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B Jul 12, 2019

I have been a loyal Shaws/Star Market customer for over 30 years as was my mother before me. Even when Big Y opened almost directly across the street in Franklin, MA I chose to stay with Shaws. I understand this particular store is undergoing renovations at this time but I don't understand why the meats and produce have declined during this changeover. I needed Hamburg and lettuce for a gathering on Friday so I went to Shaws on Thursday early afternoon. The 4 packages of Hamburg on the counter that were 80% lean had meat that was actually gray in color, yet the sell by date was the next day. Since I would not buy it I went to get a package of Romaine lettuce for salad. There were 3 packages on the counter and all had wilted, brown lettuce. I even asked the young produce clerk if he had anymore as this was disgusting and he said no, but he did apologize and take all 3 off the counter. I won't pay $6.99 a pound for Hamburg and I don't want to pay double for "organic" lettuce so I left with nothing and was totally turned off. I will not go back for a long time as I have many other options in my local area...including Market Basket. You have consistently pulled favorite brands off your shelves and your quality has declined..not just since the renovations began either...long before. Maybe since you became an Albertson's store..not sure and don't really care. Very disappointed. I have been through cutting coupons out of flyers, to a Shaws card on my keychain, and now to the app on my phonetic get foolish sale prices that everyone should get. Whatever...see ya later Shaws☹️☹️

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