[Resolved] SegPay Corporationfalse recurring charges of $14.95 a month

B Sep 03, 2018

I'm being charged $14.95 a month, recently as of today, 09/03/18 and previously for the past few months. I don't know why or who is company is. I want a clear understanding of who this company is and where they are located. I do not receive a receipt and have no idea why I'm being charged.
This appears to be a fraudulent company and will prosecute in order to receive a refund.
I want this company to cease immediately.

  • SegPay Corporation's response · Sep 05, 2018

    Hi Bart,

    We are a very real company. Have you tried contacting our customer support team via ? If not, please do that, and they can help you track this down asap. Please let me know if you did contact them and did not have your issue resolved.

    Thank you.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

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