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SeatGeek review: Login support for my seatgeek account

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I was buying broadway tickets for Hadestown and got forwarded to the seatgeek page to buy the tickets. There, I bought the tickets, but I forgot to take a note about my password. When I was trying to log in later, either by email login or by the "forgot password" option, I did not receive an email while I previously had received the account activation email from Seatgeek, and afterwards another one which informed me about changes in the terms of service. This shows that my email address was correct. And indeed, when I tried create a new account with the same email address, it said that this address was already taken. It claimed to have sent me an email about this to the address which I never received.

So I wanted to contact customer support to help me to retrieve my account. On their homepage, there was a number of help articles. I browsed superficially through the articles without finding a solution, but not assuming that my particular problem with the non-received email would be discussed there. I wanted to call them instead. Now they said that I have to log in for personalized support, the first absurdity with my problem. To circumvent this barrier, I created a new account with a different email address. Then I was able to log in. However, upon more careful reading how to contact them, I found out that it is in the Ticket section in the details of my tickets. Now of course my tickets are in a different account, so there is no details of any ticket in the new account. I do not consider it appropriate to buy another ticket to get a contact info... and anyway, will they answer questions about a different ticket in a different account then?

So I tried the phone number listed on this webpage. Indeed, they still have this phone number, but they do no longer answer questions on it... claiming that it has moved. They also referred me to their help process, which did not help me already before.

Desired outcome: So what I desire has two components:(1) I want to retrieve my account and my tickets.(2) Seeking help must become more convenient, and feasible at all.

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