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Hello Sharaf DG,

I received my order today about 3pm which was quite a good turn around for online orders from Sharaf DG.

Unfortunately, I only got to check the order about 23.20pm to see what was in the bundle offer I received. Upon checking the packaging, I was able to see the Sony PS4 Slim Gaming Console 1TB Black box, Extra Controller but not the Charging Station as advertised.

On the advert I saw online, the 3 items +FiFa game was a bundle, but mine has not been delivered as such.

Thankfully, the 2 boxes I received is still intact- seal unbroken so I cannot even guarantee the FIFA game is inside.

I went to your store at Sharjah Mega Mall to complain to customer service but I was advised the order was sent to me from Safeer Mall so the lady couldn't assist me. I'm not sure if I missed a paragraph on my online receipt stating the store to dispatch my order. Anyways, this was 23.45pm by the time I got to Safeer Mall it was 23:55pm and the shutter was half shut. The security man advised I could not enter to make any complaints at that time.

Honestly, the only reason for ordering online from the comfort of my living room was to avoid coming to the store and I put my full confidence in your competence at Sharaf DG that online orders paid in full will be treated with the same professionalism as being in the store. I wouldn't have walked out of the store without checking all items was in my shopping bag.

My online experience and purpose has been ruined and the purpose and surprise element for the products for my son has been ruined at the same time. NOW I HAVE TO KEEP RUNNING FROM STORE TO STORE TO ALSO GET THIS RESOLVED.

I'd like to see how this issue is handled by Sharaf DG.. I don't want to go by the reviews I've read but want to document my personal experience with online orders from Sharaf DG. I HOPE I WON'T BE let down by YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE .

I end this in a positive note for now.


Sharaf dg

  • Sharaf DG Customer Care's Response, May 20, 2019

    Hi! We are checking on your concern and will contact you at the earliest to resolve it with the best possible solution.

May 19, 2019

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