SCSunfinished carpet fitting

Chose and paid for new lounge carpet around March 2019, fitters arrived with carpeton april11th, very quick to fit carpet but didn't have long enough strip to finish the job, after paying fitters cash they said they would be back in the morning, they never turned up so phoned store and they said they had fired the two fitters and would send surveyor to look at job, he came following week said yes was a bad job was very loose and would send more fitters, they turned upfew weeks later walked in said they weren't told about the long strip needed and left and didnt return. After four trips to shop they pfomised some one would ring and come to finish job. It is now October and we still have an unfinished job, I have contacted the ombudsman who says I must take them to the small claims court for full refund and compensation. I am absolutely fed up with this after seven months stress. Regards Liz heaton

Oct 08, 2019

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