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payment plan

Santander took over for hsbc this year for my auto loan, and due to unemployment I have been trying to get my payments put onto a workout plan. I spoke to someone a week ago who said they could work out a deal cutting my interest rate and reducing payment, but was informed today that that plan was "rejected" and if I don't make payment today I will lose my vehicle. The girl on the phone, germita (Sp?) was antagonistic and would not transfer me to a supervisor or even another rep. I've worked in different forms of customer service for 10+ years and she is the worst i've ever heard, which seemed to make her argue more. It's hard to imagine a company that wants to make money off of you doing such a poor job of communicating with their customer, let alone having "collections agents" who don't have the ability to talk on an even level with people.

  • Ta
    Taffy23 May 15, 2010

    This is EXACTLY what happened to my son in the past week. They told him if he didn't pay half the balance $2500, by the end of the week he would loose his car. They would not let him make payment arrangements and they said the need the remainder in 10 days. I don't know where else he can turn to. Making the $2500, which he borrowed from me (after I took a loan) would actually catch his car payments up. He has been out of working and attempting to make payments but since they took over from HSBC they have been nothing but harrassing and unwilling to work out a payment plan.

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  • Ke
    kej1267 May 19, 2010

    My car loan was originally with HSBC and this stupid company took over my loan...I offered to pay my loan off for the principal balance and they have refused and said that they do not make deals. My principal balance is $1, 927.14 and with late charges and fees of $1, 546.68 for a total of $3, 473.82. I offered them $2, 000.00 to pay the car off and they will not take the offer. I just don't understand this. I will be googling to find out who the head of this place is so that I can talk to them directly and find out what exactly I can do to get this taken care of. I don't want the car so it may come down to me telling them to come get it...I really don't care at this point...Heck I may even tell the scrap yard to come get the car..I really don't care...

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  • D1
    d15 May 25, 2010

    Wow this is like reading my own story. I had a loan through HSBC also. At no point was I told the loan was being sold. That upset me. I had no problems dealing with HSBC. I am so angry right now. I have fallen behind in my payments however since Jan 2010 I have paid them over 2000.00 I have been trying to get something to them everyweek. This was not good enough the other day I got a letter saying they were going to repo my car if payment arrangements were not made. Now mind you I have spoken to them on so many ocasions always someone different and ALWAYS a different story pay this amount and we will do this pay this amount and we can do this I have done everything asked of me and they have done nothing they rejected reducing my payments and they said I could not defer payments because the state of ohio does not allow payments to be added to the end of a loan. I have not found anything on this yet. When I got the repo letter I had already scheduled a payment of 201.17 to come out on Thursday when I called and told them this the man was so rude he proceded to tell me that it was not enough and they needed money now. He kept reminding me that I broke a promise that I made to pay something a couple of weeks earlier which I had a emergency and could not do it. He reminded me of that at least 3 times. Well to make a long story short he proceded to tell me I had to pay more in order to stop the repo so I have to take my food money for this week and pay them more money on Friday. And I also told them i would have another payment made by the 11th of next month. I made these arrangements yesterday and today I received 3 phone calls from them saying they were calling me to remind me about the arrangement made I told them they don't have to call me but this person proceded to say the phone calls will not stop until the payments have been made. I am tired of being threatened and bullied by these people I don't know what to do. Once I make my next payment I will be caught up I hope it stops these calls. Any suggestions are welcome they are making my life miserable along with all the other bill collectors that are calling I don't know where to turn anymore. Thanks for listening.

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  • Je
    Jep09 Sep 08, 2010

    Welcome to the world of collections! These peole SUCK though I agree...we are only 1 month behind and today I received an email saying Thank you for authorizing a payment and a confirmation number...WHAT? I never authorized any payment, so I called and Valerie said they could not tell where the payment was authorized or who did it, then called back today to speak with superviser, Maria (totally rude) said she could not transfer me to a supervisor, they were NOT AVAILABLE. It is funny you can NEVER speak to one ;) So I told them I would not be making a payment tomorrow till they clear this up, they did not care to say the least. Funny thing is they will not get the payment they WRONGFULLY are trying to take out of our acct. because I put a freeze on it and I am closing the acct today. We are filing this as fraud...Thank Goodness I caught the email in time!!

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Resolved unfair practices

If anyone is interested in the companies Santander uses for repo and auction here are some sites that might help when getting information. One is for the auction houses I'm sure many lenders use.


