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Mar 24, 2021

Shopee - Delivery service: RUDE RIDER

Happened march 24, 2021, i used my office add for my shipping details. It was also indicated there that the parcel will be delivered office hours, technically when we say office hours, it has to do with work and that we are in a working mode. The rider is so impatient that he even threaten me that he will leave and bring the parcel with him, the rider did not anticipate that we have work that we cant answer our phone right away, that we need to walk from the compound to the gate to pick up the delivery, and to prep the exact money for the payment. Hello! And with the threat of covid 19 we are very strict on following the health protocols in our workplace that we need to be disinfected when we get in and out. I even replied to him that im coming out, despite of which he kept on texting that he'll leave . Tracking no. SPEPH017239481763, i have no against with the seller. The seller is very kind. Just with the rider. Very rude manner. Impatient. Rider's contact no [protected], i demand a disciplinary action against the rider.

Desired outcome: Disciplinary action against the rider.

Shopee - "super powerful burning laser 5 miles renge

Recieved the unit but no battery included
I complain already to shoppee but they said its really without battery
My question how to use my ordered item if no battery at all
The battery is not ordenary battery if they only supply with battery bracket or battery holder for normal battery so I can use the unit
But they supply nothing


Shopee - Entrego

Hindi po nila dinilever ang parcel ko dumating na po nag parcel ko sa hub nila please po take action on this baka po ma black list ako sa shoppe i have 5 parcel.

Mar 12, 2021

Shopee - LG Refrigerator

I placed an order for an LG Refrigerator. I did not see the specs so I chat the seller. The seller had a default reply which sked me to contact them via viber. I did. They then instructed me to pay via GCash to an account and reference number. He told me to pay via GCash and send him proof of payment. Once paid, I am no longer able to reach him and my Shopee status remains unpaid. I contacted Shopee agent via chat and she order # is invalid. How can that be? I placed my order thru Shope!?! Shopee must be responsible for hosting fake sellers. Please reply to me with urgency. I paid P5, 000 via GCash for an invalid order.

Desired outcome: Have my P5000 returned

Mar 12, 2021

Shopee - Wrong change amount

I hope to get my change of 100pesos since the money is my mom's and its my tito that received and gave the money so when i came out the rider was already off. When we checked the change it was 100 pesos short so my mom thinks that i pocketed the money I have no information about the rider so i cannot contact him and there is no information from shopee about the rider

Desired outcome: To get my 100 change back if possible

Shopee - Shimano crank set sold by icebikeheaven

I bought this item late one evening & cancelled the following morning. The seller rejected my cancellation an hour later & shipped 2 days later, all without informing me. I was very surprised to receive the package more than 2 weeks later! MIT even sure it is genuine Shimano stuff, as it was not in the original packaging! I cancelled before the seller arranged anything & he rejected me! In addition, he blocked all "chats" from me the following day. I complained to Shopee Malaysia, but they have done absolutely nothing except to chat with the seller, which is impossible since he has blocked me. I want a refund & will return the product! I believe the seller to be very dishonest!

Desired outcome: Refund

Shopee - 3 month delivery of product

I placed my order on Feb. 8. Expected date of delivery was on Feb. 22 which after 3 weeks was still acceptable. Delivery address was good until end of Feb. or the most until first week of March. However, item was only moved on Feb. 28.

By March 1, I already filed a refund as the item has not arrived yet. The indicated delivery address is no longer applicable as we are no longer located in the building. Due to the 2 week delay from original date of delivery, I have asked that building admin still accept my order, however, another month's delay is unacceptable. Shopee does not protect buyers and their payments from items undelivered on time. They are now saying that delivery is on april 28 which is 3 months after order is placed. Where is the protection of consumers here?!

