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+1 800 221 5473
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+1 859 264 4062

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Sedgwick Claims Management Complaints & Reviews

Sedgwick Claims Management / I Am Having Problems Getting My Medical Needs And Medication Needs Met. My Attorney And I Are Requesting A Medical Buy Out.

Estella Mimms on Jan 19, 2018
My Name Is Estella Mimms Claims # 45000-09-00974. Social Security # 555-72-6601. Date Of Injury 10/29/2008. 12433 Antelope Dr. Victorville Ca. 92392. 760 488-1086. I Am Having Problems Receiving The Medical Treatment I Was Awarded. Your Representatives Don't Return Calls, I Am Contantly...

Sedgwick Claims Management / my car

Denise Forte on Jan 18, 2018
I was reseeded in my car by one of your rentals .The person who hit me said that Sedgwick would pay me.When I first filed my claim I was told that my damages will be recovered through Sedgwick.The accident occurred on 11 /24/2017.My name is Denise Forte..y claim number is: 178055730.My...

Sedgwick Claims Management / customer service

Alison Stefek on Nov 17, 2017
I have been awaiting a call back from Sedgwick. A woman named Sanda finally called three times. The first two she was typing away and never responded, hanging up. Apparently she must not have heard me? When I did speak to her she was rude and nasty. She was upset about the information...

Sedgwick Claims Management / unethical behaviour with adjuster rosemarie sedalis

Amessing on Nov 17, 2017
Good Morning, I am writing you; because I have a claim that was only partially, and I have been faxing reconsiderations over to the adjuster for over a year on these unpaid bills. I called bill review, and was advised that they never received our reconsiderations, and these bills were not...

Sedgwick Claims Management / short term disability claim

Dew Lance on Nov 16, 2017
I submitted a claim for short term disability on 10/13/17 and has been denied because the representative that is working claim did not submit documents to my doctor and is never available to speak with and never returns any phone calls. As a result of this representative non compliant...

Sedgwick Claims Management / payment denied

39dodge on Nov 14, 2017
Walmart sent me home on aug.30 saying i was not %100, can not work..Have doctor put you off..I did, they paid two pay periods, then stoped..They said they were not receiving info from doctor..I spoke with my doctor on oct.25 she said she sent out two packets on me..I kept calling and...

Sedgwick Claims Management / problems and lack of response on worker claim

kjrbm on Nov 13, 2017
I was injured over a year ago at work and have struggled getting wage reimbursement and that is now cut off? I am still waiting for them to pay the hospital from initial treatments, reimbursement for anti-biotics, getting an ok for a brace, lack of response to messages I have left I can...

Sedgwick Claims Management / the way my case is being handled since you represent sears

wdarlenew on Nov 11, 2017
I had a sears warranty since 2007 on all my appliances. This last year, sears has put on at least 2 times a faulty part which caused my dishwasher to leak. They have the pictures (I kept 2 of the part which are the same part number), When they filed a claim, i'm now being told it is a...

Sedgwick Claims Management / medical bills.

Christy2292 on Nov 10, 2017
I was hurt on the job about a month ago it took me almost 3 weeks to finally get a claim number from Sedgwick. When I finally got the claim number I was relieved because I thought that meant no more out-of-pocket payments for me to see my doctor but boy was I wrong. When I went to my...

Sedgwick Claims Management / std earned benefits denied do to dr faxes are with confirmation are not received on sedgwick's end

Tammy Bain on Nov 10, 2017
I keep having to fight for my disability pay. My case worker keeps telling me they are not receiving my Dr's faxes to update my medical records and report my return to work date. I have hired a attorney and my union rep has to look into it every month. I have no husband and no family to...

Sedgwick Claims Management / workers comp. case

Angie Saunders on Nov 9, 2017
I was hurt at Lowe's 2015, Aug.7. My 1st worker paid me answered my phone calls, etc. After he left it went down hill, they passed my case around from person to person, no-one would call me, or pay me, and no-one knew what was going on with my case. My Dr referrals were denied and I had to...

Sedgwick Claims Management / lack of service, delays, lies

April Dayns on Oct 30, 2017
Sedgwick Insurance covers Workers' Compensation Injuries for Northern California's Kaiser Permanente Hospitals. This Insurance Company is a real headache to deal with. I have had about 8 Claim Adjusters as the claim keeps getting passed on to different people. This is a tactic so that the...

Sedgwick Claims Management / washer

Dreku on Oct 26, 2017
My wash machine was dripping water so one of sears repair man was sent out. He sat in his truck 2 hours claiming he on a call so when he finally came in and did some work he claim the pArt needed he will have to get and come back. So he comes back installs it and leaves we fun the washer...

Sedgwick Claims Management / stove

Teacher-look on Sep 26, 2017
We have American Home Shield for insurance on our appliances. Our stove wasn't working correctly and AHS called for Sears repair to service our stove. The first repairman came to our home and troubleshooted our stove. He ordered the parts. The second Sears repairman came to fix the stove...

Sedgwick Claims Management / finding people to answer my phone calls

Phyillis Brewer on Aug 24, 2017
My name is Phyillis Brewer from Meredith, NH.. I worked for Shaw's/SUPERVALU and got hurt... My Phone # 603 387 5655 Email i2amjustme@gmail.com I submit mileage 2X a year for travel to my doctor ...i was in the Boston Office last year got sent to AR office... Found my claims person to be...

Sedgwick Claims Management / sedgwick claims associate dawn daniels

Isaly on Aug 20, 2017
Claim number: 1703006093-01. Mine & my families life was put in danger because of part of this claim. I've tried for months to communicate with Ms. Daniels through fax, phone, her supervisor, & e-mails. She or her supervisor have not replied. This claim was partially paid. The other wa...

Sedgwick Claims Management / damage to my mobiled and child's bed

Leatha2528 on Aug 18, 2017
I would like to speak to a supervisor for Daniel Wyatt he refuses to give out that kind of information to me all this guy does is talk over me he will not talk to me I hope these calls are recorded that I have had with him what do I have call them 6 times and finally on the 70 turnt return...

Sedgwick Claims Management / denial

Asia94 on Aug 18, 2017
I recently was told i was being denied for paid parental leave two days before i was expected to be paid and having already missed two weeks from work. The reason for my denial I was told i was not eligible. I worked my 90 days as I was required to and the policy stated i could take my...

Sedgwick Claims Management / disability insurance claim

Infoarchitect on Aug 17, 2017
These are the most unprofessional, rude, and corrupt insurance-related people on the planet. They deny all claims and dare you to to appeal the denial or re-submit later for further disapproval. They do not follow up with doctors or patients except to notify of continued denial of claim...

Sedgwick Claims Management / workmans comp claim

Tina Carlotta on Aug 9, 2017
I was employed with butterball llc and in feb of this year I was injured . My employer promptly filed a claim with Sedgwick. I received a letter from an adjuster from this company stating my medical bills and time off from work would be paid by their company. Now here it is aug. And...

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