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Complaints & Reviews

home loan escrow complaint

I have received a notice from Sovereign Bank who increased my escrow payments by paying out my property tax twice. Their timing was amazing since they did it just before my new (low) interest rate was going to kick in. They have no explanation why it was done. If I had not reviewed my statement I would have started paying increased payments for a home loan that adjusted down by more than a point!!! Has anyone had a similar experience?

need release of lien

My auto loan was purchased from Sovereign Bank by Santander. Everything was fine until I received a letter to...

greedy sovereignbank and rude custome care (no care)

I was in Boston 2 yrs ago and had account in then I moved to flroida... and here they dnt have branches or ATMs... so I was not able to use the bank by any means.. I lost job in January and for need I withdraw my last $160 from soverieng bank account... because it was a dead money and of no use to me.. untill I withdraw it... then bank charge me $33 for overdrawn... I dnt know why when I was having $160.75 in my bank account... and then each day they started charging...$5 service change... and now.. this service charge total grown to $82... and now they called me.. to pay the money.. 1) It was not overdrawn. 2) if it was overdraw.. why they did nt called me at that time. 3) they gave call when it was $82. and they are thretening to increase it if I dnt pay.. their customer service sucks.. they are so rude.. she put my phone down when I wanted to know.. why they charged me so much money.. I got job after 2 months. So every penny means for me.. But I thought I should finish it.. and got ready to pay $82. then they said I have to pay extra $15 if I want to pay this Fine. Its so crazy... its hard earned money.. why the bank should take it away like anything... Its pain to loose money like this.. when u dnt have job. Does anybody faced such situation.. wht u did to resolve it?

sovereign bank is cheating

I saw a sovereign bank advertisement that said if I open a checking account, deposited $200, use the debit card to spend $200, I can get $150 promotion. I opened one with $300 deposited. The odd thing is they mailed a contract to me. Unfortuanatly, I didn't review it carefully, just signed it and mailed it back.

After I received the debit card, I began to use it to do purchase. I thought I spent up the $300, the case get closed. Today, I received a letter from the bank unexpectedly. I was told that I already spent up $300, and I overdrew the money for 3 times. I was charged $35 each time. Also, because I overdrew money, the promotion is cancelled.

I called the representives. Surprisingly, the representatives' attitude was very bad and gave me same answers that were "no way to waive the $105 charge", "it is legitimat charge", "you needn't open the account, it is your mistake". I began to realize I stepped into the trap the sovereign bank already designed for us. They just use this way to defraud customers' money. They already get ready to deny any complaints and appeal. The final result is I open a account with $105 cost and I get big experience that some banks like sovereign bank designated to cheat customers. Can you believe it? The bank industry is full of cheaters.

  • Ve
    VERY VERY MAD!!! Nov 24, 2009

    This is the exact same thing that is happening to my husband!!! He opened an account because of the same promotion!! He is now - over $400 because of one overdrawn $30!!! The bank charges him $5 a day that it is overdrawn!!! plus the $35 that was already charged!!! Then the bank manager allows another company to withdraw $94 and charges him again another $35 overdraft fee!!! Now he is fighting with them to reverse the charge because it was not authorized to be withdrawn and they are fighting him saying that they won't reverse the charge!!! He has been on the phone now for hours arguing with these idiots!!! This is the branch on MIDDLEBOROUGH MASS DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK AT ALL!!! THEY ARE THIEVES!!!

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  • Bl
    Blah.. Dec 18, 2009

    This has to be most one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. Within the terms of the promotions it reads that the account needs to be in "Good standing" for the 60 days you have to use the debit card and make the $200.00 in purchases. It is not Sovereign banks fault that you have spent more money than you deposited. You knew how must you deposited and yet you spent more, this is not their fault. Plenty of people to get exactly what the promotion offers, which is the $150.00. Keep track of your own account, spend the banks money and you pay the fee. The end.

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  • Ex
    ex employee#? Aug 27, 2010

    I can explain this to you in full: You are correct, you must always read the fine print when dealing w/ a financial institution. Where they got you is the fact the acct became overdrawn and it does state (unfortunately) that if an acct becomes ovedrawn for any reason during that evaluation period, they consider the promotion void.

