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1. I bought tickets from Seatsnet for the Arsenal v Spurs game on 24th Sept on Fri 22nd at 1421

2. Despite repeated follow ups and repeated promises until 2hrs before match kick off the tickets has still not been delivered. Even at this late hr the kept telling me to be patient. The would not accede to my request cancel the tickets or to exchange the tickets for those that were immediately available. There was a concerted effort to protect the Seller even when the Seller wasn’t “releasing” the tickets.

3. With not tickets in hand I could not risk traveling to the stadium and wonder around with my 10yr old son. Tickets were only delivered 1341 for a game that was kicking off in 19min time at 1400. Obviously the tickets were nolonger of any use as traveling to the stadium would have taken me 1.5-2hrs.

5. The tickets were not, in any case, what i had ordered. Instead of 2 tickets next to each other (with my 10yr old) i received 2 tickets at different parts of the stadium, accessed from 2 entrances. This wouldn’t have worked either as my son wouldn’t have been able to go to his seat on his own.

6. I raised the matter with Seatsnet and the above didn’t matter to them, instead they shifted responsibility to me as it was my “fault” to not utilise the tickets.

7. My requests to get the matter escalated so I could get a refund were ignored.

Desired outcome: Refund

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Ciprian Stefan
, US
Feb 28, 2024 1:51 pm EST
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I was scammed as well, can we do something to report them?

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