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Brea, CA
+1 800 221 5473
+1 800 221 5473
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+1 859 264 4062

Burbank, CA
Tel: +1 818 557 8000

Sedgwick Claims Management Complaints & Reviews

Sedgwick Claims Management / Workers comp claim

Sandra Lynn Bailey on Jul 20, 2017
I injured my back back at work. I have called several times but all I get is excuse after excuse or can't get no one to call me back. Trying to get approval to see a specialist but I get no response. I also can't get my income that is required for them to give me. I think this is the worse...

Sedgwick Claims Management / false promises

Simit shah on Jul 12, 2017
Bass shelly promised me someone will get in touch with me within 1-3 business days regarding my property damage claim. When i asked her noone contacted me, She forwarded me to some other (elizabeth young) saying call her not me. Initial email was from her on june 5th about this case ...

Sedgwick Claims Management / bj's reimbursement for ambulance charge for accident on their property

Joyce Wolske on Jul 10, 2017
In December, 2016, my husband tripped over a flat-bed cart in front of the front door and fell on his face. The staff called the ambulance, without consulting me, even though I was there. They agreed to pay for the ambulance, $250, but I still have not received payment. They said that...

Sedgwick Claims Management / unprofessional behaviour

Swati Gaur on Jul 10, 2017
Hi, I had an accident on 30th June. A truck (insurance - Sedgwick) hit my car from rear end. My insurance company files a liability claim with Sedgwick on 7th June after getting the police report. I have been trying to get in touch with the Sedgwick insurance company regarding my claim...

Sedgwick Claims Management / short term disability claim denied

R.rains on Jul 6, 2017
After a heart attack I was put on short term disability and never heard from this company. When I called the 800 number voice recording said the claim was processing. When I was not paid I called Finally talked to Iris Mensah who treated me as though it was my fault. Claimed to have sent...

Sedgwick Claims Management / sears auto center

Irina Deryavko on Jun 23, 2017
My Frustration is in that my vehicle’s check engine light came on and it started running “rougher” after getting an oil change at my local Sears. When I arrived to Sears I gave the keys to the manager - Ray Delong, at that time the “Check Engine” light was not illuminated but after the oil...

Sedgwick Claims Management / unethical behaviour

james.pierce on Jun 23, 2017
April 2017: Best Buy Geek Squad installs a stereo upgrade in my 2014 Ford Edge ($30, 000 car that I just paid off in 3-years May 2017). 22 May 2017: Driving home from work, white smoke starts to pour into the cabin of the car. I pull over stop and turn off the car. The smoke eventually...

Sedgwick Claims Management / claim denied pre existing

Marine13 on Jun 22, 2017
I filed a claim for short term due to having a hysterectomy and it was denied for pre existing conditions. I provided all the paperwork necessary to show that it was not a pre existing condition. Yet it was denied. All woman have some type of bleeding issue in their lives - but no doctor...

Sedgwick Claims Management / sears repair floor damage claim and horrible sedgwick case management

VictimizedHomeowner on Jun 13, 2017
Sears Repair damaged our floor - Sedgwick denied claim - 2 horrible customer service companies I wish I had found this site before hiring Sears Repair. I scheduled Sears to come to my home to repair our stove. We have hardwood floors and wanted to protect them with cardboard, so the repair...

Sedgwick Claims Management / (sears) claim john negrete is rude and if everyone in your company is like this your work ethics are jacked up

Vu L tran on Jun 9, 2017
I have contacted John mulitple of times and told him the best way to contact me is on my phone (409)392-3421. I haven't heard this guy for days so I have to keep emailing him constantly and I asked him this morning if he received a document. So I resent it and asked him have you...

Sedgwick Claims Management / claim was denied

plfam1 on Jun 1, 2017
I received a couple of work-related injuries 3 weeks ago, where I have carpal tunnel due to constantly typing at work, and i also have a muscle spasm in my back where I am unable to sit in an upright position. Traci Block, the adjuster, has not even reached out ONCE after my constant call...

Sedgwick Claims Management / not being paid

Shay Dee on Jun 1, 2017
My father was hurt on his job due to the company's negligence. My father has yet to receive his full pay and constantly has to call for his pay check. My father was taken out of work 4 weeks ago due to his injury and has yet to receive a check. The claims manager is completely...

Sedgwick Claims Management / angel dabney/insurance adjuster

Jack Nazimek on May 19, 2017
I was injured on the job a year ago, and Angel Dabney is the insurance adjuster assigned to my case. She doesn't return phone calls, emails, and voicemails. Somtimes it has taken up to a week. I was also awarded 2/3 of my pay every week, and she is constantly forgetting to issue me a check...

Sedgwick Claims Management / regarding claims rep. for never calling back or acknowledging invoices for case.

BRUCE walsh on May 5, 2017
Sam Saldivar, is the rep that constantly would not return calls that were extremely important to case. Many messages left were total details needed for case, and he either never bothered to listen to them or disregarded. I gave him 4 invoices to be totaled up for reimbursement and he...

Sedgwick Claims Management / automobile claim. hit by enterprise renter.

Daniel610 on Apr 11, 2017
Good lord is this place horrible to work with. I was hit by an enterprise rental vehicle this past march 3rd. My car is not drive able because of the fender hitting the wheel. (Lucky for me i've a second vehicle) it took over a week to even talk to an adjuster. His name sean steiner. We...

Sedgwick Claims Management / lost time wage compensation

Miko Gates on Apr 3, 2017
My name is Tamiko Gates on February 14th 2017 I went out on a work-related incident. I was placed on restricted Duty where I could only work 3 hours a day period I was released back to regular Duty on February 22nd 2017. During that time I was sent a letter from Deanna Thomas who was my...

Sedgwick Claims Management / getting post op prescriptions filled

Morgan915 on Mar 24, 2017
I am currently trying to get post op prescriptions filled. Only 2 have been approved out of 5 I am not able to use the bathroom due to the pain meds therefore they have prescribed medicine to help me poop. I have also been given a script for nausea due to the amount of pills being taken...

Sedgwick Claims Management / orene terry / lies

madelonwaring on Mar 13, 2017
On December 27, 2016 I was sitting at a stop sign and was hit by a company vehicle. I was not contacted for two weeks and had to find out myself who the insurance adjuster was for my claim. My car could not be driven so for two weeks I was without a vehicle and my car had not been touched...

Sedgwick Claims Management / slip and fall in smart and final

Jim James Jones on Feb 10, 2017
In September 2012, I slipped and fell in water that was on the floor in Smart and Final. There were NO wet floor signs posted. I never even saw the water. Anyway, after about 18 months all relevant documents had been completed and the adjuster said she was ready to settle my claim. It took...

Sedgwick Claims Management / workmen's compensation

Deborah Knight on Feb 3, 2017
I have been on Workman's Compensation since September of 2002. Yes, this is not a misprint. 2002. After 3 surgeries on my neck, my neck is still not fixed, leaving me with great pain and debilitating headaches which actually make me unable to move. My most recent complaint (complaints have...

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