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illegal overdraft fees

Hello, Like many people I am trying to stretch money as far as it can go. And I (and many others it seem...

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I was charged $462.00 in over limit fees in 7 days
although the funds were in the account they were not available yet. I asked the bank rep if they would at least return some of the 14 $33.00 fees, my request was denied I have been with sovereign bank for a long time and in these hard times you think your company would help out. Im not asking for the entire amount of fees to be returned, but you guys made alot of money on this b s none of the checks that I deposited were returned there for your $33.00 fees were not valid nor did they protect your bank they just made you alot of money in short time.

  • Ba
    banker frustrated Sep 23, 2009

    The crooks did the exact same thing to me. I our case we called in with a representative to see what funds were available. The next day we were hit with insufficent funds after being told on the phone the money was there. I am in the process of changing banks and we recommend everyone else do the same.

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  • De
    depressedatchristmas Dec 08, 2009

    Absolutely changing banks for exact same reason...they took money out of my account after I made an transfer from savings to checking, but they didn't apply the transfer until the next day...five overdrafts later I was overdrawn to the tune of $300!!! I've been with Sovereign since they came into New England as they purchased my existing branch/chain!!!

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sovereign bank steals from high schooler, tries to ruin his life

"I will pay them the 75$ that I overspent. I do have that money. I'm not some sort of irresponsible idiot. But sovereign bank charged me $264 and tried to hide it from me."

Here's a great story. Sovereign bank blames all of this on a skynet-like automated computer system *gasp!* that is responsible for billing clients, as seen in the complaint about the 7-year-old girl. I recently spent some money that I did not have. Meaning that my account balance went 75 below 0. I was not notified, but sovereign bank almost immediately billed me $264.

Due to some sort of a computer error on their part, I was not able to view my sovereign bank account online. I am only an 18 year old high schooler, but these conglomerate white-collar thugs are threatening to ruin my credit before I go to college. I want to send this message to my congressman. To the ceo of sovereign bank. Anyone! I am desperate here.

I had no problem keeping my cash in a safe at home. But my parents gave me this account as a gift. I did not realize that as soon as I transferred/spent funds out of my sovereign account, they could disproportionately, incessantly bill me.

Sovereign bank is holding my money hostage. I recently got a letter in the mail saying something along the lines of 'the following fees will be applied as of now.' with a list of new fees, charges, and taxes that all sovereign bank customers would now have to pay.

Come on. That is insane.

  • Ai
    airsoft May 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    President Obama made a speech about why George Bush Jr's bank deregulation policies were a mess

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  • Bl
    blahlbhal May 31, 2009

    he also made one about personal responsibility. Did you hear that speech?

    This kid was irresponsible. Hopefully he learned a nice lesson in why it is important to keep track of your own finances.

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  • Sa
    SalemWitch May 31, 2009

    Naw blahlbhal,

    Sovereign is immoral at best and illegal at worst and this is what should be considered PREDATORY lending. Many folks are living paycheck to paycheck. Even when you are up to date (as I am) they use creative bank accounting practices to rob your account. These guys are worse than those "friends" from Nigeria and the UK who just want to have us act as their agent here in the US. Only Sovereign already have our account info, we did not have to send it to them: They created them for us and then pilfer at will.

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  • Ai
    airsoft May 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    blahbhal, you should go back and finish high school before using mom's computer to post comments online. Sovereign bank just canceled the $264 fees after I contacted the Better Business Bureau. The technical difficulty (security precaution error) that prevented me from viewing my balance was ENTIRELY their fault.

    Thank God this is over!

    Sovereign is horrible. Skank of America and Shittibank aren't much better. I'm switching to Citizen's.

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changed % rate, more fees than quoted

I did my mortgage application over the phone and just received the papers to sign. I have 2 problems.