On april 12th, 2010 at 1pm, a final payment santander for payment of a car loan.

These funds were received the organization within minutes of having completed this transaction at the money gram office used that day. The use of money gram was as a result of instructions given to me earlier that day by a santander agent over the phone.

A call was made to santander that afternoon after 4pm.
It was then verified by a santander agent that the funds had been received.

Today is april 27th, 2010.

It has now been 15 days since the receipt of these funds by santander.
These funds were for the purpose of satisfying the remaining outstanding balance of the loan.

As of yet, the title to the vehicle associated with this account, a 2003 ford expedition, has not been received, and is still being held up by santander.

If an auto loan is paid off using money gram, the money is considered certified.

Again, wire transfers are a form of certified funds. When you transfer money it is paid upfront. Therefore, the money is guaranteed which makes it certified.

According to their your own web page, rules, policies, and regulations;
(found two thirds down this web page, under your section on title questions)
If your auto is paid off with certified funds - the title is requested to be mailed five days from the posted date.

These fund posted on april 12, 2010.
Certified funds were sent.
The title was supposed to have been mailed out 5 days later.
The title should have arrived 11 days ago.

There has not been any reasonable explanation as to why this title is still being held up santander.

I requested that this title be expedited immediately, over and over and over again.
As of this posting.
I have been completely ignored.

Resolved wanting more payment car paid off

I paid my loan off on my 2001 nissan that was first financed through triad finance. I received a notice that santander was taking over and that my payments would be made to this company. Fine, I was on auto-payment and was not to concerned until... I paid the last payment in march 2010, and was expecting my title at least within 6 weeks of last payment. But, no, I get a phone call stating that I still owed $188.00, and I asked why. Stated that there was just a half of a payment made, and I reminded them that I was on auto-pay, so how could that happen. Was told they would look into it, it has been over two week, and received call, still stating I owed the money. I informed them that I was told someone was looking into the situation and would call me back. Yeah, right. I sent a letter over a month ago, asking about this, but no reply and after reading all the other complaints against this company I can see why. I sure hope this mess gets straightened out for everyone concerned as it is a real headache.

  • In
    In My Opinion Apr 28, 2010

    The reason you owe more than the scheduled payment is because of Simple Interest Financing. Your payments were calculated on being received ON or BEFORE the due date. If your payments were made after the due date … then additional interest would have accrued on your account. Plug your numbers into an amortization table. You will see how the payments would have been applied if you made all the payments on time. If ONE payment is paid later … then it throws off the whole table.
    I would suggest that you pay it ASAP .. as interest is still accruing. I my days of working in auto collections .. I have seen people who owed much more at the end of the loan.

    Hope this Helps

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giving me huge run around

I work for a car delaership in wny. I have been trying for weeks to get a lien release for a vehicle and I am getting major run around from both hsbc & santander.

I talk to santander, who tells me to call hsbc, so I do only to be informed by hsbc that auto finance no longer exists & they give me a number for santander. This is absolutely ridiculous!

I am thinking of going to the better business bureau on both banks. I don't know if they will be able to help, but it's worth a shot right?

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Resolved zero card

I have repeatedly been charged interest on the zero card though I have always paid promptly and never exceeded my limit. Though the sums are not vast, multiplied by all who use this card and do not detect this extra cost santander are making a huge, illicit profit. I raised this by phone with santander twice and was met with rudeness and indifference. I wrote to them a month ago and have received no reply. Do check your santander statements very carefully.9397b

company drags feet on payoff quote

Hsbc turned over my autoloan to santandar. I had read some bad reviews about this company, so I refinanced with a local credit union. The credit union had the paperwork done in a matter of a few days. Now, do you think santandar could deliver on a pay-off quote? A snow ball in * would have a better chance. Get this, the first customer service said she'd put in the request, and it would be faxed to credit union with 24-48 hours. Two days later, I called, and that customer service (a misnomer) said 3-5 days, for sending a fax quote so they could be paid off! So now we moving on 7 days and no pay-off quote yet. Now I wonder how much money they're making off all those good customers who ask for such customer service. I would think that if you multiplied the number of days they drag their feet on a pay-off quote from all their their clients, that it would turn out to be quite a bit of money, don't you think. This kind of practice and others i've read about has to taken on by the bbb and the federal government to regulate these institutions. But isn't capitalism wonderful...

