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SegPay Corporation Complaints & Reviews

SegPay Corporation / unauthorized credit charges

Apr 07, 2019

I signed up for a one day trial of nannyspy for one dollar. I cancelled before the day was over and the very next day they attempted to charge me 39.97. I say attempted because I used my cash app to sign up for it and don't keep a lot of money in there. I contacted customer service to ask...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / human trafficking & sexual exploitation of minors!

Apr 04, 2019

SegPay processes payments for sites involved in human trafficking & the sexual exploitation of minors! When confronted on this they deny and ignore the facts! They facilitate illegal transactions that violate the terms of use for Visa & MasterCard! They also send funds from illegal...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / unauthorized credit card charges

Mar 31, 2019

My credit card had been charged by 6.99 USD for segpayeu while I did not ask or buy any of your services as per attached screenshot. I saw many complaints like mine but I do not know either it have been solved or not. So, please I want a refund from your side to my account and an...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / I am complaining about my parent's payment

Mar 17, 2019

I got charged on 2017 July 27 1388yen, 3465yen, 3465yen, July 28 692yen, July 29 691yen, July 30 691yen, 2018 April 30 1415yen, May 11 1415yen, May 13 1415yen, June 13 3459 yen, 3495yen, 3495yen, 3495yen, September 13 10323yen, 10323yen, 10323yen, September15 2776yen, 2776yen, 3421yen...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / amount debited from my a/c without my consent

Feb 13, 2019

Rs. 518 has been debited from my account without any reason, what kind of scam is this? Return my money, why would you steal like this, this is not accepted, return quickly, my earning is not high, I cant afford these amounts. Please return my money asap, I have lots of payment left and...

[Resolved] Segpayeu / unauthorized credit card charges

Feb 04, 2019

I got charged on 2019jan20 for Eur 32, 31 from my Mastercard by SegPayEU, with these references : SEGPAYEU.COM*AVSGROUPS CY - 3508 8664504000. I'd like an explanation about where this charge is from and the name of the site. Is this an automatic renewal without my authorisation? Maybe from a file...

[Resolved] / $239.40 purchase at *latourain on 01/31 05:17pm ct with your netspend card ending in 5690. reply stop to stop msgs

Feb 02, 2019

I had a transaction taken off my card after what I'm thinking was a scammer stating he called to investigate my cellphone having numerous hackers trying to get into my personal online account information etc.After he done his investigation I noticed the transaction was in the amount...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / wtfpass

Dec 15, 2018

I ve signed to wtfpass and there is o option to cancel membership. This is another scam. Stop charging the card 42467************87, owned by Wojciech Gawin valid until 05/22 because i am not interested in the service. Do something because i really dont want to pay for this. I have also...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / unauthorized charges

Dec 12, 2018

I have been being charged $59.95 a month from my bank account for 10 months and when I found out I tried to get it refunded because my debit card number was stolen and used without my knowledge i was told they would not reverse the charges. I would like my refunds for all 10 months as thi...

SegPay Corporation / unauthorised credit card charges

Dec 12, 2018

Good morning, on december 10th 2018, I found an unauthorised credit card charge of 14, 95€ with written " Granityen 8664504000" . I never made this payment, I never received a request for authorise it . I also contact my credit card to make a complaint and I hope that I have not...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / fraudulent charges

Oct 31, 2018

To whom it may concern My bank account is being charged two charges from segpay $74.99 Loc: segpay-bngcm Bngcm loc: Hradistko $19.99 These are fraudulent charges that need to be reversed asap. Please respond with assistance in refunding charges Pre...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / deceptive practices

Oct 16, 2018

SegPay utilized deceptive practices by charging additional months for services NOT requested. SegPay provides billing services for dozens of companies and they have, I have now found out, a VERY DECEPTIVE practice (although recently they have made attempts to correct). Customers purchase...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / unauthorized monthly payments

Oct 07, 2018

I did not authorize or accepted any terms to receive any of your services I want these payments to STOP reoccurring and I have not heard of this company either. I don't know how you've got my debit card information but I would like my money back this is the second time this has happened...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / fraudulent debit from account

Sep 17, 2018

This is a bogus company...please be aware..there was an unauthorised fraudulent debit from my account without my knowledge...i wonder how they could get hold of a dormant account and know my credentials...stay away...neither my card noe my account has been used since a long time and all of...