1) GFE lists way more fees than discussed:
I specifically asked about fees involved. Before I applied I asked the lender to list fees in writing. After I got it, I called him to discuss. I asked about specific fees I thought would be there but weren't (processing, credit report, rate lock.) He told me point blank that the fees on the list were the only ones to expect. (I also have that in writing.) That they didn't "charge a bunch of fees."

2) Higher % rate than discussed:
Wednesday I was quoted a rate, confirmed it on the website. I applied Thursday. I did not lock in the rate (we're in a short sale.) Friday, when I got the papers, the website rates were current and still at Wed's %. Why on Earth would the rate on the papers be nearly a full % point higher?

I can't think of any legit reason why there would be such a discrepancy between our discussions/emails and the legally binding documents they sent me to sign. If they're doing this now, I can't imagine what kind of bait and switch things they'll try to pull at closing.

  • De
    DEENUTZ May 20, 2009


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service sucks

My husband and I added my name to his accounts to make a joint account after we were married. They were clueless and unforthcoming about why they wanted-required various pieces of information. Their customer service automated call in number is insane and contridicts itself. For example it requires you to use your social and a telpehone pin (this is different than you ATM pin), however if you listen to the full message it states that if you have never used the telephone systems then to put in 4 digits followed by the #, you do that three times and then you are locked out and put on hold. I asked the rep if that was the intent to make the caller talk to someone at Sovereign to avoid fraud. He said no it is so that the customer can do the transactions themselves, he clearly did not understand the flaw in their automated phone system. I have called that number on two different days in have been hung up on repeteadly. And the most recent failure one rep tells me that yes I do have online banking and bill pay this was at 4:55 and then after I call back because he hung up on me the next rep tells me no you don't have that set up.

And probably the most galling part of this situation is that we added my name on a Saturday, so of course I understood that in order for it to process it would take time and probably not start until the following Monday, a "business day". I asked specifically when we would receive our new checks, because quite frankly I don't want the checks laying about and well I don't want to have to ask my husband to write checks when I should be able to do it myself. I was told 7-10 business day that I would have them, not that they would ship in 7-10 business days but that they would be in my hands. On the 11th business day I called to find out where they were. I speak to the branch manager, she doesn't know but she sees that they were shipped (and yes they had already deducted the money from our account). So I ask where they were shipped from and on what date, hoping to extrapolate when they may be coming. She doesn't know but she can call the company and find out, great call me back today I say and let me know where they are. She calls back and asks if they would have been sent to an alternate address, and I say no we gave you the correct address when we made the addition and you have been using the correct address for the statements for the past 14 months. Oh she says well they are being sent to X address, which is my street and complex but there is no such apartment number in my complex. At this point I am furious and I say well stop the delivery or have them change the address, her response is no she cannot do that once they are shipped they have no control over the situation. She offeres to overnight us new checks at no charge however I point out that these checks with our account info are out in limbo and how does that help or protect us? She offers to set up a new account, which would nessetate us setting up more paperwork and new direct deposit and bill pay information. At that point I am done with the bank they have provided crap for service and make a serious error and don't seem concerned about it. I hand the phone to my husband to deal with them. The bank manager then asks my husband a few questions and she tells him that the checks were sent to Y address, yes a completely different address than what she told me two minutes ago. The address she gave him was the last place he lived and in a not so nice town so you really don't want to have any personal financial information floating around there. We are very lucky in that my husban's cousin is the landlord and he was able to get his tennat to look for the checks, and we hope to be getting them back, but at this point we do not trust Sovereign. We will be moving almost all of the money from that account out into mine, (which is no prize bank either but they haven't demonstrated crappy customer service or lack of regard for my personal financial data), and we will be closing both accounts and moving them to a credit union. We figure if we have to jump through all the hoops for opening a new account why stay with classless and careless Sovereign Bank when we could go with a smaller bank or credit union, they all have bill pay and online banking which is what we use 90% of the time anyway.