Resolved power of attorney refusal

When presented with a power of attorney at the ortley beach, nj office to handle my elderly parent's affairs, I was refused service. This power of attorney is on file in the woodbridge, nj office. After speaking with my attorney, colleen barlowski, the bank employee with a desk behind glass doors, refused to give me the name and address of sovereign bank's legal counsel. She didn't know, even though she speaks with them all of the time. She gave me the name of kori kaldor, whom she seeks legal advice from, but doesn't know if kori is an attorney or not.

Resolved rude manager and tellers..

I was calling regarding about my loans due to charge for late fees that it was not even late.. So spoke to the bank representative and dont even want to listen what im trying to say.. Shes very rude and no manners so I asked her if I can talked to the manager and her reply"shes going to say the same thing" and I asked her again for the manager so I finally talked to the manager "nikki". I havnt even start what my complains nor say.. She jumped right in that I cant do anything about it. Trying to tell me the rules and regulations. > shes the manager and shes very rude also instead of helping the customer shes judging me about things... What kind of manger is that? So I would like actions regarding this manager and her employees.. Thank you..

Resolved attempted larceny-suggested course of action

This company has repeatedly attempted to take money from my checking account after being advised on a daily basis that the withdraws were never authorized. Additionally, I was forced to close my bank account because they simply changed the name of the financial services from santander to pinnacle and still attempted to take the funds they were not authorized to take. Additionally, this company refuses to give me a true and accurate payoff quote so I can transfer the loan to a reputable company. I have contacted my elected officials in my area and was advised to contact the federal trade commission and file a formal complaint. They do not handle individual complaints; however, they do take complaints to determine patterns of behavior. If they detect patters of illegal or unethical business practices, they can then take appropriate action through investigations, fines and other actions. Additionally, I have filed a complaint with the north carolina attorney general's office in an attempt to get their license to practice business and their bonding to practice financial matters in nc be revoked. Also, I was assured by frank airehart [protected]) [protected] that he would handle this matter and have it resolved. Again, I was blatantly lied to and rather than fix their attempted larceny on their end, they tried to circumvent the protections on the account (again forcing me to close an account i've had with not problems until this company became involved). Additionally, cindy pena in their customer service department admitted (on a recorded converstation) that santander consumer usa did in fact attempt to take two unauthorized withdrawls from my banking account.

Again, if you have had similar problems with this company, file complaints with both your state ag's office and the ftc. Only through making complaints to these agencies will a true spotlight be shone on their ciminal behaviors.

  • Vi
    Vic H. Jun 01, 2010

    I feel your pain, I have been dealing with this disreputable, unethical, foreign-owned company since they took over HSBC Auto's accounts. The very first month, they didn't credit my account after cashing my check sent via Online Bill-pay. I have sent proof of payment several times, but they continue to call me and threaten to ruin my credit even though I have sent the written notification to cease communications and proof of invalidity of their claim of not payment.

    Their 30 days to correct my account and credit report expires in a few more days. At that time I will be submitting complaints to both the FTC and NC Attorney Gen. Off. for at least the illegal collection calls.

    For anyone else out there who is having problems with this company, follow the procedures prescribed in the Federal Fair Debt Collection Act (which Santander seem to willfully ignore even after being informed that they are in violation of it.) and file a complaint as necessary. They seem to have no compunction against using strong-arm and illegal tactics to collect money that is not due them and to put long time customers who have been in good standing in default. It's time to play hardball, too.

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  • Ge
    Geminiibaby Jun 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hear you on that one. They called me and said that they were deducting my payment from an account that was not even mine. I said that is not my account they said whatever. How can they just take money out. They also did that in my accoutn took two payments out. I called my bank and stopped the other transaction from goign through. Is there anything we can do to get out of our contracts with this illegal and c

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  • He
    HELP MAKE CHANGE Sep 23, 2010


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  • Da
    Dassa Oct 15, 2010

    I closed my checking acount so that this wouldn't. I too, was never notified, just started getting voicemails from this compnay, but they never disclosed why they were calling me. I still haven't called them, and won't. just received my first bill from them. Never told by Citi Financial Auto that they sold my loan to another company. You would think that big banks like Citi, HSBC, etc. would research who they sell their loans to.

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Resolved deceptive overdraft policy

I incurred multiple overdraft notices due to this bank's deceptive practices. I withdrew my funds and will never bank with them again.