[Resolved] SegPay Corporation / false recurring charges of $14.95 a month

Sep 03, 2018

I'm being charged $14.95 a month, recently as of today, 09/03/18 and previously for the past few months. I don't know why or who is company is. I want a clear understanding of who this company is and where they are located. I do not receive a receipt and have no idea why I'm...

Segpay / unauthorized credit card charges over 11 months

Mar 06, 2018

Hello. I have discovered that amounts of $29.75 AUD have been withdrawn from my M/C xxx1903 without permission over 11 months. You are not authorised to withdraw these amounts of $29.75 AUD... and I never received any receipt or explanation of the withdrawls PLEASE... Stop these recurring...

Segpay / unauthorized charges

Feb 14, 2018

On 31st January I spoke with one of your advisor his name is Jakub I explained that money was taken from my account which I totally don't understand why because I am not using your services and I never did. Any way I was told by Jakub that in 4-5 working days, money will be back on my...

Segpay / unauthorized credit card charges

Dec 12, 2017

These charges had been monthly charges for a while, I have not been able to figure out why these charges are. A monthly charge of $29.95 is showing in my credit card statement under SEGPAYEU>COMGENERATIONSC I am looking to close this account just to stop these charges, I need to know who or...

Segpay / money taken from my account

Oct 05, 2017

money has been taken out of my bank account without authorization. 4/10/2017 IML 8664504000 card xx7442 USD 25.00 value date 30/9/2017 amount $31.97 5/10/2017 IML 8664504000 card xx7442 amount $64.02 these transactions were not authorized by me and I don't know...

Passion HD / unauthorized credit card charges

Sep 02, 2017

My Name: Wolfgang Endres My Adress : Tiergartenstraße 9 Germany 50735 Cologne My E-Mail: [email protected] Don´t handle anymore per my Credit-Cards : Visa 4344 99xx xxxx 7000 MaterCard 5232 53xx xxxx 5047 following Orders:*whalememb, 8664504000*SCTR...

Segpay / unauthorised transaction

Jul 30, 2017

Hello, A transaction of £42.74 was deducted from my account without me being made aware or knowing what it is for. I would like this cancelled, and any monthly recurring charges cancelled too. If I could be reimbursed the full amount I would be grateful. I have no idea what the...

Segpay / Segpayeu / Generation Ltd / Deluxeprodxx / Unauthorized credit card charges

Mar 13, 2017

I noticed this month 2 transactions on my account for services I have never used that are taking payments out of my account and then changing my pounds into either Euro's or Dollars, which I am also charged a fee for. Due to the fact that over time the wording on my bank statement i...

Segpayeu / unauthorized charges on credit card item I never ordered

Feb 03, 2017

On 1-14-17 I noticed an unauthorized charge on Master Card for $39.95 for something I never ordered and disputed it with card provider. They requested information and an eventual credit was returned to card. Thing is they charged me for something they should not have without authorization...

Segpay / unauthorized credit card charges

Jan 06, 2017

My visa was charged 29, 72 at 6/1/2017 18:54 without my permission or any recent transaction through this side.I don't know for what I was charged.Please stop any unauthorized charges and if possible I also want a refund. On the massage I received from my bank it said that I'm cherished in...

Segpay / not providing services that were paid for.

Aug 01, 2016

My bank disputed a transaction with Segpay and performed a chargeback. I contacted my bank and had them reverse this. My bank paid Segpay the money they were owed. However because there was a chargeback, even when Segpay was paid in full they refused to offer the services I had paid for. / unauthorized prelevation of money

Jul 27, 2016

I have just seen that you charged my Visa credit card account with 39, 99€ every month since March 16 (charging dates: 11.03.16; 08.04.16; 09.05.16; 07.06.16; 07.07.16). I have no idea what I am paying for and I have never heard of your agency. I'm not the only victim of your...

