded now visitors are treated better than owners. When you are at the activity center or at the free pool indoor water passes handed out ask them are you owners their reply is usually no Visitors from RCI which once I was also and was treated great till we bought. Now we pay more to silverleaf than we did at RCI and get less satisfaction and have to try to meet their dates not ours. Which is frustrating they seem to be controling our vacations our times and our money. I say if you want to do timeshare stick with RCI!!! Well worth not having to deal with the sells of timeshare mainly silverleaf and I also have had trouble with Wyndham which told me my family was not worth the cost of timeshare I exploded!

    sharon McBeath Midland Texas

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we own the deed

My husband gave Silverleaf Resorts a check for $15, 000 to buy the deed for the ownership rights outright, rather than pay monthly payments. Now granted, we have not paid the maintenance fees the past few months, which technically should only prohibit us from using the property and services. Now, we have received a certified letter in the mail in which Silverleaf Resorts is telling us that they will sell our timeshare in an auction on the steps of a courthouse in some other state (Missouri, we live in Texas) on a certain date in order to collect payment for the maintenance fees, which only amount to $1100. This is BOGUS. We own the deed. It's in my husband's name, and we have the physical copy of it. Someone please tell me they don't have a legal leg to stand on, and that they can't do this! This is an asset we own, that we have been saving aside for a future time, and now they are simply going to sell it off, and all that money is just going to go up in smoke!

  • Ch
    cheri May 15, 2009

    If you fail to pay the maintenance fees the resrot can proceed with forclosing on the deed/property.A bulk of timeshares for sales these days were acquired by the management through non-payment of the maintenance fees. You have to pay it or you will eventually loose the timeshare.

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  • Ky
    Kyrish confused and pissed Mar 05, 2010

    I'm sorry but I think they would be able to take it and that is a shame because like you we too own in Missouri however we stopped paying due to the harassment of the company and non compliance of their staff! Good luck and God Bless!

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  • Id
    idiosyncratic Mar 22, 2010

    Deeds are seperate from Maintenence fees. MFs are required yearly with any timeshare, However, b/c their fees are higher than most in the industry, Silverleaf breaks up their yearly fees for owners to make easy payments rather than a yearly lump sum.
    Good for you for paying off your mortgage payments, but I think you were misinformed when you purchased. Maybe they didn't explain how MFs work?
    I'd pay the MFs so I don't lose use of it. Good luck.

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  • Ef
    EFran Jul 02, 2012

    MF fees are no different than owning a home in a coummunity that has maintenance fees for your home...if you don't pay them, after a period of time, they will possess your, you pay, or lose your investment. It's a rat race, but that is the way our country is run!

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bait and switch practice

Seriously, don't buy from these people!!! I have been a member since July 2008 and it was the worst mistake of my life so far.They showed me the resort in Illinois and sold me a timeshare in Missouri..classic bait and switch!!! I have since filed a complaint with the attorney generals office and am waiting to see what the next step is. I will not allow them to take anymore of my hard earned money!!!They will tell you anything to get you to close the deal! Lie and say they will help you sell it or say that it's deeded real estate so it will go up in value. I didn't know that there were annual association fees until we started signing the contract. The manager was taking so fast about what the timeshare entailed that I was so confused by the end of the pitch and had to have him explain it again. On top of that, within a few days after we signed on the dotted line the guest services reps started calling 2-4 times a day to get a contact list from us or to get us to come to new members orientation!!! It was a major turnoff. Not only were they calling me but they would harass my fiance too. You'd think we owed them money or something! We have been paying every month for our membership almost $200 plus the $675 down payment to start it and haven't been back since, and didn't even use the free trip and gas that lured us in there. All the complaints about the sales people being pushy is soo true, maybe even understated!!! These people are relentless. They "fear of loss" you over the head!! And if the sales rep doesn't get you then they send out the managers for the really hard sell. I ask myself how can they sleep at night knowing that they are liars and cheats? They prey on the naive and unsuspecting. They will smile in your face and make the place seem so warm and inviting, but once the paperwork is signed you never hear from the original person you dealt with again not even to see how things are going. Timeshares are such a rip!! You pay all this money to use the thing once a year and you don't even get to choose when. Please learn from my mistake and run far far away from these people.

phone calls and misleadings

Company will call you after they've received your payment and the payment has been processed through your bank account and tell you they haven't received it and you are late. Company representatives will tell you they don't care if they oversold their properties and you can't use your bonus time when you need to. They will get hostile and tell you that you signed the contract and you are obligated to pay. Buyer beware!!!

  • Co
    colin johnson Apr 15, 2009


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  • Co
    colin johnson Apr 15, 2009


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scam - don't waste your time!!!