  • Gr
    grammy22 Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My online check register listed my available balance as $849.62 - and they charged me 5 funds unavailable fees. So yes, they are fraudulent. I waited 4 days after my deposit to pay online bills - each one went through with a new balance total. Everything looked fine for two days until 5 lines of these charges. I called to say they had made a mistake and was told they have the funds available to me at their discretion. I printed out my online statements which clearly shows it as 'available balance' Truly terrible way to treat an account holder. Core States did the same sort of thing years ago and look where it got them. Just a matter of time for Sovereign. Last time I checked, 3 of the 5 local branches were closed. YAY!!!

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Resolved bad customer service

I have been paying for my car on time, never late, for over 3 years. Right now, my area is snow bound. I can not afford the fees, so I mail my payments in.

I requested consideration to pay by phone and have the fee waived, because I have never paid late. Guess what... No consideration. Being a good customer counts for nothing.

My original loan was not even through santander. They bought it out. Go figure. When I get done with this loan, they do not have to worry about me as a customer ever again. If they buy out any other of my loans, they will have to take the car.

  • Ca
    Casilda Dantes Nov 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For the pass four (4) years i have been paying a monthly payment on my truck, and after being separated from my husband, cause me to relocate from Florida to Georgia, there i had no job for the maintime, and thats the time i couldn't pay the full amount which i had to pay monthly; as a result of this I had my truck reprocess in September month, Immediately i spoke to the Santander that i would settle the payment at the ending of October, whereby I would have my truck but they sold it on the 12th of October leaving me without my ride. Now they calling me after reprocessing my truck to make payment mainwhile I am walking to work without a ride. Presently i'm residing in Brunswick GA. In this has no public transportation, so you can see the hardship of my tranactions.

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Resolved the worst customer service ever!

Within the past year or so soverign bank was bought out by santander consumer usa. Having had a lean on my...

Resolved customer service representatives

Santander consumer usa customer service representatives need to take a customer service representatives course. They are rude and unprofessional. No matter what the situation is customers are always right and you should go out of your way to listen to them and try to help the customer. Santander consumer usa has shown their unprofessionalism toward customers who are in good standing with their loans. My loan was switched to santander in september or october of 2009 and I did not receive notice of this switch until late december early january sometime. I am not pleased with santander consumer usa.

  • An
    Annoyed with Jun 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just horrible. I made an on line payment for $218.00 on June 23rd and printed out my confirmation. I called customer service the next day and spoke to representative who confirmed my payment of $218.00 was scheduled for June 25th. Today I checked my Santader account and saw that my account was charged $318.00 dollars instead of the 218.00 I requested. I called customer service and when I asked for an explanation the customer service representative became very rude and started screaming. I asked to speak to her supervisor who was even ruder. I told the woman that I had a print out that verified my payment of $218.00. She told me she couldn't do anything about it and it was my fault and she didn't care. I asked her again why an extra $100.00 was taken from my account and she started screaming at me and hung up. These people are just horrible and the company that employs them is even worse and is dishonest and should be fined for its fraudulent practices.

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  • To
    Tooz Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    From what I understand, Santander customer service reps and collectors are paid very very poorly and the working conditions are poor as well. Given that, there is near zero incentive for the reps to alter their behavior. Santander probably doesn't care as long as their labor costs are low. The only way go get something done is to bug the higher ups there, since it's clear the rank and file employees are unable and unwilling to do anything better...and the managers are there only to keep the employees in line.

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  • Be
    Bevy Sep 22, 2010

    I called 'payment arrangements' for Citi Financial Auto and was shocked when I was transferred to Santander Consumer! I've NEVER heard of them before last week. 9/8/2010 I spoke to "Renaldo" asked to defer a payment. He said it was subject to "manager's approval" and tried to arrange an "alternate arrangement" with me. I insisted he pass it on to his manager, and he said to call back in 1-2 days. Appalled, I called back 2 days later 9/10/2010 and the woman I spoke with tried to arrange and "alternate arrangement" with me. I insisted on speaking with the manager whose name was "Carl". I explained to Carl that we are BOTH on LIMITED DISABILITY income, and we used the truck payment in an emergency to get BOTH Brakes and BOTH Rotors replaced. (Both brake pads turned out to be paper-thin rusty sheets!) He seemed to have trouble comprehending what I told him, although his English was excellent. To my dismay, Carl put me on 'hold' to 'see' if any deferrals were available. (As if it was a QUANTITY decision, when it was a matter of QUALITY customer service, which he was seemingly NOT TRAINED in!) He came back to the phone and told me there were NO deferrals available. He then tried to offer me the SAME
    "alternative arrangement" the previous 2 agents offered! **This "alternative arrangement" is to make the payment next month! This would be a "double payment" and it is impossible for someone like us on fixed income to accept!** (In thought to myself:) After telling Carl I can barely afford 1 payment, what makes him think I can afford 2 payments?? I let out a sigh, and informed him I did NOT like the "alternative arrangement." He said to "call closer to the due date" to make payment arrangements. (As if to get out of being flustered!)

