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Shopee review: Shopee food and customer service

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Sender call me say cancel order because he don't want take this order.. I try call shopee food.. Tel system say can't have call to do cancel.. I call sender say I duno how to cancel.. I ask him do cancel him own.. He told me ok will try again.. After 1 hours my family already finished dinner, suddently he continue go to take food without inform me, I call him say why he say cancel order I already take my dinner now sent again I told him I dont want that food again, he say today is his last day, he will sent it and don't care what I told him, when reach also didnt inform me. My family dont take overnight food, I complaint to your customer service. Ask sender take back the food ask him pay his own.. Customer service say I can request refund will help to get back my refund.. But after 2 hours shopee reject my refund say cant contact sender, system also not allow to submit refund again.. This is very unfair to me? This is your sender problem why your shopee want me resopensive my self? I dont like the person froced me to cover other person do wrong... Why your customer service promiss me and reject again.. Sender is your staff why he give bad service and your still want protect him?