Desired outcome: Refund or Deliver to acceptable location

Feb 28, 2021

Shopee - Delivery service

Parcel was shipped immediately, but the problem was with the courier Shopee Express. My parcel arrived at the LC delivery hub at 13:47 on Feb. 26, but it was delivered at 11:05 on Mar. 1. Moreover, the one who delivered the parcel had a rude tone of speaking and was being impatient as well since they couldn't find the address, and made the buyer go to where they are, calling twice just to tell the buyer to speed up. It would have been understandable if it weren't for the unapproachable attitude.

Feb 26, 2021

Shopee - Solar oil filled radiator OR18-11A

Company advertised for sale 2500w solar oil filled radiator or18-11a.
10 items in stock.
Confirmed my order and I paid by bank transfer.
When item did not arrive on 24 february I queried the order with company.
Company have since cancelled my order and apparently initiated a refund.
Reason given by company for order cancellation as "item out of stock!"
Radiator is no longer being advertised by this company for sale. Which is strange given they had 10 items in stock when I placed my order.
I am still waiting for a refund.

Desired outcome: Full refund


Shopee - Shopee pay

Flush shopee pay to bank account take a month to complate. My case is still pending. Please check case - [protected]
Or ref:_00d6f1oo9b._5006f2sbo7l:ref

Shopee - Fake Micro SD card

I ordered and paid the following from Shopee:
ORIGINAL Samsung Evo Plus 100MB/s U3 4K Class10 Micro SD 256GB

It was priced 235 pesos plus 70 pesos for shipping. Seller was

It turned out counterfeit. I knew this through a number of USB testers. Through ChipGenius, for instance, the SD card's manufacturer cannot be seen. If it was genuine, Samsung would have been indicated as it is on its physical casing. Its real storage capacity also could not be identified. After 2 to 3 times of reformatting, it no longer worked.

I chatted with Shopee about this, but they could not do anything because I already paid (COD). Shopee suggested I contact the seller, which I did, but to no avail because the seller did not understand the procedure.

I told Shopee, that they have to have a mechanism in place to check on sellers who sell counterfeit or knock offs. I do not know if my voice was heard. I am sure many other customers had been victims of sellers like who were allowed by Shopee to sell fake products. Shopee and the Department of Trade must put in place a mechanism to spot fake products going through the selling pipeline. I mean, how difficult can it be to suspect a 2 terabyte USB sold at about 300 pesos. The bottomline is having a monitoring system for both Shopee and DTI. Then a warning to the sellers.

Desired outcome: Shopee and the Department of Trade must put in place a mechanism to spot fake products going through the selling pipeline.

Shopee - Checkout Failed (F01) Concerns

I have been wanting to check out some products but a checkout failed message indicating that my checkout has been rejected due to unusual activities in my account.

I wonder how I can fix this considering that I'm not even aware on what unusual activities I have been doing since I was only inactive for a while but did nothing out of the ordinary when I came back and before I became inactive.

It would be of great help if it will be fixed as soon as possible so I can make my purchases.

Shopee - Delivery Team and Customer service

It tooks more than 10 days to send tge parcel from Selangor to KL. I had filed return and refund but system cancelled and I had to file for the second time. I even contacted the live chat agent but tgey asked me to wait for it and suddenly the parcel mentioned it was delivered since I had not receive it. At last I had to go to the storage hub to check and the manager in charge told me it was their internal problem and the parcel is still at the storage hub. Why I can check the issue and yours delivery team and customer service didn't help me? What is the purpose for me to pay for the rm60++ delivery charges and yet I had to go to the hub to check and carried by myself?

Yours dispute agent need me to respond within 2 days but they even didn't respond to my request in prompt action and threatened me to reply within 2 days to avoid the cancellation of return?

Feb 08, 2021

Shopee - Where is whereabout for my buyer stuff?

7/1/2021, I post items to my shopee buyer. Today already 9/2/2021, and she havent receive her thing. Where is the parcel? Why the parcel is stuck at warehouse for almost one month?! It is very irresponsible for your management. Because the refund I have to pay because of your j&t service. You as a courier service should ensure your customer door step. I called your management at sarawak so many times but no answer. I really hope you reply as fast as possible for the whereabout of the parcel. I am sending the prove of shopee tracking. Thank you. Reply at my email.

