Seatgeekunacceptable sales practices

I Mar 08, 2018

I had purchased tickets to a minor league baseball game in Florida. After receiving an email confirmation with a link to finalize the sale i decided not to purchase the tickets, and clinked the link which declined the purchase of the tickets. After reviewing my credit card i saw that fhe sale didn't drop off as i expected but instead went though as an approved purchase. So I contacted Seat geeks customer service email. I told them i decided to decline the sale as i no longer wished to attend. Their response was, " I could not get a refund, and that they have an all sales are final policy". I found that unacceptable especially if they have an option to decline the ticket sale! Now, not only dod I not attend the baseball game, but i was also charged to my credit card of almost $500.00. I saw on a another bulletin where it was mentioned that the tickets are released back to the seller/owner of the tickets and are back up for sale to be resold! If that is the case, then this is a highly unacceptable business practice and something should be done or regulated not to allow the multiple sales of 1 set of tickets. If there is a final sale no refund policy, then why do they have an option to decline the ticket sale?

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