So way to go Sovereign you just lost the checking and savings accounts of both my husband and myself. Not to mention any potential business we were planning on doing with you like say umm, for a home mortgage, maybe a car loan.

completey unnecessary mortgage fees

This month I used Sovereign Banks online phone service to make a mortgage payment (which they charge $10 for) to make sure my payment would arrive on time. I called on 4 separate occasions to verify payment was received so I wouldn't be late on my mortgage payment. I received confirmation that the payment went through every time I spoke with a rep and was assured my mortgage would not be marked as late.

After 2 weeks the money still did not clear from my account. I called them again (5th time I believe) and was told not to worry they received payment. On 3/3 I received a notice in the mail stating my mortgage was late and I would be charged $54 in late fees. I immediately called them and they informed me my online payment did not go through. The response was simply "Your bank was unable to locate account and it is your fault not ours". I over-nighted them a check just to get the payment posted.

Instead of informing me there was a problem they decided to wait so they could assess fees. Had they notified me there were any problems I would have marched right down to a local branch and paid cash. To add further insult to injury on 3/6 I received a notice stating that my payment did not go through and I would be assessed an additional $30 "handling fee".

In summary, I made a payment. For some reason payment did not go through, despite being repeatably assured it did. Now I'm being charged over $80 and going to have a late mortgage on my credit report. I know for a fact it doesn't take 14 days for electronic transfers to go through. They should have notified me the second there was an issue and allowed me to resolve rather than nickel and dime me and lower my credit rating.

fraud and cheating

I have had an auto loan with Sovereign Bank since June 2007 and I can not wait to get out from under this loan. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with any banking center. You wait on hold forever to be told you need to call a different number. You can not make a payment over the phone or with a credit or debit card and if you mail in the payment it takes over 15-20 days for them to post it to your account. If they even receive the payment.

I currently am in dispute with this bank over two payments they say the did not receive. It is October 29, 2008 and I currently am trying refinance my auto loan (due to this situation) with my bank. I have been told that I am not approved because Sovereign bank says I am 3 months behind on my other car note. Remind you I have not received any collection notices, any phone calls, nothing from this bank, not even a bill or statement.

I contacted Sovereign bank and was told on 10/26 that they did not receive Sept. 08 payment. I told them I mailed the payment on 9/25 in two money orders. They said they did not receive it. I called back the next day after I was panicing and talked to a supervisor who then said that they did receive the payment and they posted it the account 10/18/2008. She then proceeds to tell me that I am three months behind. I told her I spoke to a lady the other day who said Septembers payment was not received and she just told me they did get it, what is going on? I also told her that on 10/25 I sent her October's payment.

After 45 minutes of going through the account and a constant argument of her raising her voice and calling me liar I asked her to please fax me a statement of my account and a payment history so I could compare her records with my receipts and bank account. She told me she could not due that and if they could I would have to pay for it. I told her that would be fine. If this is how we can get to the bottom of this issue I would pay for the fax. That was until she told me she was going to send someone to repossess my car and that she would do whatever she could to not allow me to refinance my loan.

It was at this point that I lost my temper and had a few choice words to say to her. After I calmed down I once again told her that I would fax her the bank statements that show where and when the money orders were purchased and that I would pay the fee's and track the money orders. I gave her the money order numbers of the payments that were sent in the mail for the month of October, that she should receive within 3-5 days, but may not post right away since it takes them 15-20 days to post anything that comes in thier office. (And they do charge you outrageous late fee's for holding your payment past the grace period.) She told me NO. She did not care what proof I had and she was not going to accept any proof of purchase or proof of money orders. She said no matter what she is coming to get my vehicle.

I reminded her about certain laws and letters that have to be received in order to repo my vehicle. I have also tried to get in contact with a Vice President of collections, but no luck yet. I have not received any letters or phone calls about past due payment. She stated that collections has left messages on my home phone in August 2008. I have not had a home phone in over 4 years. They have my cell phone number and my work number as well as my fathers (co-signer) information and numbers. Neither one of us have been contacted by Sovereign Bank. I have been called a liar and some other choice words and have gotten no where. I have been denied credit due to this account and Sovereign Bank is making no effort to contact me, to see my proof of payment, or to help resolve this very serious issue. These are very nasty people.

