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Brea, CA
+1 800 221 5473
+1 800 221 5473
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+1 859 264 4062

Burbank, CA
Tel: +1 818 557 8000

Sedgwick Claims Management Complaints & Reviews

Sedgwick Claims Management / angel dabney/insurance adjuster

Jack Nazimek on May 19, 2017
I was injured on the job a year ago, and Angel Dabney is the insurance adjuster assigned to my case. She doesn't return phone calls, emails, and voicemails. Somtimes it has taken up to a week. I was also awarded 2/3 of my pay every week, and she is constantly forgetting to issue me a check...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Regarding claims rep. for never calling back or acknowledging invoices for case.

BRUCE walsh on May 5, 2017
Sam Saldivar, is the rep that constantly would not return calls that were extremely important to case. Many messages left were total details needed for case, and he either never bothered to listen to them or disregarded. I gave him 4 invoices to be totaled up for reimbursement and he...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Automobile claim. Hit by enterprise renter.

Daniel610 on Apr 11, 2017
Good lord is this place horrible to work with. I was hit by an enterprise rental vehicle this past march 3rd. My car is not drive able because of the fender hitting the wheel. (Lucky for me i've a second vehicle) it took over a week to even talk to an adjuster. His name sean steiner. We...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Lost time wage compensation

Miko Gates on Apr 3, 2017
My name is Tamiko Gates on February 14th 2017 I went out on a work-related incident. I was placed on restricted Duty where I could only work 3 hours a day period I was released back to regular Duty on February 22nd 2017. During that time I was sent a letter from Deanna Thomas who was my...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Getting post op prescriptions filled

Morgan915 on Mar 24, 2017
I am currently trying to get post op prescriptions filled. Only 2 have been approved out of 5 I am not able to use the bathroom due to the pain meds therefore they have prescribed medicine to help me poop. I have also been given a script for nausea due to the amount of pills being taken...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Orene terry / lies

madelonwaring on Mar 13, 2017
On December 27, 2016 I was sitting at a stop sign and was hit by a company vehicle. I was not contacted for two weeks and had to find out myself who the insurance adjuster was for my claim. My car could not be driven so for two weeks I was without a vehicle and my car had not been touched...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Slip and fall in smart and final

Jim James Jones on Feb 10, 2017
In September 2012, I slipped and fell in water that was on the floor in Smart and Final. There were NO wet floor signs posted. I never even saw the water. Anyway, after about 18 months all relevant documents had been completed and the adjuster said she was ready to settle my claim. It took...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Workmen's Compensation

Deborah Knight on Feb 3, 2017
I have been on Workman's Compensation since September of 2002. Yes, this is not a misprint. 2002. After 3 surgeries on my neck, my neck is still not fixed, leaving me with great pain and debilitating headaches which actually make me unable to move. My most recent complaint (complaints have...

Sedgwick / Denying my claim

Shirley Toback on Jan 24, 2017
File# L1611145114-0001 Claims Associate Andrea Cruz notified me she was in charge of my claim which was due to a new refrigerator leaking water onto my floor and causing permanent water staining. She asked me to get 2 bids for floor repair or replacement, which I did and submitted to her. Once...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Workmans comp

Terrance Taylor on Jan 15, 2017
Too whom it may concern..My name Terrance Taylor an I have an Claim with your company.I been off work since 12-08-2016 without any money coming in my rent is due car payment are coming soon...I need food for me an my sin too eat but with any money for my workman's comp where straving...My...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Claim service

Billiekrishawn on Jan 12, 2017
After a month of trying to reach this company I finally got paired with a claim examiner. After 3 months of trying to get everything in order with the company I finally was able to get a rental and put my car in the shop. The shop still has multiple days of work left to do on the car, but...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Housing claim submitted

Anna Yang on Jan 12, 2017
The worst claim company ever. I would not recommended selecting them. Here's why: i've had a claim submitted with sedgwick for over a month now and i'm still chasing a ghost for an answer. My claim specialist was a man named steven fryer. This rep never answers his calls, never responds to...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Christopher collier claims rep

Valerie Davis-mabuka on Jan 5, 2017
At Family Dollar on Central Street and Lynn Mass a shelf fell on top of my daughter when we was getting our Christmas tree when it fell we scream for help no employees came to help... I had to lift the shell off my daughter when I already have severe back pain that I am on monthly medicine...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Prescriptions

on Dec 30, 2016
My name is michele haywood. I have been under a worker's comp claim since august 14, 2013. Since august, 2016, I have been having extremely long wait times for any or all three of my prescriptions to be filled by the pharmacy - publix in merchant's crossing, englewood, fl for the hydrocodone...

Sedgwick Claims Management / STD

Keisha White on Dec 30, 2016
This company has caused me nothing but stress and complications. My claim Was originally approved for the Exact time frame my doctor recommended weeks later the examiner calls and tell me they approved it for a week shorter, At this time I haven't even had a follow up after my surgery...

Sedgwick Claims Management / STD

Madhanson on Dec 27, 2016
Ive been on std for about a month. My account manager michael tierney never responded to my calls or emails days approaching christmas... He called me 2 days after christmas informing me he was off for the holidays... While i'm here with 3 daughters and sedgwick managed to screw up my pay...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Workers compensation

Diane Vance on Dec 5, 2016
Patient was injured on job and awarded workers compensation. However, patient is not being fully compensated for a 40 hour work week for several months now. Mileage to doctors appointments and physical therapy also take 3-4 months to be reimbursed for. Business is unable to provide...

Sedgwick CMS / To be paid for my transportation and other things I paid for while under workmen compensation.

Dave Hartwig on Nov 23, 2016
Hi, the company sedgwick cms does not respond to my emails below and it has been months. Can you please let me know if you received my email and what is being done? Thanks, dave From: david hartwig Sent: friday, october 28, 2016 4:03 pm To: 'sedgwick@sedgwick.com' Subject: information...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Work injury claim

Alexis K on Nov 16, 2016
I was injured at my job 9/29/15 where they had me fill out paperwork regarding my injury site, that asks for information I could not possibly know minutes after it happened. So I did my best guess in order to open a claim and be able to see a doctor to be treated. They first suspected a...

Sedgwick Claims Management / Unethical behavior

sdetrick on Nov 8, 2016
DOI: 04/16/16 Claim #301656826950001 Patient: Lynn Everitt Contact at Treating Facility: Sarah Detrick- 316-870-8255 sdetrick@aptclinics.com This patient was evaluated at our facility, Advanced Physical Therapy, on 09/21/16 for a lesion in her ulnar nerve causing pain in her right wrist...

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