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N Aug 04, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madam,

First I wanna tell You that I am using Shutterstock for years. I was always choosing it when I was working for other publishing houses. I always get the right support from Your staff and I was really satisfied. But I had to tell You that Your customer service did a very poor job in my case recently.

Last year I started my own company, so in the beginning, it's normal that I couldn't choose some more expensive options. So, I choose most popular option, but obviously, I didn't understand all terms. Never mind. My mistake.

I contact Your customer service on August 2nd and ask them if they can turn off auto-renewal, and they explained to me that they can't because of the terms. Since I don't have so much need for such a large number of photos at this moment, we were discussing some other options, and we found it finally - I decided to pay a cancellation fee and choose a cheaper plan with only 10 photos a month.

But the last answer of Your customer service was (quote) - "Your plan is now canceled and you will still have 30 more days to download 50 images on the account and after the next month, you can change to a different plan. The new month will start in 13 hours. "

I have to say that I was disappointed cause Your staff knew that my first goal was to cancel the old option, and still they expanded the discussion on 2 days - instead of telling me that the time of auto-renewal is coming and I should quickly choose other option. This way, my credit card is charged twice: for auto-renewal of the old plan (which I don't need) and for cancelation. If I knew that I am already charged by the old plan, least I could do is to make cancellation in 20 days, so my credit card is not charged at the same month twice. And when I asked on which mail I can send complain, they didn't even answer.

I was really sad cause You customer service didn't act like they care for the customer, and the person who was handling me wasn't eager to help me and maximally protect my interest. With expanded discussion they let me enter in new period (for auto-renewal by the old plan) and they could of warn me so I just pay for cancellation fee and immediately start with the new plan.

My ID is [protected]

Best regards,
Ninna Lara Vidaković
Zagreb, Croatia

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