Feb 03, 2021

Shopee - J&T staff

Come to pick up the item, 2 days in a row but the staff in charge keep told that the item didn't unpack from the sacks yet and told me that tomorrow I can't pick up my parcel or they can send to me. So the second day, there is no update parcel out for delivery. So, I decided to pick up it myself and the reason on the second day was too many parcels to find mine. That staff also said will send the parcel today but already 9:00 pm and I didn't receive my parcel as told. I come to your hub to take the parcel myself but your staff did this to me. I am very disappointed!

Desired outcome: Find the solution to arrange the parcels well. Also, train your staff to be more responsible.


Shopee - about a driver residing at congress village name Vhinzze Balajadiah

kindly check this persons profile if he is really 1 of your courier team, because he is using shoppe express as he is driver courier using a suzuki 150cc yellow color but dont have any tag or logo even id and uniform of shoppe express but he still accepting and deliver parcel as 1 of your own...
VHINZZE BALAJADIAH currently living in blk10 lot11 miape apartment rd.29 congress vill. bagumbong caloocan city...
i am concern about those loyal customers of shopee express to become 1 of those victim ...more 1week now since he started doing this...

Desired outcome: jailed


Shopee - Unprofessional Customer Service

Your agents are messing up my account. So much for data privacy, some of your agents can search and check my account and make a mess with it. I know because it's obvious on the series of issues on my account. While I know my spouse, nephew, and niece's account has no issue. So it's obvious one of your agents has a grudge on me. I hope that you pay attention to this and make your business elsewhere.
I'm your big spender customer, looking at my purchase history.
And on average, I spent 200 USD on Shopee. Last month I spent 1k USD on Shopee.
If this continues, I'll do my business elsewhere.
I'm giving you 1 week to resolve this. And if not resolve, say goodbye.

Desired outcome: Escalating your agents.

Jan 14, 2021

Shopee - Late delivery

The parcel is at delivery hub for days. I don't know what happens there. I hope my parcel is not missing. It was already in Shah Alam but then it goes to Batu Caves. The adress is in Shah Alam. I just don't understand.

Desired outcome: Please deliver it. Thank you.

Shopee - iphone 7+ cellphone

Actually, I ordered an iPhone 7+ worth 15, 000 but when it came to my home by courier I opened the box and there was no mobile in that box. The box was empty and I have proof of that as I made a video while unboxing the box.
And the seller told he had put the mobile in the box and then delivered it

I show the proof to seller and Shopee then also Shopee is saying that they will not give my money back.
Please help me in getting my money back as I am a student and I gathered that money from my savings to gift my mother.
I really need that money back as due to this pandemic my father lost his job and now there is no source of income.
Please help me out. I went to the police station and filed a complaint against Shopee but no response. You are my last hope. Please save me 🥺🥺🙏🙏.

Desired outcome: Money refund

Shopee - Delivery Service

Placed order Dec. 28, app said I will receive my order the latest would be Jan.6 (9days from day I ordered). The movement was so slow from their Paranaque delivery hub to QC Hub... But just to cut the story short. The day came, Jan. 6, guess what? No order came. Chatted with customer service and was promised that I will get my parcel the next day and that they will expedite it since its past delivery date. But then again, no parcel came. I contacted shopee several times 5x via chat at 4x via phone but they all promised the same thing... they will expedite. Did they for real? 14days from date of order and 5 days from delivery date? Still no movement... How frustrating. They dont value customers, they dont value your business. Shopee express is the worst delivery service provider ever. Until now am waiting for the delivery or are they waiting for me to just cancel? Will I receive the product in good condition.. That is also a big question. If we cant trust them with their time commitment, say what with them handling your parcels. Greatly unhappy with their service.

Desired outcome: To receive my order in GOOD CONDITION asap like TOMORROW..

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