Santander Consumer USAauto loan payoff

S Mar 08, 2017

I was closing on a house on february 24th. I tried to pay off my auto loan with santander prior to closing. I mailed a check january 21st. I called numerous times and continued to be told they had not received the check. I finally paid $30.00 to place a stop payment on the check, on their advice, and ended up having the closing attorney overnight a check to santander to pay off the loan (which has yet to be done). They finally applied the check I had written in january, on february 26th, which of course by then I had already placed the stop payment. Now I am paying additional interest, and fees because the sob's held that check for more than a month.
I'm waiting to see how long it takes them to post the check that was sent by the attorney overnight and what additional fees I will end up having to pay. I will pay it, but only because I want to wash my hands of these # and never deal with them again!

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