Sears Craftsman Electric Weedeaterbattery does not last over 15-20 minutes and will not hold a charge


Year befor last I purched their elect trimmer and the warranty. The trimmer would not hold a charge, so I took it back the next summer and was told they were having lots of problems with they exchanged it, but the warranty would be used to get a New One! This summer got it out(haven't used it but about a dozen times altogether), charged it up and it was dead in 15 minutes! So I thought it was in need of a longer over night and next day charge...wrong! Charge lasted maybe 15 minutes and it just gave up. I called the store 9 times before I got "The Store Manager" who assured me he'd call me back in 30 minutes. That was over 3 hours ago and no call! All they have to do is pull up my information and check it to see which one I have etc. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANOTHER FROM THEM~~! They have gone to a "fully" automated system and it's like pulling hen's teeth to talk to a person. I have never been so frustrated...Sears has really been a disappointment the past few years with purchasing their Craftsman items. And the Service is NO longer there. Customer Service is a thing in the past for these guys! ...STILL WAITING FOR A CALL~

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