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+1 800 221 5473
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+1 859 264 4062

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Sedgwick Claims Management Complaints & Reviews

Sedgwick Claims Management / stove

Teacher-look on Sep 26, 2017
We have American Home Shield for insurance on our appliances. Our stove wasn't working correctly and AHS called for Sears repair to service our stove. The first repairman came to our home and troubleshooted our stove. He ordered the parts. The second Sears repairman came to fix the stove...

Sedgwick Claims Management / finding people to answer my phone calls

Phyillis Brewer on Aug 24, 2017
My name is Phyillis Brewer from Meredith, NH.. I worked for Shaw's/SUPERVALU and got hurt... My Phone # 603 387 5655 Email i2amjustme@gmail.com I submit mileage 2X a year for travel to my doctor ...i was in the Boston Office last year got sent to AR office... Found my claims person to be...

Sedgwick Claims Management / sedgwick claims associate dawn daniels

Isaly on Aug 20, 2017
Claim number: 1703006093-01. Mine & my families life was put in danger because of part of this claim. I've tried for months to communicate with Ms. Daniels through fax, phone, her supervisor, & e-mails. She or her supervisor have not replied. This claim was partially paid. The other wa...

Sedgwick Claims Management / damage to my mobiled and child's bed

Leatha2528 on Aug 18, 2017
I would like to speak to a supervisor for Daniel Wyatt he refuses to give out that kind of information to me all this guy does is talk over me he will not talk to me I hope these calls are recorded that I have had with him what do I have call them 6 times and finally on the 70 turnt return...

Sedgwick Claims Management / denial

Asia94 on Aug 18, 2017
I recently was told i was being denied for paid parental leave two days before i was expected to be paid and having already missed two weeks from work. The reason for my denial I was told i was not eligible. I worked my 90 days as I was required to and the policy stated i could take my...

Sedgwick Claims Management / disability insurance claim

Infoarchitect on Aug 17, 2017
These are the most unprofessional, rude, and corrupt insurance-related people on the planet. They deny all claims and dare you to to appeal the denial or re-submit later for further disapproval. They do not follow up with doctors or patients except to notify of continued denial of claim...

Sedgwick Claims Management / workmans comp claim

Tina Carlotta on Aug 9, 2017
I was employed with butterball llc and in feb of this year I was injured . My employer promptly filed a claim with Sedgwick. I received a letter from an adjuster from this company stating my medical bills and time off from work would be paid by their company. Now here it is aug. And...

Sedgwick Claims Management / unethical behaviour

J aG on Aug 4, 2017
I purchased and had installed a GE water softener. The water softener was defective and caused resin to go into my water clogging all my water fixtures, (sinks, shower, toilet, etc...), GE referred me to Sedgwick. Their claims adjuster told me not to bring the defective unit back to where...

Sedgwick Claims Management / lowes employee caused new car damage

Nova-A on Aug 3, 2017
On July 22 2017 while an incompetent employee of lowes was loading my trunk with bags of stones He damaged the bumper of my new Audi. I told him to wait at the car while I got a manager who took pictures and my information. He informed me of a claim no and the name Sedgwick He proceed to...

Sedgwick Claims Management / overpayment

Velia P. on Jul 26, 2017
I received letters for my work related injury's from Sedgwick stating I am now "PERMANENTLY DISABLED and STATONARY. Also, stating that I was overpaid temporary. Total disability (approximately $68K. They know that workman's comp only pays for 2 years. I was on workman's comp since 2011 to...

Sedgwick Claims Management / workers comp claim

Sandra Lynn Bailey on Jul 20, 2017
I injured my back back at work. I have called several times but all I get is excuse after excuse or can't get no one to call me back. Trying to get approval to see a specialist but I get no response. I also can't get my income that is required for them to give me. I think this is the worse...

Sedgwick Claims Management / false promises

Simit shah on Jul 12, 2017
Bass shelly promised me someone will get in touch with me within 1-3 business days regarding my property damage claim. When i asked her noone contacted me, She forwarded me to some other (elizabeth young) saying call her not me. Initial email was from her on june 5th about this case ...

Sedgwick Claims Management / bj's reimbursement for ambulance charge for accident on their property

Joyce Wolske on Jul 10, 2017
In December, 2016, my husband tripped over a flat-bed cart in front of the front door and fell on his face. The staff called the ambulance, without consulting me, even though I was there. They agreed to pay for the ambulance, $250, but I still have not received payment. They said that...

Sedgwick Claims Management / unprofessional behaviour

Swati Gaur on Jul 10, 2017
Hi, I had an accident on 30th June. A truck (insurance - Sedgwick) hit my car from rear end. My insurance company files a liability claim with Sedgwick on 7th June after getting the police report. I have been trying to get in touch with the Sedgwick insurance company regarding my claim...

Sedgwick Claims Management / short term disability claim denied

R.rains on Jul 6, 2017
After a heart attack I was put on short term disability and never heard from this company. When I called the 800 number voice recording said the claim was processing. When I was not paid I called Finally talked to Iris Mensah who treated me as though it was my fault. Claimed to have sent...

Sedgwick Claims Management / sears auto center

Irina Deryavko on Jun 23, 2017
My Frustration is in that my vehicle’s check engine light came on and it started running “rougher” after getting an oil change at my local Sears. When I arrived to Sears I gave the keys to the manager - Ray Delong, at that time the “Check Engine” light was not illuminated but after the oil...

Sedgwick Claims Management / unethical behaviour

james.pierce on Jun 23, 2017
April 2017: Best Buy Geek Squad installs a stereo upgrade in my 2014 Ford Edge ($30, 000 car that I just paid off in 3-years May 2017). 22 May 2017: Driving home from work, white smoke starts to pour into the cabin of the car. I pull over stop and turn off the car. The smoke eventually...

Sedgwick Claims Management / claim denied pre existing

Marine13 on Jun 22, 2017
I filed a claim for short term due to having a hysterectomy and it was denied for pre existing conditions. I provided all the paperwork necessary to show that it was not a pre existing condition. Yet it was denied. All woman have some type of bleeding issue in their lives - but no doctor...

Sedgwick Claims Management / sears repair floor damage claim and horrible sedgwick case management

VictimizedHomeowner on Jun 13, 2017
Sears Repair damaged our floor - Sedgwick denied claim - 2 horrible customer service companies I wish I had found this site before hiring Sears Repair. I scheduled Sears to come to my home to repair our stove. We have hardwood floors and wanted to protect them with cardboard, so the repair...

Sedgwick Claims Management / (sears) claim john negrete is rude and if everyone in your company is like this your work ethics are jacked up

Vu L tran on Jun 9, 2017
I have contacted John mulitple of times and told him the best way to contact me is on my phone (409)392-3421. I haven't heard this guy for days so I have to keep emailing him constantly and I asked him this morning if he received a document. So I resent it and asked him have you...

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