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Resolved holding ocerpayment

I refinanced a truck with well fargo bank and they paid off my loan with santander and while the check was being sent santander took another payment out of my account and it has overdrawn my account the overlimit fees are killing me when I contacked santander for my overpayment they have a 30-45 day wait for me to get my overpayment back. I'm out of money and I filed a complaint with the bbb and they have 22 days to respond someone out there want to laon me a airplane I think I can get their attention if I fly down there and into the main office.

Resolved poor practices

Within the past two years, we used a product from a company as a temporary solution to buy a truck. It was a high interest loan which we intended to refinance. With the current economic conditions, loss of employment etc. We were not able to refinance that addition, I have recently been deployed to iraq. Under the soldiers and sailors debt protection act we requested that the interest be reduced to the six percent as conditioned underneath that act. Santander has flatly refused to do addition, customer service was unecessarily rude with my wife when she called to follow up on a letter that santander felt uncompelled to answer. We have made approx. 24 payments each and every payment on time or prior to the date it was due. At some point I would think that santander would view us as a good customer. Way to go santander and a outstanding job backing your country.

  • Dt
    dtreash Oct 14, 2010

    Actually, Sandander customer service is in Texas. So is the auto division. They recently bought HSBC's auto divison, which was in NY, I think.
    Anyway, it doesn't matter where the company is... If they do business in the United States, they must adhere to all Federal and State regulations.
    However, I believe the Sailors Act (SSCRA) only pertains to a mortgage on a primary dwelling, rent if payment is less than 1200, and credit cards. It also delays action on certain civil processions, such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, or divorce

    Also, the spouse may still be held liable for the debt.

    To learn more about these or other provisions of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, contact your unit or installation legal assistance office.

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Resolved customer service

Santander bought my car loan from another bank. Although payments were up to date there was a late fee from...

Resolved harassment

Santander has been harassing us by phone for several months trying to collect a debt owed by our son, who does not live with us. It is in regard to a motor vehicle, an avalanche, which our son, edgar e. Smith ii, no longer owns. We are senior citizens and our credit rating is excellent. We have told them that our son does not live with us and we are not responsible for any of his debts. But not only do they harass us by phone on a daily basis, but they come during the night to post warning notices on other cars owned by ourselves and our daughter. We have asked them to stop, but they insist they will keep on calling until they get their money.

Edgar e. Smith, sr.
Theresa a. Smith

Resolved copy of contract once taken over from drive financial

I have sent in several registered letters, overnight requiring signatures requesting copies of my loan agreement that I originally made with drive financial and every time I call they say we will get that out to you today... It has never come!

I one year later still do not have a copy of my financial agreement originally entered into with drive financial!

They both suck and I am seeking an attorney because I do believe that they have their own terms and dinterest rate attached and that is not what I signed!!! They bought the debt and can't prove it to me that I have a loan with them and the terms... Well then I suppose that I don't owe them any money because they can't provided a written agreement with the terms!

They suck!

  • To
    To old for this aggavation Apr 20, 2010

    I, also was with Triad, but since this company took over, I don't expect to see my title to my car, as it was paid off in March 2010, and they are trying to get more money out of me, stating" I only paid one half of a payment, which is a lie, as I had the account on Auto Pay.
    Hope these people have to cough up misused fund.

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  • Ge
    Geminiibaby Jun 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I actually asked them the same thing and to fax them to me and that was over a week ago. Something just doesn't seem right with this company. What someone told me was to make sure that the contract they have is the same as the contract you have. My payments were suppose to be $509 per month and when I got my first statement it was $709 a month.

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Resolved everything

This company is horrible. We originally had our car loan through drive finical, in april 09 we filed...