This place is horrible!!! We got suckered in to going because of the "Free Cruise" they offered. Of course we only went so we could get the cruise (which is a total joke, but I will get to that later). It was supposed to be an "easy 90 minute presentation", no obligation to buy. YEAH RIGHT! We were there for 3.5 hours. After the first guy couldnt sell us the time share he brought in another "manager" to sweeten the deal. She offered a much better deal than the first guy, but we still wouldnt break down and say yes. She decided to, what we thought was give up and let us be on our way, and told us that another guy was coming over to "just do a quick survey on the guy that gave us the tour". Well that guy came over and once again tried to offer us a deal to buy and we again refused. He then proceeded to try to make us feel like we were complete idiots for not taking the deal and he even said that us not buying the timeshare is teaching our daughter (she is only 12 months old) that family vacations are not important! As he walked us out, he decided it was necessary to tell us that he didnt like our stroller and that he was upset that we didnt take his deal. He never said thank you, or even bye. Just wanted us to get the hell out! And he aparently could care less about our opinion because he never even asked us how our sales guy was.
When we went to get our "free vacation" they called in 2 families at a time (into one office) and went over the vacations so fast you couldnt even understand what she said. One part I did hear was the other couple that was in there with us asked about the $100 fee that we had to pay and she told us that was to cover the taxes, fees ect and that was all we had to pay. Well that was a bunch of crap! For the cruise, you not only have to pay the $100, which is a reservation fee, but you also pay $179 per person for fees. So for a cruise for 2 that is already $458 that you are paying out of your pocket! So much for the "free vacation"! We were also told that we won another 5 day 4 night hotel stay at either Aruba, Jamaica, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, sounds great, right...not even close! Dates are never available, people dont call you back and the experience is all around horrible.
I feel for anyone that is sucked into this black hole of lies! I cant believe these people are still in business. My advice to anyone that is reading this and thinking about going for the "free vacations", dont bother!!! Its a waste of a good day and totally not worth it!!!

  • Jo
    jon doe Mar 27, 2009

    my name, jon doe. i was called about the same thing, that i had won some grand prize! and that i needed to claim it as soon as possiable. of course i asked questions, like how did i win and is this real???????????? they told me some bull ### lie that if it werent real i could write about it. well i am. the only thing about my situation is I DIDNT GO!!! thank god!!! something told me that it sounded to good to be true. when i was looking for directions to go, i just happen to be in some website saying a its a SCAM. so i started to read about it. now the bad thing about this is that i only had a hour to get there and belive me i was trying to get there, for the simple fact that they told me that i could not cancel my appiontment. but i keeped reading every ones complaints. i was n shock after i read every one complaing i said oh HELL NO!!! my mom is so glad we read about it, cause if we wouldnt have we would have been in the same situation as others. so i feel for the peploe that dont have a computer...

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  • Hd
    hdantman Dec 24, 2009

    Yup--same story as above. Blows my mind that places and people like this exist. Trying to make money off of lies, and wasting people's time. I'll be a happy man when I pass by their store and see it closed.

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pushy silverleaf sales staff

We bought 2 Silverleaf red weeks through another source. When sales finds out our weeks are paid off in full but that we didn't buy from them they don't like it. They realize they have to allow us the full equity of both properties and it *** them off, even though we are not planning on buying additional time.

Last two sales pitches were a month apart. When we turned them down again -hey, they were giving us $150 so we went! - they were very rude.

We have never had problems with scheduling. They even worked with us when we were unable to go for our week at the last minute due to an emergency by banking our week for another time without charging a reschedule fee.

We are going this weekend to use some of our days and will see how we are treated now after the last and final- as far as we are concerned - sales meeting. After reading the complaints here, I'm hoping we don't get the shaft as others have!

  • Qu
    Queenbee62467 Aug 21, 2009

    I am a new owner, and read in another thread that I also have to pay 50 a night on top of that?? Is that right ???


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  • Ky
    Kyrish confused and pissed Mar 05, 2010

    Good luck they are very rude and very pushy as for going back, not in a million! My son and I both fell, and were treated like we had the plague! They did not know what to do nor did they help. They never called to see later if we were okay, or even offered for us to go see the Dr. my son is still hurt on his leg and I to am hurt in my back! Do you think that they give a DA**! So good luck and have fun on their dime!

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they are worse than the goverment

Oh were we stupid! We bought last spring and want to get rid of our time share and the phone calls. they are just plain pushy, they wont take no for an answer, and these 1 hr meetings are a crock, the last one we had to walk out at the 3 hr mark. Thought the wife was gana smack the guy...wish she would have. Anyhow if anyone knows a way out please do tell. We as a group need to get this company to give a little, and offer a buy back of the properties from unhappy clients like myself and many others out there like me.

  • St
    straightshooter May 31, 2009

    i went to this meeting.

    it was horrible.

    they said someone was coming just to meet me at the appointment time but i sat on my toosh for 70 minutes before they gave me my promotional items without a tour. this was after complaining ALOT!!!

    they called security on me since i wasn't happy with my experience. funny how the security looks just like a sherrif but isn't a police agency.

    these types of operations should be shut down. i don't know why the government allows them to exist. do they need real estate licensure to sell this crap?

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  • Ri
    rimac1000 Sep 16, 2009

    If you find a way to get them to buy us out, let me know. I am totally not happy. I've never been able to get any bonus time - always on stand by. Anything I have gotton it's been from being on stand-by (even with my traded week). What's the use of owning a week or bonus time if you can never use it! Rip off!

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don't trust them!