All I have asked this bank for is a print out of payment history and to accept my proof of payment until the money orders are tracked (takes 4-6 weeks) to get the account current and to be on the same page.

I have not asked for the hard time, rude and nasty customer service, or to be placed on hold forever and hung up on. I am still fighting this with Sovereign and am waiting to see what happens. Not only have I been denied credit based on this one account but so has my father since he co-signed. I have tried everything to get this matter resolved quickly without the name calling and childlike behavior, but at this point I am running out of options. By the way, after all the yelling and telling me they are coming to get my vehicle, I still have not received a collection call or letter, nothing.

Anybody who may have had this happen or knows what to do at this point please let me know..

I warn anybody opening an account with this bank to be very careful and to look elsewhere for financing. I would never recommend this bank. I advise you to stay away.

  • Da
    dadro Mar 06, 2009

    I had a similar experience with them. Based on my experience, I would advise against using Sovereign Bank to anyone that asks.

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I have made a payment that was recieved by Drive Financial for $310.00 and was told that they never recieve my payment and I went to my bank today, 11/14/2008 and the check was processed by this company on 10/07/2008. Speaking to one of there representatives name Kim was like I was talking to someone that does not understand the language of English. I ask to speak to a supervisor; after a length discussion of why I need to speak to a supervisor and no one was available, I ask to hold for one and convinently got disconnected. I called back and with my luck I got the same person, I refused to go through the same back and forth and final she transferred me to someone that said he was a supervisor by the name of Darren (DGIB) these people did not ask for a copy of my information from the bank or concern about my payment is missing. They said I never mail the check because they don't have it. I asked him for the CEO name and it's as if these employee are on some kind of drug. I got not where with them. I would like to get assistance with this problem.


My youngest son opened his first checking account after getting his first real job. He went to sovereign bank because it was right up the street. He had his check direct deposited to the bank and received his gold card. Can you imagine our surprise when his second check to the bank was completely consumed by $33.00 insufficient funds fees. We were shocked. Anyone else in the family would have been declined at the atm. When I spoke to the manager at the bank I was also told that it was a 'courtesy'.

I have been to affairs where they offered 'courtesy valet parking'. After the affair they brought my car and I gave then a tip thanking them for the courtesy. I can imagine how it would feel if they brought me my car and then handed me a bill for $33.00 after telling me that it was a courtesy.

When speaking to the bank rep. On the phone she told me that, and I quote ' they didn't know if he was somewhere and needed gas or something'. I told her that it wasn't her job to figure those things out, just to be a bank and don't give him anything if he doesn't have the money.

This amounts to a one week $120. Loan with with $112. Interest. They used to have a name for a person who did that. He was called a 'loan shark'. And it was illegal.

I asked the bank rep. To furnish me with the address of where is could send a letter of complaint. She said there was no one there at that time who knew but she would take my number and have someone with the address contact me within a day. That was a week ago.

Is there anyone out there who knows who I can contact with a formal complaint against this bank?


My wife and I have banked with sovereign bank for a year and a half. This year alone we have incurred over 600 in over draft fees. When we check our account it says we have XX. XX amount of dollars available. We would make a purchase. The next day we would be hit with purchases from five days ago that were not posted to the account. These were not checks they were check card purchases. When I called the bank the said that is their bank policy. They only make withdrawals when the retailer asks for the payment, which could be 3-5 days later. The money is never pulled so your balance never changes. This is a true example. I would go to the store and go to the atm check the balance. I would have a positive balance I would use my bank card and buy a $1.50 pack of gum. 2 Days later would have a $33.00 charge. My $1.50 pack of gum now cost $34.50. That would then put me in to a negative balance. I would go and buy gas. At this point I could still use my check card to make purchases with a negative balance. For each purchase I was charged a $33.00 overdraft fee. When I called the branch manager she said that it is the banks policy is allow charges with negative balance. They then charge you with an overdraft fee for every charge instead of just declining the purchase. My wife and I are cancelling our account with sovereign.

sovereign bank overdraft fees

My husband's checking acct. was hit with 3 overdraft fees that shouldn't have happened. He asked that I check...