Segpay / the site was the wrong site yet they (segpay) tried to hit my cc 5x's until my bank froze my cc!!

Jun 11, 2016

The fraudulent website that uses SegPay was informed that a summons and complaint would be filed in a civil action and my law professor, who is an Assistant Attorney general, may very well investigate the site's owners, who do a bait and switch, you get nothing, and segPay is an...

Segpayeu Com/Beronta / Card charge

Mar 26, 2016

Reference debit card charge 8664504000. Need to ensure there will be NO FURTHER withdrawals by A one off charge has been completed. There is NO authorization for any further charges. Request an email to ensure that this is understood and is to be complied with. / avs group

Dec 28, 2015


Jul 11, 2015

I discovered a total of USD 39.94 were prelevated from my visa card for two months. I NEVER heard of your agency. I'm not the only victim of your actions: Your are not authorized to prelevate money from my...

Segpayeu / taking money from my account again

Apr 19, 2015

I was checking my bank online & my heart sank as again these SCAMMERS are in the process of taking £48.99 out of my Bank again & they are making it look like I had bought something on my card so it goes as payment pending so my hands are tied & there is nothing my bank can do about...

Http: / / / Generation / don't know what it is for

Apr 19, 2015

I have had this problem before with the same organisation (I think) & I managed to get my money back. I should of changed my card but I thought!!! I was safe, £48.99 is going to come out of my bank & there is nothing I can do about it. These sort of scams need to STOP, I am really...

Segpay / withdrawal without my consent

Apr 15, 2015

For at least 6 months now I have been having $32.52 or more taken from my Debit Mastercard without my consent each week, often twice! I'm not sure how or why this is happening but I want it to cease immediately!! With me and my partner starting a young family we need every last dollar we have. This must cease immediately. / Beronata / denaro sottratto da carta di credito senza alcuna autorizzazione

Sep 30, 2014

é stata sottratta una certa quantità di denaro da carta di credito master card senza autorizzazioni dal sottoscritto verso questa azienda. Invito subito e cortesemente di provvedere alla situazione !!! In caso di abbonamenti virtuali si invita a disdire il tutto al più presto senza costi aggiuntivi!! / unauthorized transaction

Sep 14, 2014

some one took money from my account.but I didn't know about that.he took money twice from my account.they did that transaction through a account called They first time took money Rs.5307.56 on 04.08.2014 without my permission from my debit card and they took money for... / Generation 8 / scam

Aug 23, 2014

I've been illegal withdrawals from my account on 24/08/2014 at asia commercial bank. I do not have to register or purchase on this transaction. I do not understand why they withdraw money without asking my opinion. I want to report this fraudulent information to the... / debiting moneys from credit card

Jan 17, 2014

I have been regularly had amounts deducted from my credit of which i have no idea as to why... the above company hasn't had any authority to do this and it has already costed me a fortune of deductions... I've gone onto the above website to question as to why... and was quickly... / Generations / unjustified debit of my mastercard

Feb 01, 2013

As per my opinion you debited my MASTERCARD with $ 29.95 which is not justified as I did not ask for your service. Please credit my bank card No. 5404/4810/4540/1018 / Generation 866 - 450 - 4000 Cy / unauthorized prelevation of money

Jan 30, 2013

to Hi, I discovered a total of USD 29.95 were prelevated from my visa card for few months. I NEVER heard of your agency. I'm not the only victim of your actions: Your are not authorized to prelevate...

Segpay / unauthorized billing

Aug 29, 2012

I signed onto my bank account today online and was shocked to see that a company called Segpay made two unauthorized charges to my account. The account was inactive and I only had a few dollars in it. The Segpay charges (one for $4.95 and the other for $39.95 resulted in the bank charging...