If you go and sit through the 90mins and view the property you will see it is not well maintain the cabin that we were shown were dirty and smelled old and mouldy that should be a clue not to buy a real bad place and spirit incentives is a joke. you need to write the dates you want to travel first then when you get the dates they try to tell you to pay more and update the package if you take the non update you are put in a low rate hotel that is not very nice for a animal to stay someone needs to report silverleaf and stop them from this.

  • Fr
    Frank Kenisky Aug 13, 2009

    My wife and I own two weeks of Silverleaf rip offs.

    We initially got in at the low level when they took up on a tour and showed us the two room lock out at hill country. It was inexpensive enough and we thought it would be worth it for the bonus time. We used our first bonus time about 3 months later and were put in a small cabin that was old and falling apart. When we asked the front desk what was going on because we thought we bought the lockout they said no we bought the cabin.

    So we up graded to the lock out.

    The next few times we used the place it was ok. We did have a difficult time getting in. My wife would call 14 days in advance only to find out all the rooms were filled. Time and again 14 days in advance all the rooms were filled. So we could barely use our time.

    So we upgraded to the diamond presidential the biggest room on their property. I was told I would be put on their priority list and would have first choice. The three or four times I tried to use it I was given the lock out. When I asked why they said the rooms had been traded.

    So I went over to the building with the Presidentials and noticed 90% of the rooms were vacant. What's up with that? The explanation was that these rooms had been traded to RCI or another timeshare pool and could not be used.

    What? I paid for something I can't use? The explanation was bogus and nothing but lies.

    I'm ready to sell this timeshare and get out from underneath it's money grubbing annual fees. They don't provide what they say.

    I was asked to go to a meeting in Hill Country for a $150 debit card. I went then the sales lady told us they have the 'platinum' upgrade. I told her to stuff it where the sun didn't shine and to give me my $150 dollars and I'll be on my way. I told her if she couldn't guarantee that I could use the property I had purchased during my bonus time that I didn't want to have anything to do with these liers.

    She told me, if I didn't sit through the entire meeting they couldn't give me the money. I told her there was nothing in their ruse to get me up there that stated that. She refused. I called the HQ and told them I want my money and to never again bother me with these meetings unless they could guarantee I could use the room I bought during a bonus time just once. They gave me the same bs.

    Silverleaf is a rip off. You really won't use the property enough to really enjoy it. Most of their properties are so far off the beaten path you can enjoy the out doors but it's not someplace to use if you intend to travel around and visit any metropolitian areas without having to trek 30 to 60 miles out of the way.

    It's a great idea but the management at sliverleaf needs to change their attitude. I'm putting my week at hill country up for sale. I have a week at Brandson which I can still use my bonus time at hill country anyway.

    They don't call me any more with their bogus updates and they have taken the last penny from me. If I have problems with Branson I'm selling that one.

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a scam and waste of money

I have been reading numerous complaints about Silverleaf Resorts and 'yes' I was one of their victims about 15 years ago. I purchased a biannual - odd - and have only got to use the resort about 4 times. I have finally paid the balance off but continue to pay monthly maintenance fees (even on the even years when I can't use it) and they continue to raise the price. I have contacted numerous timeshare sellers and most of them will not even think about listing it until you pay at least $500.00 for advertisement. I think they know it won't sell. I get calls monthly for a free weekend for them to try and entice me into upgrading but believe me I will not fall for that scam again. I can't stop paying the maintenance fees because it will reflect on my credit report. Please, beware of the scam.

  • Bu
    buyer beware!!!!! Feb 12, 2009

    Silverleaf provides misleading information. As an owner, I have been trying to correct a number of membership errors that have cost me thousands of dollars. They continue to "upgrade" our account in the efforts to provide the ultimate vacation package but in the end the only thing they accomplish is increasing dues and a higher interest rate for the upgrade.
    If you are an owner, do not fall into the trap of upgrading your ownership on a promise that you will be locked in to an exclusive VIP status. All you will end up doing is increasing the term of the loan with a higher interest rate and you will still end up fight for a room just like the rest of us. If you notice all of the improvements they have made are on the surface. They still have alot of lodges and older unites on site, yet they continue to build elaborate member service offices while the club houses are falling apart. Why do you thing that is?
    The best advise I can give you is do not believe anything you hear at member service or the sales dept. It is all a scam. They tell you what you want to hear just to get your signature. I am speaking from experience, do not believe what they say.

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  • Mi
    mikelle May 16, 2009

    In addition to the annual dues, which i paid at the beginning of the year, I recently recieved 2 invoices 2 days apart for a "special Assessment.' No explanation as to what the "special assessment" for.

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  • Mi
    mikelle May 16, 2009

    Silverleaf Resorts is scamming money out of members. Of course I regret purchasing a timeshare. The company have begun sending me 2 bills in as many days for "special assessment." I pay my annual dues at the beginning of the year in one payment. This company sent me 2 separate bills 2 days apart with no explanation as to what the special assessment was for. Of course I reported this to the FTC. After I've repeatedly told them not to call me with their marketing call, they still insist on doing so. I think others who experience this sort of scam should report it to the FTC or the state attorney general's office

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silverleaf resorts/ d&m marketing

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waste of time / misleading

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