Sasolcashier phindiwe

N Aug 04, 2018

I am soo disapointed by the service i recieved at Sasol Mthatha Fortgale garage, i was given attitude by the name of Phindiwe, she ignored me as i stood at the till waiting to pay, she attended to her colleauge who was buying airtime while the colleague found me standing at the till, she then proceeded to give change to the petrol attendants, when i asked if am i at the right till she continued to ignore me, i was finally asssisted by another lady apparently she is the manager. I told the manager of how unhappy i was, but she told me she will speak to her, Phindiwe showed no remorse and continued with her attitude.
I do not see myself, myfamily and frienda ever using that garage ever again, luckily there is a garage opposite Sasol, and if your staff continues with this stinky attitude, you are going to loose customers trust me.

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